25 Best Lesbian Sex Scenes in Movies (2022)

25 Best Lesbian Sex Scenes in Movies (2022) – Love can take many different forms, and limiting it to just one would be unfair. That is why, regardless of sexual orientation, we must welcome all forms of love and intimacy in cinema. Many times, the lovemaking sequences recorded in LGBT films do not necessarily feature performers who are homosexual. They must pretend to be someone they are not, especially when everyone is watching them. That is the essence of acting. Some do it so effectively on film that we can’t tell if they’re gay or not, while others truly need to work on their chemistry and can come off as funny at times.

In cinema, there have been countless famous intimate scenes featuring heterosexual and homosexual characters. We’ve already covered the finest lesbian movies and best movie sex scenes. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the finest lesbian sex scenes in movies. Several of these lesbian scenes are available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

 Princess Cyd (2017)

‘Princess Cyd’ is the narrative of a girl who moves to her Aunt’s house in Chicago for the summer. In Chicago, she meets another girl and is strongly drawn to her in a totally different way, but when her Aunt discovers this, she begins to confront her and confronts her spirit and sex. There aren’t many pornographic sequences in the film, but one is a rape attempt that may cause PTSD in certain viewers, so be advised. The other, and, of course, better one, is between Cyd and Katie, which is why the film made our list. The film gradually builds up to this sequence and ensures that the audience is familiar with the two characters by the time it begins, which is what makes it so stunning to see.

 Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Megan Fox kissing Amanda Seyfried? How could these scenes not be included on this list? The film is a horror-vampire narrative about a young woman who is possessed by a demon and turns her back on patriarchal society, murdering males and removing herself as a sexual object from them by saving her sexuality for other women. If you don’t care about the plot, simply watch two attractive women make out and you won’t be sorry.

 But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ is the narrative of an all-American girl set in a time when people were not very open-minded and stigmatized homosexuals. She is accused of being homosexual by almost everyone because, although having a boyfriend, she doesn’t seem too fond of him, and her locker appears to be filled with exclusively images of women. Her parents are concerned about her behavior and send her to a sexual re-education program. Here, she must choose between following the route that everyone else expects her to take and embracing her feelings for another lesbian misfit she meets at camp. The best part in the film is when the two girls have their first intercourse, which is brilliantly captured by the camera. Instead of presenting what’s going on, the unobtrusive camera technique here accentuates the girls’ feelings and love for each other.

 Desert Heart (1985)

The film ‘Desert Hearts’ is about a professor who feels out of place in her marriage and seeks a divorce. Following this, she meets Cay, an open lesbian ranch owner’s daughter who is trashy, bold, and wild. She begins to have feelings for her. What follows is a tidal wave of intimacy and fears set against a backdrop of good old country music and craggy mountains. The sex scene between them isn’t overly graphic, but it’s still very, very spicy and can be called A-rated at the time.

 Becks (2017)

After discovering her lover cheating on her, a Brooklyn-based musician goes through a difficult breakup. This causes her to return to her mother, who lives in the Midwest and is a devout Catholic. As she becomes more acquainted with the new area surrounding her, an unexpected bond forms, one that will impact her life forever. The finest thing about this picture is that it avoids overdoing the cheesiness of romance while yet emphasizing the complexities of being in a relationship. That’s what makes the sex sequences in this film feel so real, because the realism that the writers encourage from the start culminates in bawdy yet nuanced situations that make you laugh and cry at the same time. There isn’t a lot of nudity, but there is some subtle sensuality that is enough to set the world on fire.

 The Carmilla Movie (2017)

‘The Carmilla Movie’ is more of a fantasy, and there is only one scene between the two characters, Laura and Carmilla, which is enough to put it on the list. As dawn breaks and darkness swirls about them, the two vampire women stare into one other’s eyes. They gaze at each other in the manner in which you would want to be looked at by your own partner. They kiss, and then it all goes downhill as they make slow love to each other all night. Straight or homosexual, the way they interact throughout this scenario will undoubtedly make you envious and, of course, turn you on.

 Gia (1997)

They say beauty is subjective, but Angelina Jolie unmistakably defines it with her smoldering eyes, pouty lips, sharp jawline, and a physique with the ridiculously exaggerated characteristics of a femme fatale anime character. So imagine a lesbian sex scene with her in it. What begins as a wild naked picture shoot ends up in the bedroom, followed by a steamy shower. Unlike the most of the others on this list, this one gets quite explicit, nearly to the point of becoming porn. Without a doubt, one of the best films in movie history.

 Saving Face (2005)

‘Saving Face’ is an indie drama about several taboos and traditional constraints put on Chinese people. Wil, a lesbian Chinese American surgeon, discovers her widowed mother on her doorstep after being disowned by her father. Wil’s connection with a dancer who is the daughter of her boss at the hospital is complicated by the surgeon’s mother, who is a typical orthodox Chinese woman. While Wil attempts to maintain her relationship with her mother, she also looks for a Chinese bachelor to marry her mother. The lesbian lovemaking sequence in this one is strange and humorous, with the two females attempting to loosen up by physically falling to the ground. But once things begin to heat up, everything else goes away, and well, farewell, world!

  Carol (2015)


We’ll never forget Therese and Carol’s love tale in Todd Haynes’ ‘Carol,’ and Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchet make this one an exquisite piece of art that it is. Throughout the film, the two women play their parts flawlessly. Carol is a beautiful but scarred woman, and Therese is a free-spirited, naive, and curious young woman. The two performers master the body language and delicate subtleties of these two personalities with ease, and when they make love for the first time, they communicate exclusively through the body, creating the illusion of a strange encounter. It’s reasonable that people cry when they watch this one since such a profound degree of intimacy is rarely witnessed in film.

 Disobedience (2018)

‘Disobedience’ is a brilliantly produced story about two women that will undoubtedly break your heart. It is the story of how two women’s childhood passions rekindle when they reconnect after many years apart. They push their bounds of love and desire far beyond any limitations that have previously held them back. This film’s one sex scene is everything you could want. It’s emotional, tender, passionate, and long, and it’s one of the few films in which a lesbian sex scene is directed by a female, so what you see is entirely through the eyes of a woman.

 Chloe (2010)

‘Chloe’ tells the story of Catherine, a woman who has the ideal family life with her husband and adolescent son. However, an incident leads her to suspect her husband of cheating, and she decides to hire an escort named Chloe to test her husband’s devotion. And as Chloe’s interactions with Catherine and her husband become more frequent, a weird tension develops between the three of them. And with this patient build-up, the film brings you to a really sexual and private sequence with Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried that really sets an example for how a hot lesbian sex scene in a film should be shot.

 Atomic Blonde (2017)

Charlize Theron has long been known for her versatility. She’s portrayed everything from a goth assassin in Aeon Flux to a blonde badass spy in ‘Atomic Blonde.’ She smashes bones and pulps faces with ease here, recalling her part in Aeon Flux. Aside from the horrific brawls and martial arts scenes, there is one lesbian sex scene that will blow your mind. The sex scene almost didn’t make it into the film, and it also appears needless, but it’s unique and will have you writhing uncomfortably in your seat as you watch it.

 Summertime (2016)

‘Summertime’ is a surprisingly good film with a unique perspective on lesbian relationships and sex. Unlike most previous French drama love encounters, such as ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ the actors depict a powerful and passionate sexuality without any obvious clues of seduction from either side. The film’s ability to create a completely anti-dramatic mood and easygoing narration contributes to the realism that builds up to these sequences. The people and their relationship will remain a mystery to you until the end of the film. However, you find yourself drawn to their friendship and the ardent intentions that drew them together.

 Stud Life (2012)

‘Stud Life,’ directed by Campbell X from the United Kingdom, is set in modern London and follows two fine-looking and very gorgeous queers as they try to find their place in the world of love and sex. Most lesbian films focus on white lesbians, while ‘Stud Life’ goes out of its way to depict a dark-skinned masculine gay person, making it more relevant. The first time the two characters consider having sex, Elle, the more feminine character, lying in bed taking the lead rather than JJ, the more macho character. Again, by depicting the male character as more vulnerable, this film contradicts everything seen in popular homosexual films. The unabashed honesty portrayed throughout the film, including intimate situations, makes it a joy to watch.

 I Can’t Think Straight (2008)

‘I Can’t Think Straight’ is another indie film about Tala, an upper-class Jordanian woman who is set to marry the guy of her dreams. But all changes when she meets Lelya, an attractive British Indian woman, and develops an irresistible attraction to her. She finally falls in love with this woman, but the difficulties that ensue are out of this world. The sex in this film is subtle and modest, with no graphic or bold features. But sometimes that’s all it takes to set them apart and make them memorable. Though the novel for the film has some explicit sex, the film keeps it understated and gives plenty of room for your own imagination. The film and the not-so-bold sex scenes actually contradict how the film was promoted with a sensuous trailer and marketing. The actual film is quite the contrary and far superior than what you might imagine.

 Kiss Me (2011)

‘First Kiss’ is a fantastic film that deserves to be seen more than once. The nicest part is that it’s all quite authentic, with no evidence of false lesbian intimacy. That’s probably because this one, too, was directed by a woman, and having a female perspective makes all the difference in the world. When we first start dating, we all want to portray ourselves as incredibly wonderful individuals with excellent intentions, and this movie does a great job of portraying that. There is a lot of kissing and love making throughout the film, but the best one is when the two characters make love to each other for the first time. The scene is as authentic as it gets, with heavy breathing and a lingering tension in the air regarding the fact that they know they’re screwed but are still having fun. It has no cheesy music or excessive build-up — it will steal your breath away!

 Better Than Chocolate (1999)

With outstanding production value and a lot of charm, ‘Better Than Chocolate’ has a decent storyline as well as some never-before-seen sex scenes. But, before you judge the film’s bravery, keep in mind that it was released at a period when being gay or lesbian was not easily dealt with, even in the United States. As a result, it provides far more than would be expected of a picture from that era. This is not an LGBT film that breaks new ground or delivers something truly unique, but it is the type of film that will leave you feeling extremely good about yourself, regardless of who you are or where you come from. And the sex scenes, well, they are R rated and one of the greatest out there, not just for the 1990s but even for today’s standards. ‘Better Than Chocolate’ may appear to be another feel-good movie on the surface, but it’s much more than that. It is one of the most thematically rich and sophisticated films on this list because of the way it explores sexuality.

 Below Her Mouth (2017)

Those who have viewed ‘Below Her Mouth’ would agree that it is lesbian porn with a good plot. The sex scenes, for the most part, are daring and difficult to pull off, making everyone participating in the scenes exceedingly uncomfortable. While lesbian sex scenes make up about 70% of the film, the majority of them take place outside or in a bedroom. The gaps between those sequences are simply filled with the backstories of the key characters’ connections. When it comes to sex realism in this picture, it checks all the boxes, but the direction is hazy throughout. This film demonstrates that lesbian sex scenes directed by a lesbian are considerably more authentic and enticing to women than those directed by men. What remains a mystery, though, is what exactly ‘Below Her Mouth’ means. They’ve probably kept that out for the sake of the viewers.

 Room in Rome (2010)

The trailer for ‘Room in Rome’ features nothing but two ladies having sex. The teaser does not mislead, because the film is primarily around two women in bed. Alba, a lesbian, persuades Natasha to join her in her magnificent hotel room in the heart of Rome. After some awkwardness, the two end up in bed together and spend the rest of the night together. The intercourse is followed by chats in which both of them initially lie about most things, but eventually open up and pour out all of their insecurities in the haze of vulnerability.

The film’s sex scenes are all fantastic, and an attempt is made to use them as a means of communication between the two women. However, the sheer emotional intensity of the scenes is overshadowed by needless soundtracks that do not even fit the tempo. You’ll enjoy this film if you don’t expect too much of a plot and a lot of sex scenes in less than two hours, but if you want sex scenes with a lot more connection and chemistry between the characters, you might want to reconsider viewing it.

 Concussion (2013)

‘Concussion’ takes a fresh look at lesbian movies by telling the narrative of a wealthy woman who establishes herself as a high-class sex worker for other sex-deprived queer women, allowing her to relieve her sexual dissatisfaction. This is one of the few films on this list that will linger with you long after you’ve finished watching it. It will subsequently make you think about it, and you will be able to identify to the protagonist’s challenges as she seeks fulfillment of her interests when her post-marriage love life becomes entangled with the obligations of the world. Despite the steamy sequences, ‘Concussion’ manages to be a film about the nuanced subtleties of human relationships rather than sex or lesbians.. 

 Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Woody Allen is well-known for his romantic comedies. But, with ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona,’ he shown that he can also make sensual flicks. But is it Woody Allen, or does the presence of three super-hot females create an underlying latent sexual energy? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. One particularly provocative scene in the film is when Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) and Mara Elena (Penélope Cruz) make love in a darkly lit red photo-processing room; the tableau is seductively suggestive. What makes it even more sinister is that both ladies are madly in love with the same man.

 Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Before she became renowned, Kate Winslet made her cinematic debut in Heavenly Creatures, a drama about murder and unrequited lesbian love between two adolescent best friends directed by Peter Jackson (yep, the creator of Lord of the Rings). While the film is enjoyable on its own, the lesbian sex scene between Winslet and Melanie Lynskey elevates it to new heights. Winslet has appeared in a number of sex scenes over her career, but this one stands out for its sensuality and tenderness.

 Black Swan (2010)

Darren Aronofsky is well-known for his dark cinema. He has a unique capacity to create weirdly unsettling atmospheres in his films, which adds to their allure. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had a terrifyingly sensual encounter in ‘Black Swan.’ The two females become intimate in a very dramatic sequence that will leave you both excited and terrified. Aronofsky puts you on the edge of your seat as the tension develops while infusing a wildly sensuous tone, which is heightened by the venomous beauty of Kunis and Portman.

 Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ received a lot of attention not only for its sex scenes, but also for how beautifully built it is. However, the “French manner” of showing the exceedingly graphic sex scene between the two major characters, Adele and Emma, gained controversy, primarily among American audiences. The twenty minutes of sex easily exceeds any of the movies on this list, but even without that, this one has a lot to offer. It’s lovemaking depicted in the most beautiful, moving way.


 Mulholland Drive (2001) – Betty and Rita

‘Mulholland Drive’ is often regarded as the best film of the twenty-first century. However, many people remember it for the incredibly strong lovemaking scene between Betty and Rita in the middle of the film. Emotions are locked, passions are unmasked, and souls are intertwined. The sheer amount of grace, passion, and intimacy thrown into the sequence here raises the picture to new heights as we learn more about the people, their flaws, and what makes them so vulnerable. It’s a scene you’ll never forget once you’ve seen it.