Anime You Must Watch if You Love Nana

7 Anime You Must Watch if You Love Nana – ‘Nana’ is a Shoujo anime that follows the titular protagonist, a naïve and innocent girl who travels to Tokyo to find her sweetheart, Shouji Endo. Her adventure brings her into contact with an enigmatic punk rock vocalist named Nana Osaki. Despite having the same name, the two females have opposing personalities, and they became friends despite this. When the sisters share an apartment in Tokyo, they go through the ups and downs of independent living and provide each other with much-needed emotional support. If you enjoy the program, here is a list of the finest shows similar to ‘Nana.’ Some of these shows are available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu.

7. Sakamichi no Apollon (2012)

‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ is a Josei anime that features a lot of drama, music, and romance. It is fascinating and engaging for fans of both drama and music. ‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ inspires comparable feelings to ‘Nana,’ with the exception that the protagonists in the dialogue are male. The series share aspects such as two close friends as key characters and a strong emphasis on exploring the protagonists’ musical potential. However, ‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ deviates from the road of drama, which is unavoidable when dealing with the complexities of love and relationships.

Kaoru Nishimi, one of the anime’s main characters, relocates to Kyushu to attend high school. He excels academically and is a classical pianist. Kaoru, who travelled from place to place as a child, is an introspective black sheep everywhere he goes. He is also concerned about being an outcast in his new environment. But when he meets Sentarou Kawabuchi, another delinquent who loves Jazz more than anything else, his life changes for the better. Sentarou ignites Kaoru’s interest in jazz, and he begins to learn more about it. During their jazz sessions in a friend’s basement, he begins to play the piano. Kaoru quickly discovers that music can assist a person come out of his shell while also amusing others.

6. Paradise Kiss (2005)

‘Paradise Kiss’ is a romance drama anime that, in many aspects, is comparable to ‘Nana.’ The drama and romance are fairly intense, but what makes it intriguing is its method, which respects each character equally. Yukari Hayasaka, one of the anime’s key protagonists, is recognized as a studious disciple. She aspires to be the top student in her university entrance exam. She doesn’t mind which university she attends as long as she can escape her sleepy hometown. Her parents, on the other hand, have their own agenda for their daughter. She meets a strange man with piercings one day. She attempts to avoid him, but she ends up going with him and meeting his pals. They turn out to be a group of fashion designers looking for a model for their final project. But she is divided between the offer and her desire to attend a distant university. To make matters worse, she develops feelings for the group’s leader.

5. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (2003)

When it comes to the complicated romance between the primary characters, ‘Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’ is very similar to ‘Nana.’ The show contains a significant amount of drama and fits under the slice-of-life genre. The anime follows Mitsuki and her best friend Haruka, who keeps her affections for Takayuki hidden for fear of being rejected. Mitsuki befriends Takayuki in order to assist her buddy in expressing her feelings. However, as time passed, Mitsuki, Takayuki, and Shinji, Takayuki’s friend, became very close. Finally, Haruka reveals her secret to Takayuki, who, in order not to break her heart, begins dating her. But all changes when Takayuki and Mitsuki develop affections for each other. Though they are at a loss for what to do, they are all aware that their lives and friendships will never be the same.

4. Peach Girl (2005)

If you enjoy drama anime, you may have come across the term ‘Peach Girl’ at least once. The anime follows Momo Adachi, a high school student who is the girl next door. She is a member of the swimming squad and an accomplished swimmer. Her skin has browned as a result of her rigorous swimming training. People, however, criticise her for her tanned skin and abuse her by calling her insults. In the midst of such daily squabbles, she has romantic sentiments for a boy named Toji, who is known for his weakness for tanned girls. Momo tries to be the girl she believes would be his ideal match. But nothing ever goes as planned. Momo’s troublemaker buddy Sae intends to stab her pal in the back by initiating an affair with Toji. Throughout all of these dramatic events, there was someone who, unbeknownst to Momo, had a crush on her.

3. Beck (2004)

‘Beck,’ while less popular than the other anime on this list, is a good show with drama, romance, and music at its center. Koyuki, a 14-year-old youngster noted for his carefree demeanor, wanders aimlessly. One day, he saves a puppy named Beck and befriends its owner, Ray Minami, a well-known guitarist and part of a well-known rock band. Ray introduces Koyuki to his old band and shows him how to play the guitar. Koyuki is blown away and chooses to study western rock music and guitar. The boy also begins to assist Ray in becoming the leader of a popular band. They quickly establish a band with Ray’s sister Maho and her friends. The remainder of the novel follows the band’s hardships and rise to popularity.

2. Skip Beat! (2008)

‘Skip Beat!’ is yet another enjoyable anime about drama, romance, and music. It’s a little lighthearted and has some similarities to ‘Nana.’ Both series have a female lead character that comes from a similar background. They aspire to be successful and well-known in the entertainment sector. The anime follows Kyouko Mogami, a 16-year-old girl who is a hardworking and clever student. Shoutarou Fuwa, a rising star in the pop music business, and her boyfriend are also on her mind. She does whatever she can to help him, even if it means working as a part-time assistant at burger places. But she quickly discovers that Shoutarou is cheating on her and only uses her for money. She abandons him and vows vengeance by entering the entertainment industry and outshining him in his domain. But things are never easy for a newcomer in the competitive music industry. Can Mogami pursue her desire of vengeance?

1. Hachimitsu to Clover (2011)

‘Hachimitsu to Clover’ is a Josei anime with themes of drama, romance, and slice-of-life. It’s another less well-known but fun animation. It has a lot in common with ‘Nana.’ Both animes go into great length into difficult relationships. They can be amusing at times, but they primarily center on the lives of the people and their interpersonal interactions. Shinobu, Takumi, and Yuuta are three college students from low-income households. They share a low-cost flat with no bathroom, which suits their modest needs.

The three pals are diametrically opposed to one another. Shinobu is quirky and secretive, but Takumi is extremely enthusiastic about everything. Yuuta is the most basic of all, with common and acceptable dreams and goals. The pupils attend an arts college and meet Hagumi, a bright girl who is always escorted by her guardian, Shuuji. She is first withdrawn, but as the days pass, she grows acclimated to the guys. Yuuta and Shinobu are both in love with her, but Yuuta works hard to keep his feelings hidden. Shinobu takes the opposite path and begins strangely expressing his affection, which irritates Hagumi. The rest of the novel is based on dramatic events that put their friendship and love to the test.