Keeravani Mother Dies

Posted 2022/12/14 32 0

Keeravani Mother Dies - ThiruttuVCD

For the past several days, a series of tragedies have been happening in Tollywood. Rebel star Krishnam Raju and then Superstar Krishna have lost legendary actors recently. Keeravani’s mother passed away. She has been receiving treatment at home for some time, suffering from old age problems. She passed away today as her health worsened.

It is known that Rajamouli’s father is Vijayendra Prasad, Keeravani’s father is Sivashakti Dutta’s brother. All were brought up in a joint family. Rajamouli was very fond of Peddamma, so her body was moved to Rajamouli’s house. Keeravani gives music for Rajamouli’s every movie. Brothers are always mutual. It is remarkable that RRR, who is the latest in the combination of both of them, is standing in the Oscar race. Many celebrities are mourning the death of Keeravani’s mother.


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