Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 Release Date, Recap & More!

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This week marks the release of Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6. Japan’s summer vacation has come to an end. And all of the anime and manga series have resumed their regular airing schedules. What is more intriguing to see is that many arcs will deviate in newer ways in the coming weeks. The previous episode laid the groundwork for Arc to attempt to repair his face. As a result, Ariane is transporting her to the elf town. Here’s all you need to know about the latest episode.

Fans will be able to observe how events unfold in the village of elves in this week’s release. Things did not go as planned the previous time he met with newer faces. Ariane’s strategy may or may not work now. Will the town’s Prince agree to assist him with this?

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6

What Will Happen Next in Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6?

The next Skeleton Knight episode is titled “Learning About the Darkness of This World in the Elf Village.” The episode, as the title suggests, will dive deeper into the darkness that lies within Lalatoya. Ariane was resolved to assist Arc in resolving the odds after seeing what happened to his face following rebirth.

Ariane and Arc will meet with the Prince of the Limbult Kingdom in Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6. The jungle was seen to be giving all of them signs of peril. But, for some reason, things were not going as planned. So, will Arc ever be able to regain his face? The answers will be revealed in the following episode.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6

Previous Episode Recap!

The Tryton was beaten up by slaves in the fifth episode of Skeleton Knight In Another World, titled “A Secret Revealed, and a Bond Forged.” Udolan, on the other hand, was still in Ariane’s custody. But before Arc could get out of the palace, it was destroyed. He realized it was all the ninja’s fault. Arc pulled out his helmet at this point.

Ariane was taken aback when she saw her face. She then told him that Elder might be able to help him restore his face. It was mutually agreed that they would meet with the elves. The episode’s concluding scene introduces us to Ariane’s personal relationships. She converses with her sister, Seriana, who is engaged to the prince of Limbult Kingdom. The episode concluded with Ariane and Arc encountering an elf.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6: When Will It Be Released?

The Elf Village has more secrets than it appears on the surface. More plotlines will emerge in the coming weeks as the story takes a grim turn. So, Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 will be released without a break this week. The episode is scheduled to air on May 12, 2022. Fans will only be able to watch all of the anime episodes on Crunchyroll’s formal spaces. Thus, keep tuned to The Anime Daily for more information.


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