River: Marcelo Gallardo’s emotion in his last game, the final numbers of the cycle and what will become of his future

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“We are in peace”. Marcelo Gallardo he repeats the same three words behind closed doors over and over again to perfectly encompass his feelings and those of his entire work team. The mission has been fulfilled with a gigantic legacy and the future has solid foundations to continue writing golden pages. But the energy tank can no longer be recharged so easily and the final steps of the most winning coach in the history of River confirm his decision: the DT understood that this closing of 2022 was, like never, the most propitious moment to take a break . And the end had a phenomenal finishing touch with a categorical 4-0 against Real Betis of Spain in Mendoza, that province that always captivated him and drenched him in joy. The last function could not be otherwise: winner and with his people. As history marks.

Exactly one month after his painful announcement on October 13, the DT put the definitive end to his stage with the conquest of the international friendly triangle in which he defeated Colo Colo and Real Betis. And after finishing the official competition, these last four weeks of emotional shock rejuvenated the coach. They released him, they released him. Now without the heavy backpack of decision on his back, the Doll was in charge of enjoying every second of work in his last steps in the club. Already without the adrenaline of day to day, even he himself recognizes in private that he is calmer and more relaxed, a feeling that can even be seen in the features of his face.

But, despite that, the last moments were very emotional. Although during this last week between Viña del Mar and Mendoza there was time to relax with golf, paddle tennis and walks outside of training, each lunch, each dinner, each talk, each night in the concentration had a special seasoning. A mixture of pleasure and melancholy. Coaching staff, players and managers enjoyed a different and relaxed trip, but it was difficult to isolate themselves from the context: few were prepared to say goodbye.

“They were weeks of many very strong emotions with the whole team. The end of the journey has come. A trip that has been the most beautiful one can imagine. It was eight and a half years and I only have words of thanks to my team, my players and the leaders who supported this process. We have cried a lot all this week because when you leave your house there is a very strong feeling. I think the tears are still open, today was a very difficult day for saying goodbye in this way, in a city that has treated us so well during these years and where we have had very nice moments with very significant and valuable games, “he said. Gallardo with the microphone from the playing field once the game was over and after the corridor that the soccer players made for him to say goodbye.

Marcelo Gallardo said goodbye in Mendoza.
Marcelo Gallardo said goodbye in Mendoza.Marcelo Aguilar –

“Thanks to the fan who accompanied us from north to south everywhere throughout the journey. They have been loyal, generous and faithful. I don’t want to say anything else because I’m very happy to say goodbye like this. I love you, I will miss you very much and I would like to hug you all to understand how strong this feeling is. I will never leave River because River is part of my life. Thank you for joining us on this journey. I love you, from the bottom of my heart”, closed the Doll, visibly moved before leaving the field of play.

With the retirement of Javier Pinola enhancing the emotion in an afternoon full of hugs, tears and smiles, Gallardo said goodbye. But his mark is already indelible over time. The DT made a school of methodical, detailed and demanding work. with its slopes Matias Biscay and Hernan Bujan, each practice was experienced as a match. In training and preseason they began to win each of the 14 trophies that he left in the club’s showcase. With respect, trust and humility as work premises, his River was characterized by the creation of an unbreakable human group with the historical references at the head (Leo Ponzio, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Enzo Pérez, Franco Armani and Germán Lux, among others). And that perfect internal harmony, which also always included the leadership and the fans, was one of the main supports.

The hug between Gallardo and Pinola;  the center-back retired from professional football after the match between River and Betis, in Mendoza.
The hug between Gallardo and Pinola; the center-back retired from professional football after the match between River and Betis, in Mendoza.Marcelo Aguilar –

Gallardo will not seek or expect an immediate job in soccer abroad. On the contrary, he wants and needs to rest. Her body and his head demand it of her. He will not go to the World Cup in Qatar with his children either, as had been rumored, since he does not want to embark on such a frenetic adventure. He will see it on television to stop the ball and lower a change. Thus, he will have much more time for his family, to practice sports, to travel and to watch football with the mission of always continuing to train in the face of whatever fate throws his way. Just like he did between 2013 and 2014 while waiting for the chance of a lifetime from him.

that call of Enzo Francescoli in May 2014 when the Doll was hours away from signing with Newell’s, River’s modern history changed forever. From the presentation of June 6 of that year until November 13 of the present, the happiest days in the history of the club were lived. There were 424 games with 228 wins, 111 draws and 85 losses (62.5% effectiveness) plus 756 goals for and 366 against. And a total of 14 titles (seven local and seven international) to become the most successful coach in history and the most successful along with Ángel Labruna between his stages as player and coach with 22 crowns. Even so, any number that is exposed is too cold to be able to describe what has generated a cycle full of glory and passion. And now that? No one can guarantee it.

The usual ovation from River fans, this time in Mendoza
The usual ovation from River fans, this time in MendozaMarcelo Aguilar –


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