“Scorched earth”: Independiente presented the report on the economic situation that the club is going through

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The situation you are going through Independent is really worrying. It seems to be a hackneyed phrase, but just over a month after Fabián Doman’s assumption of the club’s presidency, the results of the Situation Report in which the Institution is currently located, which produced calamitous results, were made public. Unpayable debts. An ultra millionaire liability. Eloquent figures and a state of affairs typical of an institution on the brink of disappearance. Everything, after Hugo Moyano’s eight years at the helm of the club.

Doman appeared this Monday together with Néstor Grindetti, First Vice President, and Juan Marconi, Second Vice President, at a press conference held at the Ricardo Enrique Bochini Libertadores de América Stadium. Once the three of them were seated, it was the owner who began to review all the problem that they took from the previous management and left an eloquent phrase: If this were a movie, the title would be ‘Scorched Earth’. The liability is around 7 billion pesos per month and loses 100 million pesos per month. We are working to reverse the situation,” Doman said at the beginning of the presentation.

Then it was the turn of the vice first of Red who was the one who expressed himself the most in this press conference. The strongest phrase that Grindetti slipped was: “Here, at least, I have practice”. Then he talked about debts with footballers and coaches: “The liability is 6658 million pesos, If we did nothing, we would have to add 1,200 million pesos for the monthly deficit, but we are going to work so that this does not happen”.

He also added: “In players there are debts for 11 million dollars and 800 thousand euros. Also, there are 69 million pesos for individual player prizes and 230 million pesos awarded in checks. On the other hand, there are debts with 3 technical directors, Miguel Ángel Brindisi, Julio César Falcioni and Eduardo Domínguez”.

Fabián Doman and Hugo Moyano on the day of succession.  Héctor 'Yoyo' Maldonado and Juan Marconi completed the historical image for the institutional history of Red
Fabián Doman and Hugo Moyano on the day of succession. Héctor ‘Yoyo’ Maldonado and Juan Marconi completed the historical image for the institutional history of Red@Independent

Another problem that Independiente is going through is the inhibitions. The one of Club América of Mexico for the passes of Silvio Romero and Cecilio Dominguez is the one that worries the King of Cups the most. Doman, on this, expressed: “We are working on the inhibitions. The Cecilio (Domínguez) case cannot be repeated anymore”. It is worth noting that Independiente owes the Mexican club a figure close to 6 million dollars. The cases of Defensor Sporting for Carlos Benavídez and also Gastón Silva are also added: “With the Uruguayan club we are looking for a payment plan in installments and with Silva we are negotiating with his mother,” he warned.

In the presentation They did not forget Hugo Moyano either, the main person responsible for the current situation of Independiente, who must give explanations about one of the sponsors that Red had during his tenure: “Today I signed a mediation against the previous President to find out why OCA was badly sued. Not only was it not collected, but we owe 20 million pesos to the OCA lawyers, ”he said.


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