Argentine team in Qatar 2022: Lionel Messi, in the age of maturity, allows himself to enjoy himself in the run-up to his fifth World Cup

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DOHA (Special envoy).- Almost as if it were a nod to the inhabitants of these lands, he went on stage impeccably dressed in white. It was not the characteristic tunic that men use here, the uniform has the AFA shield on its chest and he wears it with pride. He laughs, his face lights up. Not a trace of that grim gesture that he used to carry in other times when things did not go as he intended when he was part of the Argentine team. The captain, Lionel Messi made it clear that now he understands the game well, he no longer gets angry, He no longer frowns, he does not “close in band”, he answers naturally, accepts each query, sends signals and in the prelude to the debut of his fifth World Cup makes it clear that in this universe that only he transits, in that place, “the era of maturity” began.

He adjusts the headset over and over again, which will allow him to understand questions that are not in Spanish, asks how to do it, thanks the FIFA assistant with a gesture, who hands him another headset, places it in a sector of the table and concentrates. in what is to come: the demonstration that age suited him very well. His presence at the IBC in this city, at the Qatar National Convention Center, generated a logical expectation, more than 250 journalists waiting for the word from Rosario and he wanting to tell how he feels, an unusual experience in the world Messi. And perhaps he also took the opportunity to wink at fortune, because in the Copa América, the one won by the Argentine team, he spoke at the first press conference of the competition and then silence was called.

Lionel Messi insisted that it may be his last World Cup
Lionel Messi insisted that it may be his last World CupHannibal Greco – The Nation

“I feel good, very good. In a great moment. Personally and physically. Perhaps it could be understood as a politically correct phrase, but if it is about Messi, who never lent himself to exaggerations, listening to him talk about how he is so naturally already places him in a different place. Do not get angry because minutes before his appearance there was a stir over an image of his ankle that seemed swollen, but which was later denied and it was said that it was a cold bandage, as a preventative, it is also a sign. Now without hysteria, wanting to talk. Even a few hours before it had been circulated that he was the one who asked to be part of the conference prior to the debut, that he feels that he should shorten the distance with the press, to begin to relax the tensions that were installed at other times of the selection.

“It is my last World Cup and the last chance to achieve the greatest desire that I have always had.” He said it with a drawn smile, as if it were a handful of words that when he pronounces them all together, that more amateur side invades him, the playfulness of the ball dominates him, million-dollar contracts do not count, advertising obligations do not play, the public does not intervene. professional Messi. And at that point there is also an enormous growth of Rosario. In that statement that generates a bit of nostalgia for the possibility of knowing that his last dance would take place here, it is nothing more than confirmation that the captain of the team is tired of caring how and when to say what he thinks and feels.

Look to one side, nod, look carefully at your interlocutor, give a smile if you notice that it is an acquaintance, and you no longer have a bad time like so many times. “I don’t know if it’s the happiest moment of my career, but I do feel very well. He grabs me with another age, more mature. I always try to live each moment with great intensity, be it in the World Cup or before in the Copa América. Today I enjoy all this much more. I didn’t think about it before, I enjoyed playing, but it was all so often that I didn’t give myself time to enjoy it much, but to think about the next game, wanting to play, continuing to win. And sometimes important things that I had to live went unnoticed. Today I am more aware of the things to be enjoyed”.

Lionel Messi talked all the time about enjoying
Lionel Messi talked all the time about enjoyingHannibal Greco – The Nation

He was in charge of sharing with his companions, he joined each of the follies on his sides: De Paul and Paredes. He laughs with Papu Gómez, he worries about each one of those who were with some “touch”, he doesn’t talk too much, he just lets them know that he was watching. He assumes the role of leader, he wants to be well, he wants everyone around him to be well, because he usually says from time to time in private: “I am in the national team to enjoy myself, not to hurt myself. I don’t want the kids to lack anything”.

Something bothers him about the white jacket he’s wearing, but he adjusts it while continuing to respond. He smiles when they point out that he smiles. Only then does he get a little nervous, as if the praise still generated some modesty in him. Even so, he does not respond evasively when they assure him that there are many foreigners who want to see the Argentine team win the World Cup because they feel that he deserves it. He kindly thanks, he explains the emotion that such a situation generates in him, he does not escape from there.

He allows himself to say hello, he stops to shake a hand, he is not interested in FIFA security being interfered with, he is no longer into those things. He gives meaning to his words, leaves in the air that he does allow himself to “enjoy”. So, he makes sense when he makes sure that he took the baton of the team and that now he is comfortable with it: “You always have to keep trying, whatever it is. Face it and let it be what God wants. Never stay with the ‘what if…’. It’s hard to tell the little ones to enjoy the moment because at their age I didn’t realize that. But you never know if someone can enjoy another world. So you have to live each moment with intensity”.

He can’t hide that he loves the game, that’s where he expresses himself best, he ranks outside in a different way, but he can’t help but want to always kick the ball. He recognizes that it is his way of arriving in the best conditions for a competition. It is that he is the one who manages everything, if he wants to play, he plays. Because it’s also part of his growth, that’s why when he felt he had to raise up, he didn’t hesitate to do it at PSG. “Age makes you see things differently and give importance to small details that you might not have seen before. Today I pay more attention to everything, enjoying is above all else”.

Time and time again he adjusts his Patek Philippe watch, with a blue square and shiny steel mesh. She lets out another smile again. He says that he will suggest to his teammates that they “live the experience to the fullest, that they enjoy the people, the game”, because it is a privilege to be here. And Lionel Messi explains it from his gestures, from his countenance, from the wisdom that he achieved after so many blows. The captain is happy and the illusion is amplified without dimension.


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