Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive?

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‘Bubble,’ produced by Wit Studio, is a science fiction romantic animation that tells a wonderful narrative of love and sacrifice. The film is directed by Tetsurou Araki and is set in Tokyo after an unexplainable bubble fall phenomenon causes various gravitational anomalies that have a terrible effect on the people’ lives. When the territory is cut off from the rest of the world, children who have lost loved ones begin to use it for parkour team combat. Among them is Hibiki, an amazing child whose life is changed by an unintentional contact with a mystery girl. Interested in learning how? To get an explanation, let’s look at the emotional finale of ‘Bubble.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Synopsis of the Bubble Plot

Around five years ago, unexplained bubbles dropped from the sky all over the planet, ushering in a period of mayhem and bewilderment. While people were still getting used to the bizarre phenomena, a large explosion of unknown origin occurred in the heart of Tokyo, enveloping the city in a massive bubble in the aftermath. While bubbles abruptly stopped tumbling all around the world, Japan’s capital was abandoned and became the epicenter of the incomprehensible sight.

Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive? - ThiruttuVCD

As the bubbles that had descended on the region broke, most of the city gradually buried under the water. Despite the government’s repeated warnings, the village was soon invaded by orphans who had lost loved ones in the tragedies that followed the initial bubble fall phenomenon all those years ago. They not only thrive in perilous situations, but they also use them to play the dangerous game of Tokyo Battlekour, a parkour team battle.

Among these children, a boy named Hibiki claims to hear melodies emerging from a tower, which is where the explosion occurred before the bubbles ceased falling on the rest of the globe. Because of the gravitational anomalies near the tower, the cloud above it has stayed unaffected. Furthermore, scientific research efforts have been repeatedly hindered because observations with any instrument are difficult in the location. When Hibiki attempts to locate the source of the music he hears radiating from there, he slips into the water and is about to lose consciousness when a miracle occurs.

A bubble that looks to be sentient and concerned about Hibiki’s well-being pursues him and then merges with several other bubbles to form a female. She saves his life and then befriends his classmates, Kai, Shin, Usagi, and Makoto. Hibiki names her Uta, and she gradually becomes acquainted with the human world by reading books under the supervision of Makoto, a scientist researching the bubble fall phenomenon. She avoids contact with anyone, though, because her body is comprised of bubbles and begins to reveal its full shape after coming into contact with a human. Uta also has the same level of physical agility as Hibiki.

Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive? - ThiruttuVCD

As a result, when the Tokyo Battlekour team, the Under Taker, challenges them to a live-televised bout by capturing Makoto for financial gain, Uta swears to teach them a lesson. While the opponent’s skills and mind tricks initially overwhelm Hibiki’s team, Uta assists them in securing a last-minute triumph. Later, the team celebrates the victory together, but their star player is absent. While everyone else is distracted, Hibiki seeks Uta and confesses his feelings for her. He’s ready to kiss her when they’re distracted by another loud noise coming from the tower. Uta sees what is going on and departs, informing Hibiki that this is the last time they would meet.

Is Uta Dead or Alive at the End of the Bubble?

Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive? - ThiruttuVCD

Uta was unaware of the world she was about to embrace as her own when she first took on human form. Makoto assisted her in broadening her knowledge by lending her vast library of books on literature, physics, chemistry, and other areas. One night, she also told Uta about a mermaid who lived deep beneath the sea and had an odd affinity for the human world for some unfathomable reason. After falling in love with a prince, she turned against her loved ones.

When Uta heard the narrative, she began to identify with the mermaid because she, too, revolted against her sister in order to save Hibiki after falling in love with him. However, Uta’s sister loses patience after the Tokyo Battlekour game versus the Under Taker. She summons him back to the tower, and Uta ultimately abandons her plans to live with Hibiki and his pals. When she returns to her sister, Hibiki and her pals follow her and attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately, Hibiki is attacked by red bubbles that begin to drown him in water just as he is about to reach her.

As Uta watches in terror from a distance, she realizes that if she does not act, her boyfriend will perish. Leaving her sister behind, she rushes over to Hibiki and hugs him. This releases him from the fatal grasp of the red bubbles, but Uta’s body begins to deteriorate gradually. Uta finds solace in the thought that she has saved Hibiki as her body progressively transforms into the bubbles that have fused to form her body. While her boyfriend sobs beside her, she expresses her appreciation for all the love she has received, and her body ultimately vanishes.

Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive? - ThiruttuVCD

While this appears to be the end of Uta, it is important to remember that she existed as a sentient bubble for a long time before meeting Hibiki. As a result, it would be incorrect to believe that she can’t do it now, after acquiring human shape and then collapsing back into bubbles. The film also includes a hint at the end. Hibiki is playing a parkour team battle with his squad when he is followed by a bubble, which is unmistakably Uta. To summarize, Uta does not die and only returns to her actual form once her body disintegrates.

What Are the Tokyo Battlekour Rules?

Bubble Ending Explained: Is Uta Dead or Alive? - ThiruttuVCD

Tokyo Battlekour is a parkour team battle game in which two opposing teams compete. The game gives players a lot of leeway in developing strategies and developing their own style, but there are basic ground rules that must be obeyed. When the game begins, each team can only have five players. They can, however, be removed later if they lose their balance or are misled into falling into the water by the opposing team.

Teams can use mechanical devices to offer their players an advantage over their opponents. However, a team may only win by capturing a flag that is flown on a tall structure, which is usually a building or a tower.


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