7 Best Fishbowl Wives Love Making Scenes, Ranked

Miyako Koshikawa, Tomomi Matoba, and Fumi Tsubota collaborated to produce the pleasant and engaging female-centric romance series ‘Fishbowl Wives,’ based on Ryo Kurosawa’s original manga. The series’ plot revolves around Sakura Hiraga, a wife trapped in a failing marriage with her abusive husband. Despite the fact that everything is glittering and sunny from the start, Sakura feels stifled, and the rest of the novel follows the course of her freedom. In distinct plot arcs, five other women who live in the same tower condo as Sakura undergo their own sexual awakenings. Promiscuity abounds in the programme, and there are several brutal nude moments thrown in for good measure. If you’re up for it, we’ve compiled a list of the six best sex scenes from ‘Fishbowl Wives’ that will challenge your imagination. Let’s have a look at them, but be aware that there will be spoilers.

7. “What’s The Point?”

Takuya and Yuka meet near the end of the pilot, just after Takuya’s fight with Yuriha. Sakura having a great time on the yacht with Haruko while Takuya indulges his physical desires in pointless hookups. Takuya’s sex addiction is becoming clear to us at this point. Meanwhile, his remark that there is no purpose in making love to a wife who is unable to bear children exemplifies his attitude on women and the world around him. This brief sequence, one of the most vividly photographed and portrayed against a crimson-clad background, sticks with the spectator for a long time.

6. Insecurity Leads to Infidelity

In the instance of Takuya Hiraga, co-owner of the Hiraga Tokyo salon chain, insecurity leads to infidelity. The first episode, titled ‘The Fishbowl Wife,’ establishes the tone for the plot from the start, with Takuya and Yuriha attempting various positions in Takuya’s vacant apartment on the eve of Sakura’s birthday. We recognise Takuya and Sakura’s relationship is doomed, even if they appear to be quite the lovey-dovey pair in public. Because we are aware of this, we support Sakura when she wishes to leave her home.

5. Tattoos and Scars

The seventh episode, titled ‘Thee Renovation Wife,’ takes a close look at Yuriha’s life. We know about her affair with Takuya, but we don’t know about her problems. When her husband invites his mother to their flat, Yuriha becomes apprehensive and requests an extra bathroom. She wears a lot of makeup to conceal the scar on her forehead, which takes a long time. Despite her negligent husband, Yuriha comes across a tattooed builder with a similar place on the forehead. When Yuriha actively attempts to bond with him, sparks fly and they end up on the bed.

4. An Ex in Need

Yuka, from apartment 1612, believes in outsourcing all of her onerous operations, both professionally and personally. Her marriage life is also not going well in the second episode, dubbed ‘The Outsourcing Wife.’ She wants a child, but he doesn’t want to touch her. Yuka indulges in illicit sentiments after receiving a call from her ex-boyfriend Jun. Jun invites her to a hotel, and their dance eventually leads to Yuka being pregnant. This moment is one of the more intense, daring scenes in the series, hitting the sweet spot between romanticism and promiscuity.

3. Cuckolding Gone Wrong

In the third episode, titled ‘The Lunchbox Wife,’ the show delves into Noriko’s storey for 44 minutes. Her marriage to Taro appears to have lost its lustre. As a result, Taro asks his colleague Tsuta to act as a liaison between Noriko and him. Midway through, he becomes envious, asks Tsuta to leave and finishing the rest himself. However, Taro’s world is turned upside down when Noriko pays a visit to Tsuta in his apartment. Tsuta apologises for the awkward incident, but Noriko can’t get the image of his caressing her out of her head. They get comfy under the sheets, and Noriko’s life is forever changed.

2. From Present Gratification to Past Trauma

Hisako, from apartment 4103, meets random loner Baba on a stroll to the park in the fifth episode, titled ‘The Headache Wife part 1.’ Baba invites Hisako to his humble home, and Hisako reveals that her husband is out on business. Baba is also self-avowedly lonely, and when Hisako collapses from a migraine, Baba seizes the occasion with a kiss. Hisako departs with headaches but returns later to satisfy her primal desires. The intercourse appears natural while concealing a twist in the middle. The reveal comes in the following episode, but the early heated encounter well prepares us to go into Hisako’s backstory.

1. A Happy Ending

Haruko and Sakura mingle and experience physical romance for the second time in the series in the series’ conclusion. For the most part, their romance is spiritual, and their slow-burning desire comes across as private and uplifting. Finally, before they separate ways, they resolve to give their romantic relationship a happy conclusion. Haruko passionately kisses Sakura, and Sakura replies with a heartfelt embrace. If you see the season finale, titled ‘The Fishbowl Wives,’ you might be able to figure out the rest for yourself.