Ousama Ranking season 2 Release Date: Plot, Trailer & News for Anime Series

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Many Ousama Ranking fans are eager to learn the release date for season two of Ousama Ranking. Looking at the viewers of the previous season of this series, many are even more eager to find out what occurs in the upcoming season of this series.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on this topic.

We have decided to provide all of the information available on the Ousama Ranking Season 2 release date due to the significant degree of curiosity displayed by fans on the release of this season 2.

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Date of the Season 2 Premiere of Ousama Ranking

Season 2 of Ousama Ranking has yet to be officially confirmed. Funimation may return with a season 2 in the future.

Ousama Ranking season 2 Overview

Before moving on to this topic, please review the basic information provided below. Perhaps it will be useful to you.

Quick Info about Ousama Ranking Season 2

Season 2 of the Ousama Ranking

Ousama Ranking Episode 18 Overview
  • Season: Ousama Ranking
  • Japanese: 王様ランキング
  • English: Ranking of Kings
  • No. of Seasons: Season 1
  • No. of Episode: 24 (season 1)
  • Creator: Sosuke Toka
  • Director: Yōsuke Hatta
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Main Characters: A.J. LoCascio, Yûki Kaji, Justin Briner
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese
  • Producer(S): Megumi Inoue
  • Music: MAYUKO
  • First Episode Aired: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Where to Watch: Funimation

When will the second season of Ranking of Kings be released? (Release Date)

The official release date for Ousama Ranking season 2 has not yet been revealed. It appears that it will be announced soon following the first season of the series Ousama Ranking.

The second season of the series Ousama Ranking is set to premiere in 2023. Perhaps, like the first season, it will be available on Funimation. Let’s wait and see what occurs next.

What is the plot of Ranking of Kings?

Bojji is a deaf, impotent prince who can’t even hold a child’s sword. As the firstborn son, he works hard and desires to be the greatest monarch in the world. Others, however, refer to him behind his back as “a prince who is good for nothing” and “there is no way he can be king.”

Bojji befriends his first companion, “Kage” (shadow), a natural shadow on the ground who knows Bojji rather well. (Kage is a survivor of the Kage assassin clan, which was wiped off. Kage, who is no longer a murderer, now makes a living by stealing.)

The narrative follows Bojji’s development as he meets many personalities throughout his life, beginning with his sad brush with Kage.

Ousama Ranking Season 2 Plot: What Will It Be About?

According to the most recent information, there will be no new Ousama Ranking season. Because Season 1 has already aired, predicting the spoiler is difficult at this stage. Please stay in contact with us since we will post any information on the upcoming season of Ousama Ranking on this page as soon as we receive it.

Season 2 of the Ousama Ranking Who could be in it?

This show has some well-known and excellent voice actors, such as Characters

Characters Name Voiced By(Japanese) Voiced By (English)
Bojji Minami Hinata Emily Fajardo
Kage Ayumu Murase SungWon Cho
Daida Yuki Kaji Justin Briner
Hiling Rina Satō Luci Christian
Domas Takuya Eguchi A. J. Locascio
Apeas Hiroki Yasumoto Luis Bermudez
Dorshe Hinata Tadokoro Brent Mukai
Hokuro Daiki Yamashita Bryce Papenbrook
Bosse Kenta Miyake Cris George
Shiina Takako Honda Laila Berzins

Ousama RankiOusama Ranking season 2 Rating & Reviews


If you haven’t seen it yet and are wondering about its quality, I can assure you that it is rather nice! IMDb’s rating of 9.1/10 is adequate, but MyAnimeList’s average audience rating is 8.81. As a result, in my opinion, this concert is unquestionably a must-see. If you’re still on the fence about seeing it, have a look at what others thought after you did.


It embodies all that an anime should be. Unlike some other new anime I’ve seen so far, each episode piques my interest. It is deserved of the attention it is receiving, and I hope that people will not dismiss it based solely on the appearance of the animation. This anime is not going to waste your time. Boji, by the way, is my current favourite character. I’m desperate to protect him since he’s adorable and sensitive.

Where Can I See Ousama Ranking?

We anticipate that the series Euphoria’s Ousama Ranking will be released on Funimation. We will post any updates here as they become available.

Season 2 of Ousama Ranking will have how many episodes?

There will be no formal announcement about Ousama Ranking Season 2 for the time being. As a result, predicting the season 2 episode guide is tough.

We watched 24 episodes in the previous season, which featured the following.

  1. The Prince’s New Clothes; Episode 1
  2. The Prince and Kage; Episode 2
  3. The New King; Episode 3
  4. His First Journey; Episode 4
  5. Intertwining Plots; Episode 5
  6. The King of the Underworld; Episode 6
  7. The Prince’s Apprenticeship; Episode 7
  8. The Sacrifice of Dreams; Episode 8
  9. The Queen and the Shield; Episode 9
  10. The Prince’s Sword; Episode 10
  11. Older and Younger Brothers; Episode 11
  12. The Footsteps of War; Episode 12
  13. The Kingdom in Turmoil; Episode 13
  14. The Return of the Prince; Episode 14
  15. The Order of the Underworld; Episode 15
  16. Royal Majesty; Episode 16
  17. The Curse of Immortalit; Episode 17
  18. Battle with the Gods; Episode 18
  19. The Last Bastion; Episode 19
  20. Immortal” vs. “Invincible; Episode 20

Season 2 of the Ousama Ranking: Announced or Cancelled?

Season 2 of Ousama Ranking has not been announced or cancelled. The second season of the series Ousama Ranking is expected to be revealed soon.

Funimation appears to be planning a second season of the anime series Ousama Ranking. Let’s wait and see what occurs next.

If we receive any additional information or news concerning the second season of the series Ousama Ranking, we will post it here. As a result, make it a point to return to this page on a regular basis.

Is There Any Update on the Ousama Ranking Season 2 Trailer?

Unfortunately, there has been no definite comeback, thus there will be no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun, and it appears that it will take some time.

But keep an eye on this space because we vow to keep you updated as soon as we learn anything.


It was a comprehensive guide to the Ousama Ranking season 2 Release Date. Now, we’d want to wrap up this essay with the hope that you’ve learned everything there is to know about this anime.

If you have any questions about this anime, please leave them in the comments area. It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have about the release date of Ousama Ranking Season 2.

Frequently Ask Questions About Ousama Ranking season 2

1. How many Ousama Ranking seasons are there?

So yet, there has only been one season of the Ousama Ranking.

2. How do I get a free copy of Ousama Ranking?

No, you won’t be able to watch this series for free. To watch older seasons, you must have a Funimation subscription. However, there are numerous websites on the internet where you may view movies for free.

We does not support piracy in any way. Go watch this series legally on Funimation and support the creator. Thank you very much.

3. When did Ousama Ranking Season first become available?

On January 7, 2022, the Ousama Ranking was published for the first time.

4. Is There Any Information On The Ousama Ranking Season 2 Trailer?

The Season 2 trailer for Ousama Ranking has yet to be released.

5. Was Season 2 of Ousama Ranking Cancelled?

There has been no official announcement regarding the cancellation of Ousama Ranking Season 2. If the filmmakers follow their ambitions, we may expect the picture to be released towards the end of 2022.


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