Spy x Family Episode 7 Ending Explained

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The seventh episode of ‘Spy x Family,’ titled ‘The Target’s Second Son,’ focuses on Anya as she struggles to summon the guts to apologize to Damian. Meanwhile, Loid is worried that his Plan B will fail, so he disguises himself as a school official and infiltrates the Eden Academy grounds to keep tabs on his daughter. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 7 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 7

Even though Anya has arrived at Eden Academy, Loid realizes that his true purpose has only just begun, and he now faces a major hurdle. As a result, he gets up early in the morning to make breakfast for everyone so that Anya may arrive on time. Later, he walks her to the school bus with Yor and asks her to apologize to Damian for punching him the day before. When Anya arrives at the gate, she notices Becky getting out of her luxury sedan and rushes over to greet her.

Becky is likewise delighted to meet her new friend and offers to drive her to school every day starting the next day. Anya encounters Damian on their way to class and tries to apologize to him, only to be dragged away by her new companion. Loid is concerned about his daughter, therefore he has already infiltrated the school grounds and is witnessing the entire exchange right in front of his eyes. However, he suddenly realizes that Desmond and the Blackwell group are partners, therefore Becky may be sent by the opposition organization to sabotage his mission.

It doesn’t take Loid long to debunk the hypothesis due to its blatant ridiculousness. Meanwhile, Anya and Becky are sitting in class together, getting ready for their first lesson. Because of the slapping event, everyone is dubious or afraid of Anya, and she can hear their negative sentiments. Fortunately, Becky promises her that she will be there for her no matter what others say.

The first course on Mathematics is so long and complex that Anya falls asleep towards the conclusion. She later goes to the cafeteria with Becky to eat. Loid is also present and has been dropping numerous hints urging Anya to apologize as soon as possible. However, by this point, he has realized that Becky is always preventing her from doing so. As a result, Loid arranges for Anya to have a little window of opportunity to apologize.

When Becky is gone, she approaches Damian and confesses to him that she deeply regrets what occurred the day before, sobbing excessively. Damian, who has formed affections for her, struggles to understand his feelings, which are confused by her kind apology. He flees in shame, declaring that he will never forgive her, leading Loid to believe that Plan B has failed.

Spy x Family Episode 7 Recap: How Does Loid Plan to Raise Anya and Make Plan A Work After Pushing Her Too Far?

Loid realizes his Plan B has failed when Anya returns home. As a result, he sees that the only way to reach Donovan Desmond now is to implement Plan A, which requires him to take on the seemingly impossible goal of making Anya an honors student. As soon as she returns, he begins to stress her with studies. As one can expect, this did not end well, as Anya couldn’t stand the pressure for long and sequestered herself in her room after telling Loid that she no longer wanted to study.

Yor, who has witnessed all of the drama, requests the hidden spy to be patient with her because she is only a child. Loid also believes that children her age do not place a high value on grades, and that he might have done a better job of setting a good example for Anya to follow. Yor recommends that they just let her be herself so that she can enjoy school instead of hating it.

Loid’s mood indicates that he has learned his lesson and resolves to allow Anya to enjoy her life as well. Later, he knocks on her home to apologize but receives no response despite multiple tries. When he enters the door, he finds Anya sleeping with her head on the table, having apparently dozed off while studying. Along with the hidden spy wanting to be a better father, Anya appears to have pledged to achieve better grades and make him proud.


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