7 Best Erotic Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (2022)

7 Best Erotic Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (2022) – Were you under the impression that Amazon Prime provides entertainment that you could only enjoy with your friends and family? You couldn’t have been more mistaken! Let me assure you that they provide stuff on their website for everyone, regardless of age, religion, race, or gender. However, we will be discussing the movies available on their website, which will undoubtedly raise the temperature of the room. There are several movies on Prime that are as raunchy as anything you’ve ever seen. Many of these films contain gratuitous graphic sex, which you may not have been aware of. Aside from the sexually charged effects in such films, we must also applaud the fact that the actors have gone beyond their comfort zones to be faithful to their art and deliver a portrayal that is as honest as ever. With that stated, here’s a selection of really good pornographic movies on Amazon Prime that are now accessible to stream:

Love & Other Drugs (2010)

‘Love & Other Drugs,’ directed and co-written by Edward Zwick, is a romantic-comedy-drama film based on Jamie Reidy’s 2005 non-fiction book of the same name. Jamie Randall, a pharmaceutical sales professional, has always been a womaniser. When he meets Maggie Murdock, a vibrant young woman full of life, his life takes an unforeseen turn as the sales agent falls in love for the first time. While Jamie’s career soars, his significant other suffers from early-onset Parkinson’s disease, putting the young couple’s friendship to the strain. The film tells a lovely love storey and includes some passionate lovemaking scenes.

The Voyeurs (2021)

‘The Voyeurs,’ directed by Michael Mohan, is an erotic drama starring Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, Ben Hardy, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo. The plot centres around Thomas and Pippa, a young couple in a live-in relationship who have recently moved into a Montreal apartment together. When they arrive, they realise that they can peer right into the apartment of their neighbours across the street. The two succumb to their curiosity and end up spying on their neighbours. But what starts out as a harmless curiosity quickly spins out of control, and the pair becomes obsessed with the life of their strange neighbours.

Open Marriage (2017)

‘Open Marriage,’ written by Jason Byers, is a romantic drama film starring Tilky Jones, Nikki Leigh, Kelly Dowdle, Jason Tobias, Debra Wilson, and Cossie Colvin. The plot revolves around Ron and Becca, a couple whose love is stuck and they feel compelled to do something about it. To rekindle the romance, the couple decides to have a mutually agreed-upon open relationship with their neighbours, completely unaware of the can of worms they are about to open. Once the experiment begins, the couple’s lives is fraught with jealously and sadness, which eventually leads to bloodshed.

The Gigolo (2015)

Au Cheuk-man directed and wrote the Hong Kong sexual drama film ‘The Gigolo.’ The film, directed by Ong Yong Kuan and starring Lim Jun Hong, follows a young man named Fung, who was struggling to find work until he became a gigolo. His ambitious mentality, on the other hand, will not be happy with a steady paycheck, and his goal to establish a career in the entertainment sector kept him on the lookout for the proper possibilities. Fung’s dream may appear unattainable, yet he manages to forge his way in the film industry and gradually comes close to realising his wildest aspirations.

The Neon Demon (2016)

The director of this heady, trippy 2016 film about a teenager’s journey through the murky world of fashion modelling is Nicolas Winding Refn. Jesse (played by Elle Fanning), the main character, enters the world of modelling and quickly outperforms several of her contemporaries. They, understandably, are not pleased with her early success and begin to exclude her from their circle. Soon enough, Jesse realises that the world is not as kind and sweet as she had anticipated. At every turn of the path, she encounters men who are eager to take advantage of her naiveté. The film portrays how Jesse’s personality evolves as she progresses through this dark and deadly environment. Fanning gives one of her best performances to date. The film’s photography is just breathtaking, and it does justice to the storey.

Eve’s Bayou (1997)

‘Eve’s Bayou,’ a southern gothic drama film directed and written by Kasi Lemmons, stars Samuel L. Jackson, Lynn Whitfield, Debbi Morgan, and Vondie Curtis-Hall. The storey revolves around the Batiste family, who, despite their wealth, are fighting to find serenity. Louis, the family patriarch, is a suave doctor who has strayed on his wife on several occasions, and his actions have naturally resulted in family strife. While the people she cares about are continuously at odds, Eve, the family’s youngest member, seeks stability and tranquilly from her aunt.

Unfaithful (2002)

‘Unfaithful,’ based on Claude Chabrol’s 1969 French film, is an erotic thriller written by Alvin Sargent and William Broyles Jr. The film follows Connie Sumner, a married woman in New York who lives a happy life with her loving husband and son. Unfortunately, she has recently begun to believe that her existing circumstances are insufficient and that something critical is missing. When she meets a man who hits on her, the two wind up having a sexual affair, putting her marriage in peril.