7 Best KDramas on Amazon Prime Right Now (2022)

7 Best KDramas on Amazon Prime Right Now (2022) – Korean TV dramas hold a special place in the hearts of many individuals, particularly those who enjoy sugary love and relationship stories. However, a wide range of South Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm in recent decades. Whether it’s dark thrillers, romantic comedies, action-packed episodes, sitcoms, or historical dramas, Korean TV series unquestionably belong in their own genre. As a result, people are continuously looking for possibilities on the various streaming sites that are available to us. And if you’re looking for Kdramas on Amazon Prime, we’ve got some great suggestions!

Café Midnight (2020-)

In two episodes, each season of ‘Café Midnight’ follows the journey of new characters. All of these plots, however, revolve around the titular café, which is open from midnight until daylight. In the first season, Jae-young responds to a job post, which brings him to the café. He had a life-changing experience there.

Due to rising pressure, Ah-young quits her work in season 2. She decides to go on a trip to nowhere in particular after resigning. Soon after, she comes to the enigmatic café in area B23, which is intended to be a guest home. The third season of the show is a coming-of-age storey about a high school teenager who glimpses his future.

Saimdang: Memoir of Colors (2017)

‘Saimdang: Memoir of Colors’ is a romance drama in which the events take place in two timeframes. The fun fantasy series about an art history instructor who discovers a historical figure’s diary. The journal unravels the riddle of an antique painting and provides insight into the life of Shin Saimdang, a well-known poet and artist.

Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

This romantic comedy-drama is based on Yoo Hyun-webtoon sook’s ‘I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day,’ and it revolves around an unusual love triangle. Dok-mi is shy and reserved, and she dislikes leaving her house. She does, however, catch a glimpse of Han Tae-joon, who lives across the street, one day. Dok-mi is unaware that another neighbour – a webtoon artist – Oh Jin-rak – has been in love with her for a long time as she begins to develop feelings for him. Jin-webtoon rak’s for Dok-mi inspired the title of the series.

A Witch’s Love (2014)

‘A Witch’s Love,’ a love show, is said to be a replica of the Taiwanese series ‘My Queen.’ It centres around the romance of Ban Ji-yeon, a 39-year-old news reporter, and Yoon Dong-ha, the 25-year-old proprietor of a small errand centre. While Ji-yeon is a highly determined and career-driven lady, Dong-ha appears to have lost motivation and put his professional objectives on hold owing to a personal tragedy. Their tragic pasts in their different love relationships are what binds these two together. So, despite the fact that they couldn’t be more dissimilar, they can’t help but be pulled to each other.

Playful Kiss (2010)

The romantic comedy television series ‘Playful Kiss’ (also known as ‘Mischievous Kiss’ or ‘Naughty Kiss’) is based on Tada Kaoru’s Japanese manga ‘Itazura Na Kiss.’ It is the manga’s third television adaptation. Despite receiving low ratings in South Korea, the sitcom developed a strong fan base in other nations.

The series follows Oh Ha-ni, a downtrodden girl who is nothing like her crush, Baek Seung-jo, who is brilliant, confident, and popular. The former, on the other hand, embarrasses herself by penning a letter to Seung-jo. Furthermore, the house in which she and her father reside collapses. As if things aren’t already embarrassing, Seung-family jo’s invites them in and offers them a place to stay. Things take an intriguing turn as Ha-ni and Seung-jo spend more time together.

Oh My Ghost (2015)

‘Oh My Ghost,’ another fantasy romance drama, centres around Na Bong-sun, a skilled sous chef who is rather self-conscious. What makes her genuinely unique is her capacity to speak with spirits. When a seductive spirit takes possession of Bong-body, sun’s her life takes an unexpected turn. People are taking notice of Bong-new sun’s personality, including her crush, celebrity chef Kang Sun-woo.

Queen and I (2012)

The relationship between actress Choi Hee-jin and time-traveling professor Kim Bung-do is central to the science-fiction drama. The former, who belongs to the 2012 timeframe, is embarking on a bright career adventure. In contrast, the scholar from the Joseon era is the sole survivor of his family, which was massacred as a result of political concerns. The show is entertaining to watch because of the numerous changes in locales and the amusing chemistry of the main characters.