7 Anime Like Yosuga no Sora You Must See

7 Anime Like Yosuga No Sora You Must See – ‘Yosuga no Sora’ is a well-known romance drama about an incestuous connection. It is an adaptation of the same-named blockbuster visual novel created by CUFFS for Windows. This series also contains a harem storyline and is not afraid of nudity or sex. It largely focuses on Sora and Haruka, twins who have become emotionally dependent on each other following the tragic death of their parents. However, when the former develops sexual feelings for the latter, the dynamics of their relationship change dramatically.

If you liked the show and want to see more anime with a similar tone and style, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ve produced a list of the top anime that are comparable to ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ Several of these anime are available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

7. Aki-Sora (2009)

‘Aki-Sora,’ like ‘Yosuga o Sora,’ is a popular taboo love anime. Both of these shows center on the brother-sister connection and are fairly graphic in terms of sexual content. The borderline hentai follows Aki and Sor, two brothers who are extremely close and look out for one another. They used to take baths together when Sora was younger. Sora realizes, now that he is older, that his affections for his elder sister transcend beyond usual family bonds. He desires her in a different way and is frequently sexually attracted to her. Her sister sends him contradictory signals and may be more accepting of his affections than he anticipates. We witness Sora attempting to maintain control, but his resolve deteriorates as the program progresses. The anime is visually stunning, and if you want to completely enjoy it, watch the uncensored version.

6. Koi Kaze (2004)

‘Koi Kaze’ is a romantic drama anime that deals with sensitive issues such as incestuous relationships. The show shares many similarities with ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ They both deal with sexual connections between brothers and sisters, as well as how such feelings can effect both the people involved and society as a whole. ‘Koi Kaze’ does not just introduce a prohibited connection; rather, it addresses it in a more nuanced manner.

Saeki Koushirou is a wedding coordinator. He may be planning to close the love deal for others, but his personal love life is dull. He lives with his father because his parents are divorced. His mother and sister have moved away, and he hasn’t seen them in years. Aside from that, he was just dumped by his lover. Then he meets a girl who rekindles his feelings for her and gives him hope. Is this the right girl for you? Nope! She is Saeki’s sister, and she has come to town to stay with him and his father. He is aware that she is his sister. But he finds it difficult to resist his sexual attraction to her.

5. Kanon (2006)

When it comes to the production of a visual novel, Key is one of the giants, and ‘Kanon’ is one of his best efforts. The show depicts an emotional journey with many ups and downs. Though the series ‘Kanon’ does not place as much focus on subjects such as incest, it does share similarities with ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ Both series are based on graphic novels and have a tragic undercurrent.

Yuuichi Aizawa enjoyed visiting his cousin. He traveled to the city where his relative lived on a regular basis. He then came to a halt. Something had kept him away from the city for the past seven years. As an adult, he returns to the location but has little to no memory of it. He encounters a number of female characters that are linked to his history and begins connecting with them. Soon after, Aizawa recalls his previous days and is stirred by the emotional memories.

4. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (2005)

An OVA is ‘Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru.’ It deals with similar brother-sister taboo love as ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ Because ‘Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru’ is a shoujo anime, there are no fanservice or ecchi moments, whereas ‘Yosuga no Sora’ has them on many occasions.

Iku and Yori are twins. They are quite close and have been doing stuff together since they were children. Yori, on the other hand, appears to be acting colder around her lately. Iku is deeply saddened by her big brother’s abrupt shift of behavior. Did she make a mistake? But the truth is that Yori is madly in love with his younger sister and is struggling to keep it together, which is why he gives her the cold shoulder. He tries numerous methods to stop himself, but they all fail when he overhears Iku discussing having a boyfriend. He confesses to her and expresses his desire for her as his lover. But will his feelings be reciprocated? To discover out, you’ll have to watch the anime.

3. Kiss x Sis (2010)

One of the most popular incest anime is ‘Kiss x Sis.’ The plot centres around twin sisters attempting to seduce their stepbrother. Unlike the other anime on the list, this series is not very tragic, so if you’re looking for something entertaining to watch, ‘Kiss x Sis’ might be the show for you. This anime also has a harem theme and gives plenty of ecchi and fanservice moments for viewers. When Keita Suminoe’s father remarries soon after his mother dies, he discovers he now has two stepsisters, Ako and Riko. Soon after, the sisters develop incestuous affections for their brother and begin fighting for his devotion. Keita does not want to act on his sexual cravings and does everything he can to fight the temptation. Will he endure, or will his sister’s enticing actions cause him to succumb to his carnal desires?

2. Myself; Yourself (2007)

‘Myself; Yourself’ is a romance drama that is very similar to ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ Both series center on incestuous connections, and their protagonists must confront traumatic memories from the past. Due to his parents’ business plans, Sana Hidaka must leave his birthplace of Sakuranomori and travel to Tokyo. This means that his childhood buddies would have to bid their final goodbyes to him. He regrets leaving but believes that their friendship will go on, no matter where he is or how much time passes. He has the opportunity to return to his hometown five years later. He is now 16 years old and has come to Sakuranomori to attend high school in the hopes of rekindling his friendships, but it turns out that all of his childhood buddies have changed. They are now carrying secrets that potentially damage their relationships. On VRV, you may watch all of the episodes.

1. Amagami SS (2010)

‘Amagmi SS’ is a lot like ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ Though this anime does not depict incestuous relationships, nudity, or sex, the overall framework is similar in a lot of aspects. The anime is separated into arcs in which we watch the protagonist hanging out with various girlfriends. Junichi Tachibana is the anime’s male protagonist. He is afraid of sharing his actual feelings because he is afraid of being rejected. His apprehension arises from an occurrence two years ago when he was dumped on a date. But, as he meets various girls, it appears like he will be able to spend Christmas with someone he loves for the first time. Which one does he prefer? Is it the upperclassman Haruka Morishima, his childhood pal Kaoru Tanamchi, or someone else? The show is available on HIDIVE.