Lady Baby Chapter 157 Release Date, Plot, Synopsis And More

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Lady Baby Chapter 157 may teach the King more about Vis temple priests. Someone broke into the palace in the previous chapter to deliver the majesty some information. Someone dressed as a priest approached, and it appeared that someone had gone rogue. However, how it will aid him is still unknown. Perhaps he has something to do with the Vis temple. It might help him get the abilities.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 157, the King will devise a strategy to put an end to the rumors and deal with the priest. He might cause troubles for Lady Lippe with the help of an ally. Elsewhere, Duke will surprise Lippe by revealing his feelings for her. Now she must deal with Duke’s emotions and how they may impact both of their lives. Continue reading to learn more.

Lady Baby Chapter 157
Ju Hyeon

What Will Happen Next in Lady Baby Chapter 157?

Lady Lippe and Duke will undoubtedly continue to practice folk songs in the room. There will, however, be a heat of the moment. Duke has some hidden goal, and presumably he’s garnering her attention to support his majesty. He’ll discuss her concerns and claim he knows her better than Sir Dominic, who merely follows her commands. He’ll also pretend to be in love with her to put even more pressure on her.

Meanwhile, the King will deal with Vis temple priests as usual. He’s amazed how a 13-year-old caught them. She now understands that the temple’s goal is to remove the stigma. As a result, they must devise a strategy to conceal it. Fortunately, the King will receive assistance. Someone will pay him a visit and reveal the Vis temple priest’s plot. The individual will have a concealed motivation to obtain errands from the majesty. However, it appears that the case is more complicated than it appears.

Lady Baby Chapter 157
Ju Hyeon

A Quick Recap!

Duke went to Lady Lippe’s house in Lady Baby Chapter 156 to practice some folk tunes for the celebration. While Duke desired to be alone with Lady Lippe, Sir Dominic would cheval cheval. He thought Duke was a pervert and was terrified he would do something dreadful to his Lady. After much discussion, Lady Lippe instructed Sir Dominic to wait in the next room. However, as soon as Sir Dominic went, Duke grabbed Lady Lippe from behind.

Later, he played some piano songs, and Lady Lippe joined him. They exchanged a few words before Duke caressed her hair and began flirting with her again. Sir Dominic was worried about his Lady but couldn’t do anything without her orders. Meanwhile, King appeared concerned over an article alleging that a backdoor arrangement led to the temple’s expansion. Now King was curious as to what kind of arrangement it was.

Lady Baby Chapter 157
Ju Hyeon

Release Date for Lady Baby Chapter 157

Duke’s plan will be revealed in Lady Baby Chapter 157. Furthermore, when Lady Lippe pleads for rescue, Sir Dominic may fight with Duke. However, it remains unknown when the upcoming chapter will emerge. Lady Baby has an irregular release pattern. So we may expect Chapter 157 to release on May 8, 2022, on Gourmetsscans.


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