6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) – ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is a moving HBO comedy-drama series about Sam Miller, a middle-aged lady from Kansas who is grappling with the death of her sister Holly. She also feels out of place in her homeland of Manhattan and longs for her own tribe. When Sam discovers a unique group of outsiders, whose never-say-die attitude inspires her to start accepting herself. Slowly, she begins to let go of her inhibitions and heal herself via her ability for singing.

‘Somebody Somewhere,’ a sad story about finding one’s place in the world and making the best of a bad circumstance, is based in part on the life of actress Bridget Everett, who plays Sam. The plot and characters help the audience identify to them, and Sam’s path of self-discovery makes them laugh and cry. If you want to watch more emotional but upbeat shows, we’ve got a great list of suggestions for you. Most of these shows related to ‘Somebody Somewhere’ may be found on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘Schitt’s Creek’ is a funny sitcom that recounts the Rose family’s exploits from riches to rags in the namesake little hamlet. Johnny and Moira Rose are forced to migrate with their children Alexis and David to the laid-back Schitt’s Creek after their entire business is usurped by their manager. The rich Roses struggle to adjust to the humble village life and people, resulting in a slew of side-splitting problems. The village gradually warms up to them, as the strange residents force them to find acceptance and love.

Though ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is more comedic than ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ both shows perfectly convey the hijinks and lifestyle of small-town life. Just like Sam finds it difficult to integrate into her community, the Rose family feels out of place in Schitt’s Creek. Both Sam and the Roses eventually meet odd friends who make them feel like they genuinely belong. Furthermore, just as Sam rediscovers her love of singing, the four Rose family members rediscover their true callings in life and resolve to start afresh.

Work in Progress (2019-)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘Work in Progress’ is a comedy-drama series about Abby, a self-described “fat, queer dyke.” Abby, 45, suffers from melancholy and obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as a string of catastrophes in her life. She begins a relationship with Chris while struggling with her existential crisis. Finding genuine love begins to shift Abby’s view on life, and she gradually begins to accept her shortcomings and manage her concerns.

Both ‘Somebody Somewhere’ and ‘Work in Progress’ feature middle-aged protagonists who feel stuck in a rut in their lives. Finding love and acceptance in unexpected places, on the other hand, helps people become the best versions of themselves. ‘Work in Progress’ is also significantly influenced by the lives of its actors, Abby McEnany and Julia Sweeney. Another thing that both shows have in common is their accurate and empathetic portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community.

After Life (2019-2022)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Natalie Seery/Netflix

‘After Life’ is a black-comedy drama series about friendship and grief. It centers on Tony, who is still coming to terms with the death of his wife, Lisa. His demeanor undergoes a significant transformation as a result of his spouse’s death, and he decides to live life recklessly without regard for the repercussions. Tony wishes to punish the world for cruelly taking Lisa away by doing anything he wants. His concerned friends and family, on the other hand, decide to step in and save the once-nice Tony.

Tony is devastated by his wife’s death in the same way that Sam is affected by her sister’s death in ‘Somebody Somewhere.’ Both characters experience the same sense of helplessness after losing loved ones and are unable to adjust to their new surroundings. In ‘After Life,’ Tony’s loved ones try to get him back to his old cheery self, despite the fact that Sam is aided by a few good people to feel welcomed.

Fleabag (2016-2019)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

‘Fleabag’ is a comedy-drama series about the titular character, a cynical Londoner who struggles to deal with life’s complexity. Fleabag is dealing with grief while attempting to comprehend a devastating occurrence in her life, and her anger and bitterness force her to distance herself from others. Rejecting friendships and love makes her feel isolated, but she manages to keep her fiery personality through all adversity.

The fundamental themes of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ and ‘Fleabag’ are very similar in that they both depict a person’s relationship with sadness. Fleabag is struggling to accept her mother’s death in the same way as Sam is struggling to accept the death of her sibling. The fact that everyone else seems to have moved on while Sam and Fleabag are still caught in their grief makes both Sam and Fleabag resentful of life. They refuse to accept themselves and are lonely, but as they meet the proper individuals and embrace their anguish, they gradually begin to heal.

Special (2019-2021)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD

Ryan, a gay guy with cerebral palsy, is the protagonist of the uplifting comedy-drama series ‘Special.’ Tired of being a victim of an accident, he chooses to take command of his life and break away from the dead-end rut he’s found himself in. Ryan sets out on a path of self-sufficiency, building some important friendships and relationships along the way.

‘Special’ is a semi-autobiographical description of actor Ryan O’Connell’s experiences, based on his biography ‘I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.’ As a result, it is similar to ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ which is also based on the real-life of its starring actress. Furthermore, both shows follow the protagonists’ liberating journeys as they resolve to stop allowing their circumstances to define them. Sam and Ryan progressively learn to accept their flaws and be proud of who they are as they meet people who teach them about acceptance.

The Big Leap (2021-)

6 Shows Like Somebody Somewhere You Must See (2022) - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credits: Sandy Morris/FOX

‘The Big Leap’ is an upbeat musical comedy-drama series that follows a bunch of odd and unlucky people who decide to compete in a potentially disastrous reality dance competition. All of the characters come from diverse walks of life, yet they all work together to try to alter their lives. The dance show allows them a second chance to pursue their aspirations and rediscover their true selves.

In ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ Sam discovers a new way to pursue her passion for singing when she begins attending choir practice sessions. Surrounded by like-minded people, she feels at ease and resolves to restart her life. Similarly, ‘The Big Leap’ centers on a group of people who are linked by music and dance who want to recover their stories and pursue their skills. Both shows emphasize the concept that it is never too late to pursue your aspirations, and that there is always someone in the world with whom you can identify.