Love all Play Episode 7 Release Date, Recap & More!

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In the previous episode, Yokohama Minoto High School ultimately won the badminton tournament. In Love All Play Episode 7, they are now on their way to Satima Futuba Academy. However, it appears that they will have a difficult time, which will result in a heated situation among the crew. Can they take it?

Meanwhile, in the next episode, the squad will celebrate their success by singing karaoke. They do, however, know a little about Satima Futuba, which may cause them trouble. Furthermore, scoring against Satima Futuba will be difficult, and the team will battle to secure their place in the tournament. Continue reading to learn more.

Love All Play Episode 7

What Will Happen Next in Love All Play Episode 7?

Now that Yokohama Minoto High School has qualified for the Inter-High School competition, they must put in more preparation time to compete. The team will be pleased because they won the game. So, before proceeding to the next competition, they could enjoy their success. They’ll go karaoke and drink some beer. They will talk about their struggles and the next steps in defeating Satima Futuba Academy.

They must prepare thoroughly for their battle against Satima. However, they will confront several challenges during their training session. Everyone on Satima’s team will lose back to back. In fact, the captain of Yokohama Minoto High School failed to fight back with Satima. It appears like they will need to devise a fresh plan if they are to win the Inter-High School competition.

Love All Play Episode 7

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode featured Yokohama Minoto High School competing in a high school badminton event. The first match was a duel between Yokokawa-sa and Okazi-yun. Yokokawa struggled against Okazi, and Okazi eventually won the opening round. However, following an agreement, Yusa-san replaced Yokokawa in the second round, which he won with flying colors. In Love All Play Episode 6, there was a doubles match between Higashiyama’s twins and Okazie-yun and Arimiuru.

Everything seemed to be going Highashiyama’s twins’ way at first, but they eventually lost the fight when Okazie continued to attack them. They appeared upset, particularly Yoji, who believed they had lost the match due to him as he stepped back. The following double round pitted Yokokawa and Yusa against Okazi and Arimuru. Yokokawa and Yusa surprised everyone by winning the contest. The next day, they saw Yoji practicing badminton in high spirits, but everyone felt that something was wrong with him.

Love All Play Episode 7

He left when they tried to question him. They confronted Taichi-kun afterwards to find out what was going on with his sibling. Despite admitting that he had no idea, he disclosed that the same thing happened earlier when they used to play baseball and lost the game due to Yoji. He also mentioned that his sibling struggled under pressure. In the final round, Yoji and Taichi faced Okazi and Arimuru, and they surprised everyone by winning and qualifying for the Inter High School battle in Love All Play Episode 6.

Episode 7 of Love All Play: Release Date

On May 14, 2022, at 5.30 a.m. JST, Love All Play Episode 7 will be released. It will eventually reveal the outcome of the encounter between Yokohama Minoto High School and Satima Futuba Academy. Will they prevail in the battle? Given their preparedness, it appears that things will be difficult for them. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily keeps you up to date.


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