singer Revanth’s wife who gave birth to a baby girl

Posted 2022/12/02 43 0

Singer Revanth became a father. His wife Anvita gave birth to a baby girl. Revanth, who entertained Telugu listeners as a singer.. Revanth is excelling as a playback singer in super hit movies. In this sequence, Bigg Boss season 6 has become closer to the audience. And when Revanth entered the Bigg Boss house, his wife Anvita was pregnant. Revanth felt many times that he had left his wife at such a time.

And while staying in the house, Revanth’s wife Anvita’s marriage also took place. Bigg Boss made Revanth happy by playing that video in the house. Revanth said in the Bigg Boss house that he lost his father when he was young… he knows what it’s like to be without a father… that’s why he is anxious to call ‘Dad’ every now and then. Now his dream has come true. The child entered the house to call her father. They are talking about how happy Revanth will be if he knows that he has a daughter.


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