7 Shows Like Reacher You Must See (Updated)

7 Shows Like Reacher You Must See – ‘Reacher,’ created by Nick Santora, is an action thriller series. It is an online adaption of British novelist Lee Child’s ‘Jack Reacher’ book series. The protagonist (Alan Ritchson) is a vagabond who arrives in the imaginary town of Margrave, Georgia, and is jailed for the murder of his older brother. In his quest of frontier justice, he later joins forces with Captain and Chief Detective Oscar Finlay and police officer Roscoe Conklin. If you enjoyed ‘Reacher,’ here is a selection of movies to watch. Most of these shows related to ‘Reacher’ may be found on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. The A-Team (1983-1987)

‘The A-Team,’ with its emphasis on patriotism and the distinction between good and wrong, is a defining 1980s television series. The four primary protagonists of ‘The A-Team,’ like Reacher, are former military personnel who travel around America and beyond to assist those in need. While they are fortune’s soldiers, they frequently opt to do the right thing above what will gain them greater money. While ‘Reacher’ is essentially a one-man show with supporting characters assisting him along the way, ‘The ‘A-Team,’ as the name implies, is a team in which each person fulfils a specific duty.

6. Kung Fu (1972-1975)

‘Kung Fu’ is a renowned martial arts action-adventure series centred on the Shaolin Monk Kwai Chang Caine, who is a nomad like Reacher. However, the America traversed by the former is the Old West. Reacher and Caine both have a calm demeanour that conceals their proclivity for violence. They are strangers in the towns they visit, but they feel compelled to correct the injustices that exist there. Despite their desire to live anonymous lives, they wind up befriending the people and trying to protect them from evil.

5. iZombie (2015-2019)

‘iZombie’ follows Liv Moore, a medical student who becomes a zombie after being attacked at a party by people who have taken the experimental drug Utopium. She discovers she can no longer live a normal life because she needs to eat human brains on a daily basis to retain her cognitive powers. When she eats a person’s brain, she has flashes of memories of that person. As a result, she is asked to assist the police in solving several homicides. In ‘iZombie,’ Malcolm Goodwin, who plays Finlay in ‘Reacher,’ plays Clive Babineaux, another duty-bound, straight-as-an-arrow police officer. Furthermore, the mystery and whodunit elements of ‘Reacher’ are present in ‘iZombie.’

4. Dexter (2006-2013)

The title character of ‘Dexter’ is a serial killer who prefers to prey on murderers and other predators. When he was a toddler, homicide detective Harry Morgan discovered him sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood. Harry took the little boy into his family but quickly discovered that he was insane. To assist Dexter in dealing with his urges, Harry devises a series of rules that the other must observe. In terms of personality, Reacher and Dexter are diametrically opposed. However, they are both natural murderers who target some of society’s most despicable individuals. Furthermore, ‘Dexter’ is based on a novel series (by Jeff Lindsay).

3. Jack Ryan (2018-)

Image Credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios

‘Jack Ryan,’ like ‘Reacher’ and ‘Dexter,’ is based on a novel series (Tom Clancy). Both ‘Reacher’ and ‘Jack Ryan’ are Amazon Prime Video originals, and their source materials have previously been adapted for the big screen. In ‘Jack Ryan,’ the eponymous figure is a CIA analyst who is constantly thrown into the thick of the action. Despite their obvious differences, Jack and Reacher are both innately good characters who are frequently plagued by their previous misdeeds.

2. Justified (2010-2015)

In ‘Justified,’ Timothy Olyphant plays Raylan Givens, a deputy U.S. Marshal charged with enforcing frontier justice. While Jack Reacher suggests the conventional hero who comes to town and improves it, Raylan is a modern lawman with an Old West sense of justice. ‘Justified’ is based on a series of stories as well (by Elmore Leonard). Raylan exudes a larger-than-life demeanour, which Reacher appears to share.

1. Banshee (2013-2016)

A fan of ‘Reacher’ might enjoy ‘Banshee,’ which includes a protagonist with a difficult background, a small-town setting, vicious action sequences, and a corrupt local government. After arriving in the titular town in Pennsylvania, the protagonist of ‘Banshee,’ like Reacher, is compelled to cope with the local kingpin. Although he poses as a police officer named Lucas Hood, he is actually a former felon whose identity is never revealed in the series.