Spy x Family Episode 4 Ending Explained

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The show centers on the Forgers as they attend the elite Eden Academy for the final test in ‘Spy x Family’ episode 4, titled ‘The Prestigious School’s Interview.’ However, it quickly becomes evident that the school tests the parent-student duo in unusual ways as soon as they set foot on the school’s grounds. When the interview begins behind closed doors, the Forgers are met with a barrage of questions that they had anticipated, but things quickly spiral out of hand. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 4 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 4

When the Forgers arrive to the elite Eden Academy for the parent-student interview, they are taken aback by the school’s stunning concept and the overwhelming number of competing pupils there. Loid checks with his fictitious family to see if they are ready to enter, and after their approval, the trio starts walking towards the interview hall. Yor and Loid, on the other hand, get the distinct impression that they are being watched from close quarters.

The brilliant spy believes he has thoroughly investigated everyone’s background and found no evidence of a criminal past. As a result, there can be only one conclusion: invigilators are observing them, and the test has already begun. He warns Yor and Anya that one false action on their side could result in their annihilation. Meanwhile, Henry Henderson, one of the housemasters and a history teacher, attends the invigilators and is unhappy to see the candidates who have applied for admittance until his gaze falls on the Forgers, who appear extremely exquisite to him.

However, when the family comes across a child who is trapped in a sewer, Loid does not hesitate to assist him, even if it means getting his clothing muddy in the process. Henry perceives his lack of self-consciousness as a red sign and orders the invigilators to swiftly destroy the family. However, the Forgers have prepared a set of garments specifically for this situation and manage to persuade the history instructor to change his mind. A herd of animals runs loose on the school grounds, producing a stampede, just as they had barely managed to walk a few steps after assisting the child.

Henry recognizes that there is a real crisis because several significant people from the country have arrived at the school, putting their trust in the Eden Academy’s security procedures. But, before he can act, Loid saves a youngster while the invigilators and history teacher look on, horrified, from the windows of surrounding school buildings. Yor then incapacitates one of the herd’s cows and manages to control the rest of the animals just by doing so. Henry is impressed by their foresight and rushes over to thank the Forgers for saving so many lives.

Later in the interview, the mild-mannered Walter Evans, who is intrigued about Loid and Yor’s first meeting, asks the first question. The covert spy gives an outstanding response, demonstrating that he loves family values. The inquiry is quickly followed by several others about the couple’s friendship and bonding. Murdoch Swan, the heartless third invigilator, disregards all accepted norms of behavior from an educator and asks multiple rude questions to the Forgers.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Ending: Why Does Loid Almost Punch One of the Eden Academy Interviewers?

When Walter Evans begins interrogating, Loid and his family are at ease with most of them because they have come prepared. They respond with elegance and dignity, never showing anxiousness and remaining calm under all circumstances. While everything is going as planned, Murdoch goes on a sexist rant after learning that Yor cannot cook, despite Loid’s defense and the fact that she has diverse abilities and takes excellent care of her family.

Unfortunately, Murdoch is hell-bent on ensuring that the couple makes mistakes since he despises the fact that they appear to be perfect for each other while he recently divorced and is generally failing in his personal life. Anya, who is aware of Murdoch’s plans, becomes more motivated than ever to pass the exams and answers several of Walter Evans’ questions quite well.

Murdoch, on the other hand, alters everything by asking if she likes her biological mother or Yor. Anya, whose biological mother appears to be dead, can’t take it any longer and bursts into tears. Yor is outraged and opposes the nasty questions, while Loid suggests that the interviewer ask something else because the subject is too sensitive for a youngster.

When Murdoch refuses, Loid loses all patience and is about to attack him, but he stops himself at the last second and smashes the sofa. He apologizes for his actions but exits the interview room, claiming that the interviewers have failed as educators and that he will never again subject his child to such demeaning questions.


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