River fired Marcelo Gallardo with a win over Betis and an emotional goodbye to Javier Pinola

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The international triangle, which had started with River’s 4-3 win over Colo Colo, ended with a 4-0 win over Betis. More greetings and emotion in the goodbye to Marcelo Gallardo. Regarding his immediate future, the coach ruled out the possibility of traveling to Qatar to attend the World Cup. The reason is the same that led him not to renew the contract: He needs to disconnect from football, rest, lower the levels of demand and dedication that was imposed throughout his stage in the millionaire.

Once he recharges his batteries, perhaps in mid-2023 he will contemplate the possibility of directing again, whenever an interesting proposal arises, which will inevitably have to be from abroad. In Argentina he already assumed the commitment to direct only River, when fate decides to cross their paths again.

Francescoli chose Gallardo in mid-2014 and fired him this Sunday in Mendoza
Francescoli chose Gallardo in mid-2014 and fired him this Sunday in MendozaMarcelo Aguilar –

After the game, he entered the field Enzo Francescoli and the players, with jersey No. 10 and Gallardo’s number, made a corridor, through which the Doll reached the center of the field. Microphone in hand, the coach spoke to a stadium that, as he listened, had several fans sobbing.

And Gallardo spoke for the last time as River’s DT: “They were weeks of very strong emotions. The end of the journey has come. A trip of the most beautiful that one can imagine. I have an infinite gratitude for the players and all those who accompanied this cycle of eight and a half years. They have been a very important support, they were very loyal. We have cried a lot this week, because when you leave home you have a very strong feeling. I am happy to be able to say goodbye like this, I love you and I will miss you. I will miss you very much, all of you. I would like to hug everyone. As I said a week ago, I will never leave River because River is part of my life. Thanks Mendoza, thanks to the fans all over the world for joining us on this journey. I love you, from the heart. Thank you”.

There are few minutes left for Gallardo as technical director of River and the stadium chants his name, in what will remain as an anthem for millionaire fans. The coach approaches his friend and his assistant, Matías Biscay, to whisper a few words to him, while their faces transform.

Gallardo, in his last game
Gallardo, in his last gameMarcelo Aguilar –

Javier Pinola gets excited again, like when an hour before the match he announced that he was retiring from football. He is replaced by Jonatan Maidana and all his companions gather around to hug him. Tears escape the defender again, while the stadium pays tribute to him. Off the pitch, Gallardo, the coaching staff and the rest of the substitutes showered him with affection again.

Pinola covers his tears with his shirt
Pinola covers his tears with his shirtMarcelo Aguilar –
The heartfelt hug between Gallardo and Pinola after being replaced
The heartfelt hug between Gallardo and Pinola after being replacedMarcelo Aguilar –

River returns to take advantage of the disorder and defensive weaknesses of Betis. Cordovan Beltrán, who had entered through Borja, receives a cross assist from the right. Although he costs him the first control, Beltrán accommodates the ball and defines for 4-0.

The River goalkeeper shows reflexes and good placement to contain a Paul Akouokou header from a corner.

Enzo Pérez is replaced, who before leaving the field merges in a heartfelt embrace with Pinola. Both were two of the benchmarks of the campus in recent years. Those who marked the way and the values ​​for the youngest. Gallardo also gives Enzo Pérez a big hug. Recognition and nostalgia mix at this moment for River.

A pure threat and pause inside the area, Borja stretched River’s victory to a landslide. After receiving a cross from Herrera, the Colombian upset the goalkeeper and a defender with his body movements until he took over the place to make it 3-0.

Borja and his party at the head of the stadium
Borja and his party at the head of the stadiumMarcelo Aguilar –

With Armani already installed in the concentration of the team that will play the World Cup, the River goal is once again occupied by Centurión, who covers a one-on-one with Borja Iglesias, a striker who was about to go to the World Cup with Spain, but did not surpassed the last cut of coach Luis Enrique.

A projection from Casco and a quick response from Betis kept the match at a sustained pace. River waits a little longer and comes out of the counterattack.

match highlights

With the surprising effectiveness of Bruno Zuculini, River goes into the break with a 2-0 win over Betis. There were not so many differences in terms of possession (57 percent for River) or shots on goal (four to three for Marcelo Gallardo’s team). The forcefulness tipped the balance. All within a quite attractive meeting for the crowd that filled the stands.

Favorable moment for Betis for control of the ball. He weaves a good move, from right to left, through which the side Miranda enters with a definition that goes high.

Solari hooks and then his definition will be cleared on the line by a Betis defender
Solari hooks and then his definition will be cleared on the line by a Betis defenderMarcelo Aguilar –

The Colombian contributed in defense. Located near a post in an action with the ball stopped for Betis, he rejected a shot from Canales on the line that was the discount for the Andalusian team.

The Colombian, due to distraction or anxiety, falls off-side more than once. On Zuculini’s second goal, he was in an advanced position, which could be considered active. He now defined after an assist from Solari, but the goal was not validated because he was off-side.

Boat falls due to Morón's foul
Boat falls due to Morón’s foulMarcelo Aguilar –

In his farewell match, the central defender measured time and distance well to cut off an advance by Borja Iglesias. The stadium acknowledges him with a standing ovation.

Pablo Solari, author of two goals against Colo Colo, was close to scoring again. After a hitch inside the area, he finished off and Martí saved Betis on the line.

Herrera tries to take the ball from behind Morón
Herrera tries to take the ball from behind MorónMarcelo Aguilar –

Manuel Pellegrini’s team tries to organize itself based on the touch and panorama of Canales. Borja Iglesias has interesting movements, but Betis is diluted in the vicinity of the River area.

River’s combinations carry more danger than Betis’s attempts. Borja, Solari and Barco maneuver continuously near the Betis area. River looks for the third and it is not far.

Under quite hot weather, the development was quite dynamic, without so many tactical rigidities, although Gallardo did not hesitate to give directions, especially to Barco. Traffic is fast in the middle of the field. Palavecino tried from medium distance with a shot that went high.

The striker Zuculini, at the center of the celebrations
The striker Zuculini, at the center of the celebrationsMarcelo Aguilar –

Zuculini in scoring mode. The central midfielder returns to the rival area, this time to head a cross from the right by Herrera. River wins 2-0.

Borja reaches the bottom on the right and launches the center, which is cleared by Montoya, a Betis defender. Zuculini, outside the area, hits him from the air, in a volley that enters next to a post. Great goal from the central midfielder, who runs to dedicate it to Gallardo and merge into a hug joined by the rest of the players.

River appears with Borja as central forward. The Colombian is the first to try medium distance with a shot that goes several meters over the crossbar.

Betis creates a scoring situation before the first minute. Morón maneuver, which enables the scorer Borja Iglesias. His definition overcomes Centurión’s exit and is cleared by Herrera in the closing.

Gallardo greets the fans at the Mendoza stadium
Gallardo greets the fans at the Mendoza stadiumMarcelo Aguilar –

At 47 years old, Patricio Loustau will lead his last match. In his extensive career as an international referee he has conducted various competitions. He only lacked a World Cup. Some rumors place him as the successor of Federico Beligoy in the conduct of the Arbitration Directorate.

Marcelo Gallardo leaves River with 14 titles, between local and international. He is the winningest manager in the club’s history. The footballers with more presences during your cycle: Milton Casco, 231 matches; Leonardo Ponzio, 213; Franco Armani, 209; Enzo Pérez, 197, and Jonathan Maidana, 189.

Top scorers: Rafael Santos Borré, 55 goals; Julian Alvarez, 54; Luke Alario, 41; Ignatius Scocco, 38; Best in assists: Gonzalo “Pity” Martínez, 35; Nicholas of the Cross, 33; Julian Alvarez, 30; Matías Suárez, 28, and Nacho Fernández, 24.

Arrival of River Plate at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza.
Arrival of River Plate at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza.Marcelo Aguilar –

Betis, last champion of the Copa del Rey, It is sixth in the Spanish League, which went into recess for the World Cup. In the Europa League he qualified first in the group he shared with Roma, Ludogorets and Helsinki. A rival awaits in the round of 16.

Unable to hold back tears from emotion, Xavier Pinola, to the 39 years, announced his retirement from football: “I told my family, teammates and the coach. Today will be the last game of my career. They are tears of joy and pride for the beautiful career I did. I enjoyed it a lot, in my own way, concentrating to give my best. Up to here I arrived, 39 years old, in the club in which he had dreamed of playing since he was little. It’s not something I make up, I don’t need to sell anything, only my closest friends know what I’ve felt for River since I was a kid. I made the decision in the last few days, I had to be sure, no one influenced my decision. It’s almost 22 years of career that fly by, that’s why I tell the boys on campus to enjoy every moment”.

Some sources linked the central defender’s retirement with his incorporation to the future coaching staff of Martin Demichelis, ruled out the possibility of Javier Gandolfi, who was confirmed as coach of Talleres. Pinola, who has already completed the coaching course, did not clarify what his future will be: “We’ll talk about what’s to come. Today is the moment to enjoy this match”.

Pinola arrived at River in mid-2017, from Rosario Central. got eight titles in the Núñez club. He emerged in the lower Chacarita and then went through Atlético de Madrid, Racing, Nuremberg, Rosario Central and River.

River vs Racing. 25-11-21
River vs Racing. 25-11-21Fotobaires

We invite you to follow the minute by minute of Marcelo Gallardo’s last game in River, after a management of almost eight and a half years. We will be reflecting the alternatives of the friendly against Betisin Mendoza, with information, data, photos and videos.


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