7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) – It takes a lot of guts for an actor to put everything on the line in front of the camera for the sake of art. Throughout history, there have been countless superstars who have not shied away from cinematic nudity in order to give their characters unrivalled realism. So, if you’re looking for those films in which nudity isn’t a taboo but occurs naturally, you’ve come to the perfect place. With Hulu gradually expanding its repertoire to compete with other streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix, they have been able to obtain videos on a wide range of themes from across the world. With an already strong body of original programming, Hulu’s movie collection will undoubtedly provide the company a significant boost in the world of online streaming services. With that said, here’s a list of incredibly amazing erotic movies on Hulu that you can watch right now.

Beach Rats (2017)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

This 2017 film, directed by Eliza Hittman, stars Harris Dickinson as Frankie, a young man yearning to escape his Brooklyn existence and live somewhere else. He normally hangs out with his girlfriend and pals, and he occasionally has sex with older men in exchange for money and drugs. Frankie, on the other hand, is not homosexual and only engages in sex to gain certain advantages. Of course, he is opposed to disclosing this side of himself to his friends, but as his male sexual partners increase, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to ignore them in his daily life. Furthermore, the cast members’ acting is exceptionally forceful, which is ably supported by the brilliant photography.

All About E (2015)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘All About E,’ directed by Louise Wadley, stars Mandahla Rose, Brett Charles Rogers, Julia Billington, and Simon Bolton. The plot centres around E, a young lady who, along with her gay buddy Matt, stumbles upon a large sum of money by accident. However, she quickly understands that she must flee into hiding to avoid being discovered, but with burned bridges with most people, E has nowhere to turn. In a state of uncertainty, she decides to travel to Australia to seek assistance from her ex-girlfriend, Trish. However, because the two did not part ways peacefully in the past, the protagonist is aware that the arrangement will not be as pleasant as she would desire.

Disobedience (2017)


‘Disobedience,’ a romantic-drama film written by Sebastián Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, is based on Naomi Alderman’s novel of the same name. The film stars Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams as an independent young woman who returns to the tight Orthodox Jewish community after a lengthy absence because her father has recently died. Her homecoming created additional controversies because she had been isolated from society for several years. However, the protagonist remains defiant in the face of social pressure, and when she runs into an old childhood acquaintance, the two instantly renew an old affair.

Premature (2019)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘Premature,’ directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green, is a romantic-drama film about Ayanna, a seventeen-year-old poet who meets and quickly falls in love with Isaiah, a music producer. The couple has had a wonderful summer filled with romance, and it looks that they are made for each other. When Ayanna’s vacation comes to an end and she has to return to college, the fractures in their relationship begin to show as the heroine deals with unfounded mistrust, envy, and other related concerns.

A Teacher (2013)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

A teacher who goes beyond the bounds of her connection with a pupil to engage in an illicit sexual affair will inevitably cause complications for both sides. This is exactly what happens in the life of Diana Watts (Lindsay Burdge), an English teacher who has a hot sexual affair with Eric (Will Brittain), one of her students. Diana, on the other hand, recognises that if she is detected, things will not go well for her, and she may possibly lose her job. As a result, in order to escape all of the issues, she decides to avoid Eric as much as possible. However, complications continue to arise as she is divided between her desire to be with Eric and her desire to do the right thing. The picture performs admirably in terms of production value and cinematography, and it may also be described as an emotionally charged experience in general.

AWOL (2016)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Hulu Right Now (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘AWOL,’ a romantic drama film produced by L.A. Teodosio, Jessica Caldwell, and Michel Merkt, is based on Deb Shoval’s short film of the same name. The film follows Joey, a young adult who is looking for a way out of Pennsylvania coal country and eventually joins the army. When she meets Rayna, an attractive housewife, the two instantly feel a spark and end up in a heated romance. Unfortunately, their lives are complicated by their numerous obligations as well as the challenges of poverty.

Four Lovers (2010)


‘Four Lovers,’ directed by Antony Cordier, is a romantic drama film with standout performances by Élodie Bouchez, Marina Fos, Roschdy Zem, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Jean-François Stévenin. The plot centres around two Parisian married couples who are eager to experience new things and thus decide to exchange partners in order to test the limits of their relationship. Things go exactly as planned at first, and the four quickly create an inseparable attachment with one another. Unfortunately, when their emotions become jumbled and their interpersonal interactions become complicated, their lives begin to spin out of control.