50 Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims

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50. Burning Down The House, Garage, And Of Course – The Car

The fact that people are willing to go through so much for insurance fraud is even more surprising. Even more surprising is how quickly things can go from bad to worse. Such is the case of Nicolas DiPuma, who lives in Delaware.

During his cooking, DiPuma said that a fire started on his wood stove. The fire started because coals that were near the stove caught fire. He said that he threw the bucket of coals out the door because he was scared. The coals hit the backseat of his convertible. In his hurry, he also threw coals on his sofa. So, the police didn’t have a hard time bringing the case against him for insurance fraud at all.

49. Valet Excuse

You’d think that with all the 80s comedies about young people taking cars that aren’t their own, they’d already be a good lesson. Young valet didn’t learn this lesson when he took a Maserati out for test drives in the parking garage.

Teenage dreams came to an end when his Jeep crashed into another Jeep, which crashed into an empty Porsche. Imagine leaving your high-end car in one piece only to come back and find it destroyed. It’s almost certain that the lawyers got in.

48. Smokey Drive

Almost everyone knows that smoking and fireworks don’t mix well. Unfortunately, it looks like Mike Rowe’s client, State Insurance Co., didn’t get the message. During July 4th, Rowe kept his phone close because he feared a big insurance claim. Since he got a client who loved fireworks, he kept his phone close.

In a bad way, the phone rang right after his client had put thousand dollars worth of fireworks in his trunk and planned to set them off in a field. He never made it to the field after he threw his lit cigarette out of the window of his car. Instead, it set off the fireworks in his trunk.

47. Gasoline And Beauty Products

None of these things have anything in common. Sure, they’re both liquids, but that’s about all there is to say about them. These things smell different, they look different, and even their packaging is very different from each other. However, this doesn’t stop people from switching it out by accident.

Elephant, a British insurance company, came up with a list of the most ridiculous insurance claims they’ve seen. A woman who thought her bottle of shampoo was a can of gasoline is on the list. She filled her gas tank with the best Herbal Essence she could find. At least the car smelled good. Though, good luck with your car after that.

46. One-Way Lying

One of the most common ways people try to cheat insurance is to blame someone else and pass the blame off to them. It’s like this with a UK driver. A one-way street made him drive the wrong way down it, so after that he ended up in a tight spot between two cars. This caused damage and scratches to both cars.

Instead of admitting that he did something wrong, he called his insurance company and said that the cars scratched his car while he was parked. In the end, he was charged with insurance fraud after a very short investigation and a very quick hearing. People should follow the traffic rules and read the signs, so this is what they learned.

45. Kangaroo Jacked

Insurance claims in the Land Down Under are very different from those in the United States and other places. When you think about it, where else could there be insurance claims about kangaroos?

There were a lot of Australian claims that were made because of mischievous kangaroos. British comedian Jasper Carrot found a lot of these claims. One example is when a kangaroo flies through a driver’s windshield. When help came, they found the kangaroo sitting in the driver’s seat next to the driver who was a little woozy from the accident.

This isn’t the only time that a kangaroo runs over a man’s car, causing damage and making him call his insurance company again. This is a gold mine of insurance jokes right there. Carrot is correct about that.

44. Cow vs Car

Animal instincts are very interesting to look at, and it’s a lot of fun to watch them. Sometimes, it can also be very funny. He didn’t do that many years ago. In The National Underwriter, a fisherman told how he went on a trip to the coast and found cows that were very interested in him and his car.

A lot of people were licking and biting at the food. The salt from the ocean air must have gotten on his car and attracted the herd. They thought it was a salt lick, and they kept coming back. It was a surprise to his insurance company, even though it was funny and a good way to start a conversation.


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