Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Season 2 Ending Explained

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‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045’ season two begins sometime after the events of season one. Takashi Shimamura, one of Japan’s posthumans, is still being sought by Public Security Section 9. Togusa has yet to be found. Purin Esaki, the team’s newest member, is hiding two secrets, one of which she is aware of and the other of which she is not. The third Japanese posthuman shows up and tries to steal the code that made them. Major and her team learn the truth about posthumans, Sustainable War, and Global Simultaneous Default. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 2 finale of Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Season 2 Recap of Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045

The second season begins with Public Security Section 9 on the hunt for Philip Kukushkin, a Russian engineer who has vital information regarding the posthumans and the code that caused their change. Other countries are also actively looking for him. A Russian appears to assassinate Kukushkin, but it is later revealed that neither the assassin nor Kukushkin were killed by the Russian Federation. He acquired a fully prosthetic body and had his brain put into a personal assistant robot for the elderly. As Major and her squad attempt to catch Kukushkin, they are assaulted by an assassin disguised as a Russian. He is shown to be working for the NSA under Smith. Furthermore, Suzuka Mizukane is the third Japanese posthuman after Takashi Shimamura and Sanji Yaguchi.

Purin is eventually apprehended by Public Security Section 9 when he begins to exhibit posthuman skills. Kukushkin tells the truth about the code that created the posthumans while imprisoned in Japan. It’s known as Code 1A84. The NSA created it in order to dominate the Long-Term War. Purin discovers through the code that, because the Sustainable War merely widened the gap between rich and poor, the NSA directed it to create a future in which all mankind would be well, but only America would succeed. Because the orders were paradoxical, Code 1A84 triggered the Global Simultaneous Default.

Major and the others discover an American spy within the upper levels of Japanese internal security. Purin’s transformation into a posthuman leads her to believe that the young recruit is the spy. But it turns out that the spy is one of the security guards assigned to the prime minister. He attempts to assassinate the Prime Minister, but Purin intervenes. Purin and the spy both perish. The Tachikoma AIs, on the other hand, find that Purin was a young girl who connected with Batou after her family was destroyed and resurrect her by implanting her memories in a totally synthetic body. Unlike many others, she does not have a ghost.

Togusa appears for the first time in episode 5, titled ‘ROOM 101 / Man’s Search for Meaning.’ He appears to be infected with a nostalgia virus. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself on a train bound for the outskirts of Shin-Tokyo. When he arrives, a huge mob known as N begins chasing him, but he manages to flee. Takashi and Mizukane are revealed to be working together. They seize control of an American nuclear submarine with an android and threaten to fire nuclear missiles if their demands are not met. Major becomes infected with the nostalgia virus in the season finale, dubbed ‘DOUBLE THINK / Event Boundary.’ Takashi’s true intentions are revealed. Purin bears the consequences of his decision.

What Is N in Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 Season 2?

The Americans realize, and Public Security Section 9 discovers, that even posthumans require time to recharge. Takashi and Mizukane sleep for 15 minutes every day. They just do it at different times. This allows both the Americans and the Japanese to eliminate them without risking a nuclear assault. The posthumans stipulated in their original pact with the American Empire that if one of them died, the other would launch the warheads. If both of them died, the warhead would launch on its own. The Americans dispatch a Seal squad, which murders Mizukane first while Takashi is sleeping. Purin and the Tachikoma support Takashi after discovering the truth about his scheme.

Almost all members of Public Security Section 9 appear to die in the last conflict, and Major is forced to kill Takashi. Togusa tries to stop the android, but before he dies, Takashi gives the three million N affiliates the authority to fire nuclear bombs. Following Takashi’s or Big Brother’s death (another reference to Takashi’s favorite book, George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ all N affiliates unleash the warheads collectively.

The N or the Net are people who can live in two universes without causing conflict. Initially, it was assumed that N only included the migrants who arrived in Shin-Tokyo. However, it turns out that the population is far larger than that. The warhead launch switch appears in the hands of many personnel of Public Security Section 9, indicating that they, too, are theoretically N.

What Exactly Is Doublethink? What Is Takashi’s Strategy? Does He Succeed?

In the season 2 finale, Major believes she is in a brain labyrinth where everyone is alive, and the current mission concludes with the suicide of one-percenter Patrick Huge. She subsequently awakens in a pod in what appears to be an amphitheater full of identical devices. Purin appears and tries to explain Takashi’s accomplishments to Major. People in Takashi’s world go about their daily lives as they did before the fight with the posthumans. That is life in the real world. In the cyberbrain, everyone is in their most relaxed condition at the same time. The latter is analogous to a video game if the game was custom-made for each unique gamer.

Almost everyone in Shin-Tokyo was taken to the “amphitheater” after the Americans dropped the smart gas. They had already changed into N by that point. Major’s squad was evacuated once the effects of the smart gas had worn off. They are now safe and appear to be content. Nuclear weapons are a little more complicated. Some recall them being launched, but others believe the disaster was averted. In either case, the planet remains intact. As a result, the warheads were never really deployed. Some folks only have vague recollections of it.

Takashi refers to this dual existence as doublethink. When Major encounters him, he is nearing the end of his global expansion of doublethink, effectively ushering in the next stage of human evolution. Furthermore, as Major points out, this signifies that the posthumans have won the war against humans. Major gets the opportunity to kill Takashi and return the world to the state of Sustainable War and Global Simultaneous Default, but she chooses not to. Purin is later taken to the Public Security Section 9 headquarters by Major. The remainder of the crew doesn’t recognize her and accepts her, along with Standard, as a new member of the group.

Major, where are you going?

Major departs as the second season concludes. She believes that because of the rapid evolution of humanity caused by doublethink, the next time she and Batou meet, they might not recognize each other. They agree to use the code word 1A84. This isn’t the first time Major has abandoned the team. She and Purin are among the few people who are immune to the effects of doublethink. Purin’s reason is because she doesn’t have any ghosts. Major, on the other hand, is a daydreamer. For her, reality and dream are not distinct beings. Major is finding herself alone as humanity evolves. Before entering into cyberspace, she ensures that Purin has a place to call home.


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