New Selection Process of Agniveer Recruitment 2023: Agniveer Recruitment 2023 will be organized with this change, candidates should do this work in time, otherwise they will have to repent

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Agniveer Recruitment : You heard absolutely right, this time some changes are being made in Agniveer Recruitment 2023, about which it is very important for you to know in time. If you do not know about these new changes, then you can also be out of this recruitment.

This time, in the Agniveer recruitment to be held in 2023 under the Agneepath scheme, instructions have been issued by the army to add some necessary things to the selection process and documents, which must be done by you in time, otherwise you will be deprived of participating in it. Can

In this article of ours today, discussing these changes, we will give you information about the new rules and will also provide you detailed information about what changes have to be made in the document, that is why you must read this page till the end and share with your friends. Please share so that they too can get this information.

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Indian Army changed the selection process of Agniveer Recruitment 2023

Yes friends, the Indian Army has changed the entire selection process (Selection Process) has changed only.

Indian Army says that this big step has been taken by the army to control the huge crowd for Agniveer recruitment. So that there is no inconvenience to the candidates and the army coming in the Agniveer Recruitment 2023 rally.

And the facility made for the candidates can be used properly. If you have observed the previous Agniveer recruitment, then perhaps you will also know that due to excessive crowd, the arrangements had deteriorated and some candidates were also injured, that is why the army felt the need for change in this Agniveer recruitment 2023.

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Agniveer Recruitment I will now have a written test first

In the first season of Agneepath scheme, the physical standard and physical efficiency test was first conducted by the army. Due to which the candidates had gathered in the rallies. The Indian Army somehow managed to complete this season amid heavy inconvenience and has made changes in it by learning from it.

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Now after filling the form, online Common Written Examination will be organized first and the candidates who pass it will be called for further stages.

By conducting the written test in advance, the candidates will be shortlisted and only the qualified candidates will go ahead. Physical Standards and Physical Efficiency Test Will reach for The gathering in large numbers will reduce by organizing this examination and the work of the army will also become easier.

Agniveer Recruitment
Agniveer Recruitment

Agniveer Recruitment new selection process

Under this recruitment, the new stages of the selection process set by the army will be as follows: –

  • First Phase – Online Common Written Examination – Online Common Written Examination.
  • Second Phase – Physical Standards and Physical Efficiency Test – Physical Standards and Physical Efficiency Test.
  • Third Phase – Medical Examination – Medical Examination.
  • Fourth phase – Allocation of arms and service.
  • Fifth Step – Document Verification – Document Verification.
  • Sixth Phase – Training Phase Started at The Training Center – Training Phase Started at The Training Center.

Know this important thing before registration in Agniveer Recruitment 2023

tell you that Indian Army Has issued a statement saying that before applying for this vacancy, candidates should check whether their mobile number is linked to their Aadhaar card or not, if not linked, then link it now so that you do not face any further problems, otherwise you will be denied recruitment. May have to That’s why you should do this work without wasting time so that any problem can be avoided.


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