Argentina vs. Inside Saudi Arabia: The pre-party that ended in huge disappointment

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without being able to believe it. In the last fifteen minutes of the game, the nearly twenty thousand Argentine fans remained motionless in their seats. The party that they had prepared for years crashed with two goals from the Saudis, who turned the Lusail stadium into a veritable green cauldron.

“We raised money for three years and they play like this”, lamented a group of fans who had come from Pergamino. A few rehearsed a song in support of Scaloni’s team for the decisive game on Saturday against Mexico. The vast majority were as if they had suffered the worst defeat of his life.

“I think that the proposal of Saudi Arabia was wonderful. Sometimes we think we win with the shirt, but it’s not enough. We were neither the best before nor are we the worst now and I am confident that this will be reversed, he told Paul, a fan from Córdoba. While, Gabriel He coincidentally opined: “This was a good setback to react; the World Cup started. We have chances to reach the final, but you have to understand that the World Cup is at stake. I don’t know how it was seen on TV, but here it was seen that Arabia ate us on all lines.

Argentine fans after the debut of the National Team

Nicolás expressed himself with greater optimism, stating: “I can feel disappointment, sadness or anger, but I can also feel that We can start losing the first match and be world champions”. Although he observed: “Today something happened in the team, he looked nervous. There was something and I saw it from the beginning, even when we were winning 1-0″.

The fans who came from Saudi Arabia, which has the only land border with Qatar, couldn’t believe what they were experiencing either. They suffered with the penalty that the VAR gave to Argentina, they celebrated the three annulled goals as their own goals and they were delirious with the burst in five minutes that led the National Team to confusion and absolute bewilderment in the second half.

Each intervention by the Saudi goalkeeper generated a huge ovation among the almost 35,000 Arab fans who were locals in the Argentine debut. The last ball that Mohammed Alowais (announced by the voice of the stadium as the figure of the match) took down Julián Álvarez in discount resounded on all four sides.

Argentine fans in the match against Saudi Arabia
Argentine fans in the match against Saudi ArabiaJorge Saenz – AP

The final minutes were tense for the Arabs and enormous suffering for the Argentines. As soon as the referee marked the end, the light blue and white shirts left quickly for the gate of the stadium. Only those who settled in the header on which Argentina attacked in the second half collapsed, silently, in their seats.

Last night, in the banner that they organized in the Saudi Housenear the zone of West Baythe thousands of fans with the green shirt could not imagine what they were going to experience today. “I love Saudi Arabia, but you have Messi, the best in history”one of the fans told LA NACION. However, everyone maintained the good level of their goalkeeper and defenders, although they were not hopeful with his strikers. The goalkeeper did not disappoint. The strikers surprised. There was a flurry from their forwards and the party was total. Saudi Arabia consummated today the most important victory in its history. Until now, the greatest achievement of the Middle East team had been the passage to the round of 16 in the 1994 World Cup in the United States, with the Argentine Jorge Solari as coach. In the previous night in Doha, the Saudis “signed” to lose by one or two goals difference against a team they admire. Today’s triumph will be engraved on fire for them, who did not want to leave the stadium and will turn their players into national heroes starting today.

In the preview, there was a flag from Argentine fans at the Doha countdown clock
In the preview, there was a flag from Argentine fans at the Doha countdown clockHannibal Greco – The Nation

“Come on, let’s go Selection, today we came to encourage you, to be champion, today you have to win”, that’s how the albiceleste illusion started, before 90 minutes. As happened in the rest of the games, there were many empty seats. What’s more, some Qataris have the habit of not going back directly to watch the second half (something that was very notorious in the opening game), despite the fact that the voice of the stadium announced a full stadium: 80,012 spectators.

The only moments of joy for the Argentine fans were related to the captain. The penalty goal, the entrance to the field for the anthems and the first entrance on the Qatari grass. The stadium exploded when the most attractive figure of this World Cup started the warm-up. To the rhythm of La mano de Dios, by Rodrigo, the Argentine captain moved to the rhythm of “Maradó, Maradó” that came down from the stands.

No one, among the thousands of fans who started their trip to Lusail this morning, predicted such uneasiness. The trains on the red line of the Doha metro were full of Argentines who only thought about the cup. Just a few minutes after 10 in the morning, with full sun and about 26 degrees of temperature, the outskirts of the stadium were already dyed blue and white.

Five hours later, the image was the same. But with the sadness of having lost in a World Cup debut after 32 years and, once again, having complicated his classification in the first ninety minutes of a World Cup.


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