9 Best The Witcher Sex Scenes, Ranked (2022)

9 Best The Witcher Sex Scenes, Ranked (2022) – While Geralt of Rivia goes on his usual monster hunting expedition, Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ slowly reveals a deeper convoluted tale that foreshadows a war and a deadly underlying prophecy. If you’re a fan of Sapkowski’s work with the original books, or if you’ve spent your entire youth playing the critically renowned games in the series, the first season of ‘The Witcher’ has a lot to offer.

That being said, ‘The Witcher,’ being an R-rated show, does not hold back when it comes to depicting explicit sex and nudity, especially in the first half. Here’s a rundown of all The Witcher’s sex scenes and how they contribute to the overall plot. Continue reading!

 Reunion (Season 2 Episode 6)

When the second season of ‘The Witcher’ became available on Netflix, many fans were dissatisfied by the lack of nudity and sex compared to the first season. However, according to the show’s creator, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, this was done on purpose. She feels that sex, violence, nudity, and other comparable elements must be story-driven, and she does not wish to use them solely for shock value. In an interview, Hissrich stated that the second season was all about the evolution of family. And this is correct. By the end of the season, Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer had formed a family.

While Hissrich and her team aimed to minimize gratuitous images of sexual acts, the second season isn’t entirely free of them. Unconfirmed rumors regarding a sex scene between Geralt and Triss Merigold circulated in the months preceding up to the second season’s release. Given that it isn’t there, we can reasonably infer that it was removed if it was ever filmed.

Geralt departs Caer Morhen with Ciri in Season 2 Episode 6, titled ‘Dear Friend.’ Geralt’s horse Roach is mortally injured after a confrontation with the Chernobog in the previous episode, and the Witcher is compelled to slaughter it out of mercy. He then leads Ciri to the Temple of Melitele, where he rejoins Yennefer. Hissrich and her colleagues handle things much more carefully in season 2. Ciri enters as Geralt and Yennefer share a kiss. She swiftly exits the room, aware that these two require some alone time with each other. As the scene changes, we catch up with other characters. When we return to Geralt and Yennefer, a long time has passed. We can only hope they used it to practice their intimate knowledge of each other.

 Power Play (Season 2 Episode 7)

Tissaia de Vries and Vilgefortz of Roggeveen are two exceptionally powerful sorcerers and members of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. Tissaia believes Yennefer is dead after the Battle of Sodden Hill and struggles to cope with her grief. Vilgefortz becomes a comrade and lover for her, oblivious to the fact that he has ulterior motivations for getting close to her. In Season 1, he assassinates a Northern sorcerer. The insinuation here is that he is looking after his own interests. With Tissaia’s assistance, he ascends to the position of Brotherhood leader.

Tissaia is seen standing on the window of her room in one of the earliest sequences of Season 2 episode 7, titled ‘Voleth Meir.’ Vilgefortz, who is present in the room, notices Tissaia has way too many garments on and invites her back to bed. He joins her at the window while she doesn’t. It’s a fascinating scene. Once again, the writers use innuendo and language to suggest a sexual encounter.

 The Butcher of Blavikin (Season 1 Episode 1)

It all begins when Geralt enters Blaviken with the head of a kikimora. He meets Stregobor in his mansion, hoping to gain a few dollars in exchange for it. This is when ‘The Witcher’ adds a nudity, with Geralt finding himself in the thick of magical illusion as soon as he enters Stregobor’s mansion. He discovers Stregobor surrounded by a wonderful Edenic garden, complete with naked young women picking apples.

Stregobor, who is uninterested in the kikimora’s carcass, informs him about The Curse of the Black Sun, a curse that predominantly strikes princesses and makes them evil due to particular mutations from birth. He tells him that he expects him to look for a princess named Renfri, who is under the power of the curse and is on the hunt for him.

Geralt, on the other hand, feels that there is no lesser evil and refuses to kill her. Much later, in the woods, Geralt stumbles into Renfri again, and she tells him about the atrocities she endured as a result of Stregobor and her own stepmother. The Witcher continues to insist that there is no lesser evil and even persuades her to leave Kovir. She accepts, and that’s when the two had sex in the woods. This sex scene is not explicit, and unlike most others in the series, it does not include any type of nudity. It does, however, play a significant role in the overall plot. Geralt has dreams of Renfri advising him about “a girl in the woods who is his destiny” after the two of them fall in love. Renfri departs in the morning, and the events that follow earn Geralt the label “The Butcher of Blaviken.”

 Homecoming (Season 2 Episode 2)

Geralt and Ciri finally arrive in the eponymous castle, the home of the Witchers, in season 2 episode 2, named ‘Kaer Morhen.’ Every year, the monster hunters return to Kaer Morhen. They stay there for the winter before returning to the Path. When Geralt and Ciri arrive in Kaer Morhen, the majority of the Witchers have already arrived. Eskel arrives later than the others and throws a party, bringing sex workers from the bottom of the mountain. Geralt is even recognized by one of them.

Eskel was injured in a fight with a leshy before arriving at the castle. He is unaware that he is transforming into a leshy. One of the women drags him away when he gets into a fight with Geralt. Later, as they become acquainted, Eskel changes and murders the woman.

 A Mere Coincidence (Season 1 Episode 3)

While episode 2 takes a break from all the nudity and violence to focus on the character development of Yennefer, episode 3 introduces the much-anticipated boundary-pushing sex scenes. However, it accomplishes this through the use of sex as both a theme and a secondary story aspect.

The episode begins with Geralt lying in bed with a prostitute. There is no actual sex in the first scene, and it isn’t all that graphic either, save from some frontal nudity. Nonetheless, this moment once again serves an important function in propelling the plot forward. Geralt’s prostitute tells him of another Witcher who fled Temeria after being confronted by a beast that haunts King Foltest’s domain. In the events that follow, Geralt travels to Vizima to confront the beast himself.

 Power and Acceptance (Season 1 Episode 3)

‘The Witcher’ begins with a look at Yennefer’s tragic history and the circumstances that led up to her discovering her magical talents. She meets Istredd for the first time after unintentionally teleporting herself, who informs her that the sorceresses of Thanedd Island will immediately begin seeking for her. She encounters Istredd again after being transported to the Island by Tissaia de Vries, a powerful sorceress, to perfect her magical powers. Istredd is the one who eventually convinces her to believe in herself and embraces her for who she is.

In Episode 3, which marks the beginning of their relationship, Istredd and Yeneffer have a gratuitous sex scene. It is by far one of the most spectacular sex scenes of the first season, displaying full nudity. Apart from being moderately titillating, this moment also quietly portrays Yennefer’s desire for power. The pent-up passion between the two ecstatic characters is palpable in this scene, but it also demonstrates her desire to be more powerful and in charge of her life.

 A Magical Orgy (Season 1 Episode 1)

It’s almost shocking how many TV shows these days bravely depict group sex scenes. When you think about it, nailing an orgy on TV is no easy task. In scenarios like these, exposing too much can easily come across as borderline porn, while showing too little, well, most people may not even notice. Then, of course, the background soundtrack and camera angles in scenarios like these may make or break the action.

‘The Witcher’ pokes fun at this frivolous tendency by depicting its own version of an orgy. This scenario isn’t as gory as the one in ‘Sense 8,’ but it’s also not as classy and spooky as the one in ‘True Detective.’ Nonetheless, it brilliantly portrays the essence of the sorceress’s power. This scenario, which is accompanied by images of masked persons, is rather amusing, despite the fact that it has little bearing on the overall plot.

 The Last Wish (Season 1 Episode 5)

Geralt and Jaskier are able to summon a djinn after obtaining a sealed amorpha. However, things do not go as planned, and the djinn attempts to strangle the Bard. Geralt transports him to Yennefer, who cures him with her sorcery powers, and the Bard falls asleep. While he’s at it, the magician and the Witcher share a hot moment in a bathtub (the much-anticipated “Tub Geralt” scenario). Yennefer even says that his firm is adequate to compensate her for what she did for Jaskier. The rest of the show is filled with full frontal nude scenes in which Yennefer uses her spells to bind the djinn. However, scant evidence suggests that the djinn was granting Geralt’s wishes rather than Jaskier’s all along.

Later, when she forces Geralt to make his final wish to the djinn, he understands that the djinn will only kill Yennefer if he does not act. Geralt makes his final request, and the djinn abandons them beneath the ruins of their Inn. Yennefer and Geralt begin making love in a matter of seconds, much to Jaskier’s relief, and “they’re very well alive.” This scene, one again, is not as graphic as one might imagine. It does, in fact, have a lighthearted tone to it. It does, however, hint to Geralt’s last desire and signals the beginning of a shaky connection between him and Yennefer.

 A Consequence (Season 1 Episode 6)

Yennefer and Geralt cross paths again, and this time they don’t hold back from expressing their true feelings for one another. Geralt, a witcher who is meant to be emotionless, bluntly tells Yennefer how much he misses her. Yennefer responds to his confession, and they end up making love once more. This scene does not depict any sex at all. It begins with Geralt and Yennefer having an intimate talk and finishes with the two lying next to each other in bed. But we’re still thinking about it because it has some weight in relation to the overall plot. In the same episode, Geralt reveals his “final wish” to Yennefer, and she recognizes that her feelings are a result of what he longed for.

In the subsequent episodes, ‘The Witcher’ reveals significant disclosures while temporarily removing all sex scenes. Episodes 7 and 8 include no nudity or sex, which is not unusual given that most TV shows reduce the frequency of nudity as they go.