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Another week has passed, and Ijin’s life has been filled with fantastic action sequences. Fans are already eagerly anticipating Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83. The story’s past two acts have been action-packed. Fans are now curious in what Ijin is up to in his personal life. The only time he was observed in a romantic relationship was during the dinner date. Now, the latest chapter may put his significant others back into the spotlight. Here’s all you need to know about the latest chapter.

Ijin will return to school in the following act, but just to participate in ordinary classroom activities. But, like with all academies, he will have encounters with other ladies. So, out of all his friends, who is Ijin’s favorite? Let us investigate.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83

Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 83: What Comes Next?

In the chapter’s last scene, Ijin returns to his sister and urges her not to wait for him in the middle of the night. She just inquired as to whether he had handed the food to the man. Ijin agreed, and they went to their own rooms. The following episode will begin on the school grounds. Ijin’s personal life has remained out of the picture since his intervention at the Family Business. As a result, the next episode will focus on his interpersonal relationships at school.

Seoha Cha has also been absent from the picture for a long period. We last saw her when she asked Ijin to accompany her brother. The matter with the bullies was resolved, and she never returned. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83 has a decent probability of bringing back Ijin’s love interest.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83

Previous Chapter Synopsis!

Ijin pinned Kilsoo to the wall to begin the 82nd chapter of Teenage Mercenary. He stabbed Kilsoo in the shoulder with the knife in his hand. His capacity to focus was immediately taken away. Kilsoo, on the other hand, attempted a full-fledged retaliation. Ijin moved away, looking around at the shambles. He was ultimately able to destroy the entire Kilsoo gang. Hyungnim and his soldiers entered the room. He demanded that they return Hyungsuk straight now.

When Hyungnim checked his phone, he noticed a text from Ijin. He realized the mercenary in front of him was none other than the high schooler who had come to meet him. Kang Kilsoo explained in the chapter’s last act that he desired more of the business that he was getting. Now, his men had taken care of the traitor enough.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83

Enrollment in Mercenaries Chapter 83: Release Date

The next episode of Mercenary Enrollment will put an end to another major battle. What do you believe the story’s next act will be? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. So, on April 30, 2022, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 83 will be released. Fans will only be able to read all of the manhwa’s chapters on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. As a result, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for additional information.


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