Dragon Ball Super Next Arc What Will Come Up Next?

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Since its inception in the 1990s, the Dragon Ball franchise has remained one of the most popular. Now, the show enjoys going deeper into its characters and giving them greater attention. The primary character in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film will be Gohan. The ongoing story, on the other hand, is currently on the verge of the ‘Granolah The Survivor’ Arc. Many questions have now arisen, speculating on what the tale may go next. While many people foresee a Saiyan arc, some believe it will be a Namekian and Zalama arc. So, what could the next arc of Dragon Ball Super be? Continue reading to find out.

Dragon Ball Super, which debuted on July 5, 2015, has gone a long way. The show has 131 episodes in one season, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment. The series previously published a feature film called Broly, which revolved around Vegeta and Goku as they battled the Saiyan. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is another upcoming film that fans are excited about. The story will focus on Gohan and Gamma 1 and 2 Androids.

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc

Dragon Ball Super’s Next Arc Might Be About The Saiyans!

There are many theories floating around about what the next Dragon Ball Super arc could be, and to keep it short and simple, the next arc could pick up where the previous one left off. Granolah’s The Survive arc is one of the longest in the series and serves many purposes. From the tense battle between Gas and Bardock to Goku’s initial defeat against Granolah. The series covers a wide range of significant plotlines. However, with the stakes so high, fans are left wondering where the series will go from here. Many fans are hoping for a new Saiyan storyline with Goku and Vegeta at the helm.

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc

Could Zalama And Namekian Arc Be A Possibility?

A Zalama and Namekian arc, on the other hand, is very likely. The characters are vastly underappreciated and deserve to be given more credit. Piccolo may even take on a dragon form now that there is a relationship between dragons and Namekians. There is also the possibility of an Erased Universe arc occurring. However, there is little doubt that there is still a lot to learn about Granolah and Heeters.

As a result, a Granolah Part 2 of the Survivor arc is also a possibility. Overall, it is up to the franchise to decide where the spotlight will be directed next. With the film on the horizon, fan speculations may shift once more. However, having Broly return by placing Saiyans in command would greatly benefit the storyline.


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