Avatar heroine is not breathing for 7 minutes

Posted 2022/12/17 40 0

Avatar heroine is not breathing for 7 minutes - ThiruttuVCD

Avatar 2 movie, which is being awaited by the audience along with all movie lovers, came to the audience in many languages ​​worldwide on Friday and became a hit talk. Everyone who has seen the movie is shocked. It is said that director James Cameron was taken to another world. Meanwhile, the heroine of this film surprised by telling many interesting things in the promotions. She could not breathe for 7 minutes for a scene in the movie.

As part of the promotions, Hollywood actress Kate Wins late shocked everyone by telling about something that happened during the filming of this movie. Director James Cameron shoots every scene in a perfect way and encourages the actors to do any adventure. She said that she had to stay for seven minutes, but during this time she could not even breathe.

“The shooting had to be done underwater.. I was under a lot of stress at this time.. and at one point I was scared and screamed that I was dying.. I have a video of this. .” she said.


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