NBKwithprabhas Glimpse

Posted 2022/12/14 25 0

NBKwithprabhas Glimpse - ThiruttuVCD

It is known that pan India star Prabhas recently appeared as a guest on Balayya’s Unstoppable 2. Along with Prabhas, his friend Gopichand was also present and made noise. Aha has released the first glimpses related to this.

Prabhas entered the show very simply and said hi darling to everyone. He hugged Balakrishna and gave a smile. After this, Prabhas’ shy talk after playing with Balayya in this show is seen as a highlight in the video. They also showed the words he had jokingly talked with Gopichand. Gopichand seems to say something like ‘Rey what are you saying darling’. Besides, if Balayya is doing something, Prabhas is going far away. And if Gopichand was also saying something related to Prabhas, Prabhas seemed to be upset. All in all the first glimpses of the episode have increased interest.


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