Reality Quest Chapter 31 Release Date, Plot & Spoiler

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Ha Do-Wan has been working hard to unravel the mysteries behind his father’s death. Fortunately, he now has a new lead, courtesy to Eun-Sung, who assisted him in his objective. However, in Reality Quest Chapter 31, everything will alter. Do-Wan must now be vigilant and prepare for the forthcoming quest that has been assigned to him. Will he be able to balance his personal and professional lives? Let’s see what happens!

According to Reality Quest Chapter 31, Do-Wan will receive a new quest, and coping with the new duty will be more difficult than it appears. Things will shift. This quest will most likely assist Ha Do-Wan in following a new lead. Meanwhile, he may run across an old foe who will cause more troubles for him and Ji-Han.

Reality Check Chapter 31: Plot Details

In the final scene of the previous chapter, Do-Wan is surprised to learn that his examination is approaching. He freaked out and couldn’t come to terms with it. His classmate Ji-Han, on the other hand, approached him. He also recommended that they study together. Finally, Do-Wan finds a companion and prepares to return home. But first, he receives a new quest that instructs him to “guard Ji-Han.”

Now he must figure out if it has anything to do with him. Meanwhile, his journey home would be made more difficult by the appearance of an old foe. The individual and his fiancée will attempt to cause a shambles for Ji-han, which will shed light on his background. Do-Won must now deal with this while also protecting his pal from additional harm. This mission appears to take two to three chapters to complete. Will Do-Wan be successful? Let us wait until that time.

Reality Quest Chapter 31
Lee Joo-woon

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Eun-Sung received a phone call from Ha Do-Wan, who informed him that he was on his way to the Bongcheon-dong labor office. Eun-Sung, on the other hand, was taken aback by the news and decided to accompany him there. However, he was confronted by dungeon thugs who attempted to threaten him. Instead, they were frightened by Eun-personality. Sung’s Despite the fact that they were a group of twenty goons, they resolved not to meddle with Eun-affairs. Sung’s But it was shocking to see Do-Wan coming down the stairs calmly after a fistfight with Seok-Yung.

Later, Do-Wan and Eun-Sung sat in the park, where Eun-Sung presented Do-Wan with proof from his father’s accident night. Someone screwed up with the brakes in the brief film, resulting in this mishap. The suspect’s outfit drew Eun-attention. Sung’s He was dressed in a Sunlight Shelter hoodie, implying that it was coordinated by someone from the Sunlight Shelter group. They must now find this person in order to bring his father to justice.

Reality Quest Chapter 31
Lee Joo-woon

Reality Check Chapter 31: Release Date

There is no set date for when the author will release the next chapter. However, the most recent releases are following a pattern established in Chapter 25. Chapters are released every six days. As a result, we can anticipate Reality Check Chapter 31 to be released on May 1, 2022. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.

Reality Quest Chapter 31
Lee Joo-woon


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