14 KG Gas Cylinder Price Today: LPG gas cylinder broke its previous record, the price of 14 kg gas cylinder is this much in Rajasthan today

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lpg gas cylinder 2023 : Just before Holi, the Indian public got another gift of inflation. Because Indian gas distribution companies started selling commercial gas and domestic gas just before Holi. LPG cylinder While increasing the prices of LPG, its price was increased by Rs.50 per gas.

Recently, the Rajasthan government had announced that the price of gas cylinder will be halved in Rajasthan. After which there was a wave of happiness among the public, but instead of decreasing, this happiness of the public has become futile due to the increase in the price. If we talk about cooking gas, its prices have been increased after about 8 months.

Now it has to be seen how much this silent attack of inflation can be tolerated by the public, because due to these increased prices by the gas companies, it has been a direct attack on the common man’s pocket.

today’s gas rate lpg gas cylinder

Let us tell you that the increased prices have been implemented from March 1, 2023, these prices have been implemented on both commercial and domestic cylinders. After which you can see the details of the previous price of 14.2 kg cylinder in different cities of the country and today’s price in the table below. This list is given according to the metropolis: –

Metropolitan Previous price of commercial gas commercial gas today price previous price of domestic gas domestic gas price today
Delhi Rs 1769/- Rs.2119.5/- Rs.1053/- Rs.1103/-
Chennai Rs.1917/- Rs.2268/- Rs.1068.50/- Rs.1118.5/-
Kolkata Rs.1870/- 2221.5 Rs.1079/- Rs.1129/-
Mumbai Rs.1721/- Rs.2071.50/- Rs.1052.50/- Rs.1102.5/-

It goes on to say that on one date of every month, oil and gas companies conduct a review meeting, in which the oil and gas of one month lpg gas cylinder The prices are fixed. In this, let us tell you that the price of commercial gas has been increased by Rs.350/-.

In Rajasthan lpg gas cylinder Price of (2 March 2023)

LPG price in Rajasthan is mainly determined by state-run oil companies and is updated every month based on global crude fuel rates. 14 kilos in Rajasthan today lpg cylinder The price of (LPG Price in Rajasthan) in different districts is as follows :-

Ajmer March 2023
Alwar 1,108
Banswara 1,123
Baran 1,129.50
Barmer 1,129
Bharatpur 1,114.50
Bhilwara 1,123
Bikaner 1,114.50
Boondi 1,124
Chittorgarh 1,142.50
Churu 1,133
Dosa 1,108
Dholpur 1,121.50
Dungarpur 1,152.50
Shri Ganga Nagar 1,133.50
Hanumangarh 1,133
Jaipur 1,106.50
Jaisalmer 1,125
Jalore 1,130
Jhalawar 1,123.50
Jhunjhunu 1,119.50
Jodhpur 1,110.50
Karoli 1,121
quota 1,124
Nagaur 1,120.50
Pali 1,113.50
Pratapgarh 1,149.50
Rajsamand 1,146
Sawai madhopur 1,115.50
Sikar 1,117
Sirohi 1,132
Tonk 1,114.50
Udaipur 1,134.50


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