Date A Live IV Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

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After asteroids fall from space, craters appear in a variety of random spots around the world in ‘Date A Live’ season 4, episode 4, titled ‘Space Spirit.’ The Ratatoskr quickly goes to investigate its origin and discovers a new Spirit in the universe that has never been seen before. Unfortunately, she has been secluded for far too long and is unwilling to engage in rational dialogue with anyone. Here’s all you need to know about the season 4 finale of ‘Date A Live.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Date A Live IV Episode 4

Nia mentions to Shidou that she believes Spirits were once humans since she remembers being one. However, because Raziel is still missing, she is unable to check into it further. She also regrets not learning more about the Spirit of Origin, which would have given all the Spirits a much better understanding of themselves and the world around them. The next day, everything looks to be normal until an asteroid falls from space and makes a massive crater.

Shidou meets Itsuka, who informs him that identical tragedies have occurred all around the world at the same moment. What they all have in common is that DEM and Anti-Spirit Teams all around the world have been hit by unexplained items of unknown origin. Miku believes that the actual goal in these occurrences may have been Spirit power and magic. Soon, they discover that a Spirit called Zodiac, who has never been seen before and is actually in space, is to blame for all the mayhem.

The DEM had discovered her first, and the Ratatoskr had just discovered her by exploring the unusual movement of their ships in space. Miku believes Westcott most likely employed Beelzebub to locate the new Spirit. Zodiac employs the angel Michael, who is formed like a key. Once it has pierced something, the angel has the potential to deprive it of its talents, making it an easy prey. Michael possesses another, more dangerous ability. It has the ability to open warp gates into space and then send objects that fall through them to portals of Zodiac’s choosing, which can be located anywhere in the planet.

Zodiac used the same power to carry out the worldwide asteroid event. She fought and destroyed DEM spacecraft before directing the debris to various spots on the Earth via Michael’s portals. Ratatoskr chooses to use his 3D projections to hold a conversation with Zodiac because Shidou can’t immediately go to space. When the new Spirit notices him in front of her, she immediately attacks, but quickly understands that she is wasting her time.

Shidou introduces himself to her and explains how he is attempting to safeguard Spirits like her while also preserving the lives of regular people from the dangers posed by remarkable interdimensional beings like her. While Zodiac recognizes his duty, she refuses to travel to Earth to have her powers locked. She explains that she had blocked her heart to all feelings before breaking the projector and so ending their communication. When Shidou and the other Spirits consider a future plan of action, Itsuka receives a request for a meeting with a visitor named Elliot Baldwin Woodman.

Ending of Date A Live IV Episode 4: Who is Elliot Baldwin Woodman? Why Did He Depart from the DEM?

When everyone is seated and ready to welcome the unannounced visitor, a guy in a wheelchair and a lady enter the room. The majority of Ratatoskr members are unfamiliar with him. When Yatogami asks who he is, Itsuka identifies him as Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Ratatoskr’s creator and chairman of its decision-making round table. He waits patiently for his turn to speak and expresses gratitude to Shidou for saving the lives of so many Spirits thus far.

Before he could continue, the Spirit with the ability to search up anything about people asked Woodman why he was attempting to save Spirits now when it was he who had materialized them in the first place. Woodman acknowledges without hesitation that he formed the DEM with Westcott and Ellen Mathers roughly three decades ago with the intention of utilizing the abilities of the Spirits.

When he first met the Spirit of Origin, however, he had a change of heart and resolved to abandon his perverted aims. Woodman left the DEM and began rescuing Spirits. When pressed to explain his abrupt change of heart, he explained that he fell in love with the Spirit of Origin the moment he lay eyes on her. He couldn’t abide seeing any Spirits in anguish after that. Unfortunately, before they could continue their conversation, Westcott and his man stormed the Ratatoskr base.


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