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A Perfect Pairing Ending Explained: Will Lola and Max get together?

‘A Perfect Pairing’ is a Netflix comedy romantic comedy film. Stuart McDonald directed the film, which follows Lola, a vivacious Los Angeles-based wine executive who travels to Australia to meet with potential client Hazel Vaughn. She is compelled to work at Hazel’s sheep station, where she meets Max, the charming farm boss with a dark secret. So, does Lola eventually win both the contract and his heart? Let’s find out the answers to these questions, as well as learn more about ‘A Perfect Pairing’s emotional finish.’ SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Plot Synopsis: A Perfect Pairing

Lola Alvarez is an accomplished sommelier who works as a wine executive for Mythos, a wine importer. Despite the fact that she is the greatest at her profession, her boss, Calder, mistreats her and refuses to recognize her efforts. Things worsen when Audra takes her concept of bringing in an Australian client named Vaughn Family Wines and pitches it to Calder. Lola is so dissatisfied with her job that she leaves and chooses to create her own wine importing company. However, because to a lack of clients, she is unable to put her ideas into action.

Image Credit: Vince Valitutti/Netflix

As a result, Lola decides to take matters into her own hands and travels to Waratah Station, Hazel’s family sheep station in Australia, where she is on vacation. When she arrives, she runs across Max, the farm manager’s handsome boss cocky, who advises her to keep away from Hazel. Regardless, Lola approaches her and presents her ideas, but she is turned down because her company is still in its early stages and requires a license. To persuade Hazel, she decides to work as a temporary jillaroo (ranch hand) for Max at the farm to prove her worth.

Lola quickly discovers that farm life is not as simple as she had imagined, as she struggles to learn the chores and fit in with her other ranch employees, Sam, Breeze, and Kylie. Fortunately, Max walks her through various jobs including erecting wire fences, feeding the sheep, cleaning the cages, and scooping sheep excrement to generate fertilizer. Lola’s confidence rapidly dwindles as she strives to do her best every day. When she unintentionally spills manure on Hazel one day, she chooses to resign and return home out of embarrassment.

Max, much to Lola’s surprise, stops her and persuades her to stay by praising her never-say-die attitude and genuineness. When she returns to Waratah Station, she reads about Hazel’s great grandmother, Sybylla Vaughn, who founded and operated the sheep station on her own. Feeling inspired, Lola sets out to master her jillaroo tasks, not only becoming more efficient but also winning over the other farmworkers. Max, seeing her improvement, allows her to experience sheep shearing firsthand and thanks her with a new hat.

Image Credit: Vince Valitutti/Netflix

Lola and Max have a nice time in Hazel’s swimming pool one night, and the latter notices them together. The next day, the couple takes the sheep for herding, and during the break, Max takes her to a secret waterfall that was Sybylla’s favorite site on the farm. Lola, astounded by how much he knows about her and the Vaughns, asks him about his background, but he curiously avoids her inquiries and simply tells how he was a wayward kid but corrected his ways following his mother’s death.

Audra discovers in Los Angeles that Lola is in Australia to see Hazel, their possible competitor. She reluctantly informs Calder, who chooses to accompany her to undermine her. Back at Waratah Station, Lola goes out with her new pals to the local pub, but they get into a hilarious bar fight and are subsequently saved by Max. Meanwhile, he and Hazel talk, and it’s suddenly discovered that they’re siblings.

After their mother died, Max elected to remain a silent partner in the wine business, focusing on Waratah Station, while Hazel took over Vaughn Family Wines. She realizes they like each other after seeing him with Lola in the swimming pool earlier. As a result, Hazel advises Max to reveal his true identity to Lola, but he refuses out of fear. He also expresses no desire to join the family business and demands that his sister keep the information to herself.

Ending with a Perfect Pairing: Will Lola and Max End Up Together?

Yes, Lola and Max end up together after many hardships and tribulations. A few days after his conversation with Hazel, he takes Lola to the winery, and she is overjoyed to be able to return to what she loves most. Not only that, but she is astounded by his understanding of wine and its composition. She creates a stunning doodle of Sybylla Vaughn after seeing how Vaughn Family Wines works and considers selling it to Hazel as a bottle label design.

Image Credit: Vince Valitutti/Netflix

Following that, Lola and Max spend the night camping in a lovely location, where she shares her thoughts with him and he presents her with an expensive wine he obtained from the winery. This thoughtful gesture brings them closer together, and they have a passionate kiss beneath the stars. But when he plucks up the strength to expose his true identity to her the next morning, she is shocked by his deception. She informs him that, contrary to popular belief, she is not interested in his money or social standing, and that his dishonesty has changed everything between them.

When the couple returns from their camping trip, Lola decides to return to Los Angeles and begins collecting her belongings. Max tries to apologize and persuade her to stay but is unable to adequately articulate himself. Lola, heartbroken by his lack of effort, bids her friends farewell and returns to Los Angeles. A few months later, she creates her company Salud Imports and begins to gain consumers’ trust.

Lola continues to avoid contacting Max because she is still furious over what he did and how little he did to prevent her from leaving. However, Max unexpectedly appears at one of her wine tasting occasions and apologizes for his previous behavior. He professes his affections for her compassionately, and they kiss passionately. Later, as a happy couple, they return to Waratah Station to celebrate Sam’s wedding with her partner Heidi.

Is Lola going to get the Vaughn Family Wines contract?

Yes, Lola does get Vaughn Family Wines as a client, but only after overcoming various obstacles. Lola returns from the camping trip following an argument with Max to find Calder and Audra on Hazel’s doorway. He deceives Hazel by claiming that he is providing Lola a promotion in the company, and then tries to grab credit for her work once more. Despite the fact that Lola stops her former boss and refuses his selfish offer, she is disappointed when Hazel decides to give Mythos the Vaughn Family Wines contract.

Lola abandons her desire of working with Hazel and, as a farewell gift, presents her a wine bottle with Sybylla’s sketch. Audra, realizing her error, apologizes to Lola, who forgives her and walks away. She quits working for Calder a few months later and asks Lola for a second chance. Despite all that has happened between them, she gives in and employs Audra. Slowly, both women gain a few consumers for Salud Imports and begin attending events.

Calder loses Hazel’s contract owing of his bad work ethic, but Lola decides not to pursue her and instead looks for new clientele. When Max returns to apologize to Lola, he surprises her still again by announcing that he has become an active partner in Vaughn Family Wines and has persuaded Hazel to take on Lola’s company as their exclusive importer. Not only that, but they’ve chosen Lola’s sketch of Sybylla as their official bottle logo. Thus, after months of serious hard work, her ambition of working with Vaughn Family Wines becomes a reality.

A Perfect Pairing Ending Explained: Will Lola and Max get together?
A Perfect Pairing Ending Explained: Will Lola and Max get together?
A Perfect Pairing Ending Explained: Will Lola and Max get together?


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