Kaguya-sama Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

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Shirogane tries to learn to rap in the fifth episode of ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ season 3, titled ‘Chika Fujiwara Wants to Beat a Rhythm, Ai Hayasaka Wants to Talk, and Maki Shijou Wants Some Help,’ seeking to make up for the embarrassment he felt when he went to karaoke with Hayasaka. Later, when he practices with Chika, she misinterprets her aim and believes he wants to propose to Mr. Herthaka. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 3 episode 5 ending of ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 Episode 5

Hayasaka is still unhappy with Shirogane’s terrible rapping in the karaoke box, even though it has been several days. He had decided that day that he would improve his rhythm and show her that he could sing well. However, his hard training session has deeply troubled his sister Kei, who summons Fujiwara to intervene. Later, the two buddies meet, and Shirogane says that rapping is an intellectual activity for him, similar to a mental sport that pushes him.

He continues by admitting that his rapping irritated someone a few days ago when he tried to be vulnerable in front of her. While she apologized, he still feels horrible and wants to express his feelings to her. While Shirogane is not thinking romantically and is referring to his vulnerabilities, Fujiwara misunderstands him. Before they can start working on his rapping, Fujiwara wants him to sing something for her, but Shirogane’s awful voice makes it impossible.

She pushes him to work hard and even offers to learn rapping so she can assist him. After a few days of practice, Shirogane phones Hayasaka to request that she see him. Fujiwara, who is standing nearby, begins to suspect that he has been preparing for so long solely to express his feelings to Mr. Herthaka. Meanwhile, Kaguya learns about Shirogane, and Hayasaka’s unexpected encounter raises questions.

When Hayasaka arrives in Shiba Park the next day, she finds Shirogane and Fujiwara waiting for her. To conceal her identity, she disguised herself as Mr. Herthaka. Kaguya has also followed her there in order to learn what is going on between her and the President. Shirogane and Fujiwara soon start rapping together and demonstrate remarkable collaboration and lyrical expertise, leaving Hayasaka and Kaguya speechless.

Kaguya, who is perplexed by what is going on between the President and Hayasaka, begins expressing her concerns through rapping herself. Hayasaka is the only person who has yet to express her serious feelings as a result of her rap, and Shirogane begins to encourage her to do so as well. Despite her confusion, she shows her genuine desire to live a typical adolescent life and make friends. Hayasaka’s rap wins Shirogane’s heart, who admires her bravery.

What Makes Maki Cry in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 Episode 5? What is her advice to Shirogane and Ishigami?

Shirogane and Ishigami come into Maki crying in the student council chamber and prepare her some herbal tea before asking her what’s bothering her so much. She admits without hesitation that Nagisa and Tsubasa’s relationship has grown uncomfortable for her. While everything was normal, Nagisa welcomed Maki join the volunteer club, which she accepted because they had been friends since elementary school. However, after Maki arrived, she became agitated since the couple remained glued to one another and completely disregarded her.

Ishigami doesn’t hold back and says that if they’re in nirvana together, she has no chance of taking Nagisa’s boyfriend. Maki doesn’t get the reference, but when Shirogane explains that Ishigami is talking about sex, she starts freaking out and even attempts to rule it out. Her two confidantes, on the other hand, are certain that they have already done it. As they discuss how things could have turned out differently, Maki admits that she regrets not proposing Tsubasa sooner.

Shirogane and Ishigami are then advised not to make the same mistake as her and end up with so many regrets. While acting normal, the two companions briefly consider their crushes. Kaguya enters the room unexpectedly and inquires as to what the three has been doing to all this time. When Maki claims she came to see her two pals, Kaguya panics, believing the President has another female buddy.


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