Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 Release Date & Plot

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 will be released later this week. The tale has taken an explosive turn in the series’ most recent installment. The last chapter, however, caused a shift in the atmosphere. Yiseul has asked the boys for their phone number. It would have been normal if they had given it right away. But Ijin and Sukjoo both turned down the lady and her friend. This has completely cooked her. As a result, Yiseul of Jin Lee High will attempt once more to fulfill her goals. So, that’s everything there is to know about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85.

The subject will most likely be the same in the following chapter. Yiseul is anxiously attempting to catch Ijin’s attention, but she is having little luck. As a result, readers may see her try again. Will she be successful this time? All of the queries will be answered in the future release.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85: What Comes Next?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 will reveal whether Yiseul will pursue the guys further. She’s already tried twice, but it’s possible that the third time will be the charm. As a result, Yiseul may swallow her pride and try again. It will be fascinating to watch if Ijin pays attention to her this time. It could be unaware of her intentions. As a result, the next chapter is expected to include another scene involving Yiseul and Ijin.

His employment and school life, on the other hand, are incompatible. It’s possible that the next chapter will reveal what Hyungnim told Ijin over the phone. Other aspects of Ijin’s life will also be discussed. His bond with Shin Yuna may resurface on the panels. Overall, the next chapter has the potential to be really interesting.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Previous Chapter Recap!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84 began with Yiseul and her companion approaching Ijin and Sukjoo and asking for their phone numbers. While Sukjoo presented himself, Ijin couldn’t understand why the girls needed his phone number. Yiseul walked away from the scene awkwardly after he called them strangers. Later, Sukjoo’s friends joined the duo. Sukjoo reported that Jin Lee High girls had requested their phone numbers. Yiseul is subsequently discovered to be extremely well-known at her school.

The news has taken the lads by surprise. The gang became enraged after Sukjoo revealed that Ijin had declined them down. Yuna, on the other hand, was pleased that Ijin refused to give him his phone number. The scene shifts to Yiseul dining with her friends, where they discuss the incident with Ijin. Yuna tried again the next morning. She invited Ijin’s buddies to hang out, but they declined owing to their promotional activity.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85: Release Date

Yiseul must not be used to being turned down, based on how she has acted in the aftermath. As a result, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 will be available on May 15, 2022. Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage will all carry the chapter. Stay tuned for additional information.


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