Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

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Tadano and his classmates visit Kyoto for two days after being randomly separated into numerous groups in the eighth episode of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2, titled ‘It’s Just the School Trip.’ They get to tour many temples and monasteries in the city while also taking in the magnificent riverbank vistas. Komi, on the other hand, is plagued by a weird sense of isolation that haunts her even as she attempts to sleep that night. Here’s all you need to know about the season 2 episode 8 finale of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 8

Komi gets up early on the morning of the school trip and heads to the train station after meeting her mother. Tadano and Najimi are waiting for her there. Along with the teacher, all of the students board the bullet train. Tadano, with her approval, assumes responsible for ensuring that all pupils are on the same coach and that no one is left behind.

He is first relieved that all of his students in separate groups are getting along well, but he begins to worry when he finds that he will be sharing a room at the inn with Katai and Naruse. As if this wasn’t awful enough, he soon discovers that Komi is with Sasaki and Katou, both of whom appear to be as at ease as she is. Katou tries to break the discomfort by offering her pupils candy in the hope that it will spark a dialogue.

Unfortunately, they find up dining alone while sitting in quiet. But, in an unexpected moment of mutual understanding, Katou and Sasaki decide to make the school trip one of Komi’s most memorable days. When students arrive in Kyoto, they take a bus and are met by a guide named Tenjouin Ryouko. She admits that she is new, but she promises to do her best to assist the pupils have as much fun as possible. Ryouko has memorized the 2500 pages of sightseeing guides, so when they arrive, she naturally has a lot to say about various landmarks and locations.

Unfortunately, the students appear to be more interested in each other’s company than in Ryouko’s descriptions of the sites they visit. Despite the tour guide’s best efforts, no one pays much attention to her during the day. Tadano and Komi reunite for a while to enjoy the local architecture. The students arrive at the inn after a long day. The boys and girls are separated. Yamai is looking forward to finally seeing Komi naked because everyone will be bathing in the same location.

Despite the difficulty of the circumstance, the title protagonist avoids any humiliating situations by exercising extreme caution. Meanwhile, the males are taken aback by Katai’s incredible physique. Naruse even requests that Tadano take pictures with him while the two show off their bodies. Komi has trouble sleeping later that night.

Season 2 Episode 8: Komi Can’t Communicate Why does Komi have trouble sleeping? What is causing her feelings of alienation?

Komi’s communication issue has had a long-term negative influence on her social life. However, since meeting Tadano, she has done exceptionally well in pushing herself and making new acquaintances. Komi is an introverted girl who struggles to acclimate to new social situations, despite her success in accomplishing her goals. A school trip is an extremely intimidating challenge for her because she must continually be in the presence of her classmates. She could afford the luxury of returning home after school and recharging herself by staying alone.

But now she has to sleep and even take a bath alongside her peers, which she has never done before. As a result, Komi’s inability to sleep is understood. Furthermore, despite being in a group with Sasaki and Katou, who are really interested in making her school trip as memorable as possible, viewers must have recognized her emotions of estrangement. Her peculiar predicament can be viewed from two angles. For starters, as a junior high school student, Komi felt left out when no one chose her for the school trip.

Even when she was later paired with others, Komi wasn’t sure if they wanted to be with her. Although everyone elected to accompany her on this specific school trip, it appears that the title protagonist has not moved on from her past. Second, she undoubtedly misses Tadano, who was a rock for him in high school and helped her overcome every obstacle. Because they virtually always have someone there, she can’t really talk to him and share her feelings with him like she usually does. As a result, she is now forced to confront extremely unpleasant social situations on her own, which will inevitably result in feelings of estrangement.


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