Blue Box Chapter 51 Raw Scan, Color Page, Release Date & Spoiler

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Blue Box by Koji Miura is a Japanese manga series that combines romantic comedy with sports. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since April 2021, and its chapters have been collected into three tankobon volumes as of January 2022. Blue Box Chapter 50 will be released in the not-too-distant future. The bulk of fans have been waiting for the Blue Box Chapter 51 Release Date, Time, and Blue Box Chapter 50 summary for quite some time. This website has been updated with the most recent information about Blue Box Chapter 51.

Blue Box Chapter 51 Release Date

Release Date for Blue Box Chapter 51

Fans of The Blue Box are really thrilled to see Chapter 51. Blue Box is updated weekly on Sundays, according to The Blue Box Chapter 51 will be available on May 1, 2022.

Prediction for Blue Box Chapter 51 Spoilers

As you may have noticed, the previous chapter was all about Hina. Hina, Taiki’s long-time friend, is upset when she learns that Taiki and Chinatsu live together. She didn’t give up hope, however, and took her chance. She admitted to Taiki and fired her shot.

Chinatsu observes Taiki and Hina’s interaction. She overhears Taiki and Hina talking. Manga’s atmosphere shifts abruptly from humorous to heartbreaking. Will Chinatsu act distantly towards Taiki, or will this cause Chinatsu to acquire strong feelings for Taiki?

Blue Box Chapter 51 Release Date Spoiler

Blue Box Chapter 51 spoilers have not yet been disclosed at the time of writing. Typically, three to four days before the actual release date, these spoilers begin to circulate on the internet. They can be found on Internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit. As a result, we expect this week to be accessible on April 28th, 2022.

Date of Release for Blue Box Chapter 51 Raw Scan

Blue Box Chapter 51 Raw Scans had not yet been released at the time of publishing. Three to four days before the official release date, these Raw Scans begin to circulate on the internet. They can be found on Internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit. As a result, we expect this week to be accessible on April 28th, 2022.

Summary of Blue Box Chapter 50

Blue Box manga by Hideki Kamiya continues with chapter 50! The new combatants have arrived and are eager to participate in the King of Fighters event. However, there is something odd about these newcomers. They don’t appear to understand what it means to battle for love. Will they be able to make it in the harsh world of competitive fighting?

What is the point of reading Blue Box?

Blue Box is a manga masterpiece that defies categorization. It’s a romantic comedy, a sports manga that illustrates the chemistry between two athletes. Blue Box is a great option for reading light manga throughout the school day. It’s unusual to discover romance in sports manga, which is what distinguishes Blue Box. Blue Box has a good balance of athleticism and romance. None of them appear to be particularly important to the plot.

Blue Box contains appealing and wholesome visuals that may melt a rock. If you look attentively at the manga’s heart, you’ll notice that it prioritizes character development. You will grow attached to the characters over time. Most sports manga are devoted to a single sport, as you may have seen. Blue Box is distinct in that it focuses on more than two sports.

Where Can I Find Blue Box Chapter 51?

Blue Box has been licensed for simultaneous publication in North America and Japan, with chapters launched digitally by Viz Media on its Shonen Jump website. Shueisha also free-simulates the series in English on the Manga Plus app and website.

Blue Box Chapter 51

Find Out More About Blue Box

The series focuses on Taiki Inomata, a student at Eimei Junior and Senior High and a member of the boys’ badminton team. He worked out with Chinatsu Kano, an upperclasswoman and mutual crush who plays on the girls’ basketball team, every morning. Chinatsu, on the other side, moves in with Taiki’s family after her parents migrate to work abroad. Taiki hopes that now that Chinatsu is living with him, he may progressively build his bond with her as they both work to advance their respective teams to the national championship.


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