Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

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The anime continues the eponymous protagonist’s problems and challenges in everyday life in ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2, episode 3 titled ‘Feelings,’ ‘Fantasies 2,’ ‘Invitation to Lunch,’ and ‘Roasted Potatoes.’ Shinobino, Sonoda, and Shigeo sit together once more to discuss their dating aspirations, while Tadano quietly listens in. Later, outside the school, Komi has an unsettling encounter with Tadano. Here’s all you need to know about the season 2 episode 3 finale of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate.’ SPOILER ALERT!

Recap of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 3

Nakanaka explains to Tadano her wish to discover what Komi thinks in various scenarios so that she can better understand her. Yamai jumps in, and the two continue to press Komi’s seatmate for assistance. Tadano transforms the situation into an entertaining game in which Nakanaka and Yamai must guess what the main protagonist is thinking during random incidents throughout the day.

Much to the duo’s chagrin, they frequently misinterpret Komi’s thoughts, whereas Tadano assists them in better understanding the main protagonist. Later, when Tadano is alone in the classroom, Shinobino, Sonoda, and Shigeo reminisce about their love aspirations. Shigeo adds that he has given it much thought and discusses a romantic scenario with Komi after Shinobino and Sonoda have told him about their dream date ideas.

He claims he can’t image her in any modern setting and goes on to depict her in his novel as a terrible assassin. When Komi enters the classroom, the trio’s chat comes to an abrupt halt, and they pretend as if nothing occurred. During the lunch break, Katai approaches Komi and Tadano, about to invite them to dine with him, but is too afraid to say anything. He runs away from the unpleasant confrontation as his two classmates gaze at him.

Tadano notices him holding his tiffin in his hand and correctly deduces what Katai is thinking. He pursues him and invites him to lunch. Katai is astounded that his classmate was able to read him like a book. He recognizes that this is a wonderful opportunity for him to become friends with Tadano, and he attempts to make the talk as entertaining for both of them as possible. But it soon becomes clear that Katai is simply overly stressed and needs to unwind. Tadano encourages him to calm down, and the two invite Komi, who has been studying their strange interaction for quite some time, to join them.

Later that night, Komi notices a yakimo food truck in her neighborhood. She instantly follows the noise and pursues the truck, only succeeding in purchasing the sweet potato after several attempts. Meanwhile, Tadano recalls dressing up as a maid during a cultural festival. He chooses to go outside, hoping to distract himself from the unpleasant recollection, and stumbles across Komi. Tadano gathers the bravery to ask her to go out with him during the winter after a little talk. Komi readily agrees, and the two head home red-faced.

Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Will Tadano and Komi Express Their Feelings for One Another?

For a long time, fans of the program have been shipping Tadano and Komi. Several times, the couple has hinted at their romantic feelings for one another. However, Komi’s shyness, along with her communication impairment, is a significant barrier that they must overcome before the couple can ultimately communicate their affections to each other. Fortunately, Tadano’s assistance in assisting the titular protagonist in making more friends and becoming more vocal has brought them together. Furthermore, they frequently spend the majority of their time at school in each other’s company.

While all of this is a step in the right direction, the lack of willingness to talk about love sentiments is holding them back. However, Tadano’s invitation to Komi to accompany him on a winter date may prove to be a critical step in getting the couple to communicate their love. But how long will all of this take? Given Komi’s poor development in adapting to casual social situations, it appears that admirers will have to wait a long time. Romantic connections are simply too complex for someone who can barely communicate with her classmates.

This evaluation is supported by Tomohito Oda’s Japanese manga series, which inspired the anime. While fans can celebrate that Komi and Tadano will eventually open up about their feelings and date, they still have a long way to go. Komi still has a lot of obstacles to conquer before she is ready for a meaningful relationship. As a result, we won’t be seeing the couple propose to each other anytime soon.


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