20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now (2022)

20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now (2022) – There is a widespread notion that films featuring sexual material and graphic nudity are bad. If you go back in time, you’ll notice that some of the greatest films feature explicit sexual content (e.g., ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ ‘Boogie Nights,’ and so on). Now that we’ve established that, let’s have a look at the list of the sexiest movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. Some of the films featured here are among the best in their respective subgenres and stand out for their performances and narrative. Please keep in mind that many of these have been rated R or TV-MA by the MPAA, and that more emphasis has been placed on the movie’s hotness meter while building this list.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

‘The Kissing Booth,’ based on Beth Reekles’ novel of the same name, is a young romantic comedy film starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney. The plot centres around Elle Evans, a high schooler who decides to manage a kissing booth and finds up kissing her crush Noah Flynn. Despite being the most attractive boy in school, he has one flaw. Because Noah is her best friend’s brother, Elle must put her friendship on the line if she wants to continue her relationship with him. Will she succumb to the allure of the hottest lad in high school? You’ll have to see the movie to find out.

Black Island (2021)

‘Black Island,’ a German film starring Hanns Zischler, Alice Dwyer, and Mercedes Müller, is about the mysteries of the namesake island and a prohibited interaction between a pupil and a teacher. Although the film has an enticing premise that will keep viewers interested, it also contains some sexually explicit moments between the two lovebirds as their relationship develops. There are nude and semi-nude moments in which the couple indulges in their sexual pleasures. All of t

Lust Stories (2018)

‘Lust Storylines’ is an Indian anthology film that features four distinct stories. Each short was directed by one of India’s most renowned directors – Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, and Zoya Akhtar. Each narrative in this video depicts folks in a modern Indian environment who are all looking for different kind of love and sexual pleasure. In one short, we see a sexual interaction between a teacher and a student, while in another, we see a similar relationship between a guy preparing to marry and the hired assistance who works at his house.

The other two shorts are about a woman’s extramarital relationship with her husband’s best friend, and the last one is about a recently married Indian lady who is looking for a method to satisfy her sexual desires. The film is incredibly daring in exposing the sexual lives of new-age India, and the flexibility provided by Netflix has also allowed these filmmakers to convey their stories as honestly as they can.

The Last Paradiso (2021)

‘The Last Paradiso,’ written and directed by Rocco Ricciardulli, starring Gaia Bermani Amaral, Riccardo Scamarcio, and Valentina Cervi. The film is set in 1950s Italy and follows an idealist whose desire for love and justice leads him into problems. Ciccio and Bianca’s beautiful love affair may put a smile on anyone’s face. However, the romantic drama film is on the list because of a sexually graphic lovemaking scene between the deuteragonist and the protagonist.

Lovesong (2016)

So Yong Kim’s 2016 drama film ‘Lovesong’ is about a woman named Sarah and the bond she has always shared with her best friend, Mindy. Sarah, dissatisfied with her marriage and unable to handle her husband’s many absences, embarks on a road trip with Mindy and her small daughter. During the vacation, the two women engage in lovemaking, which Sarah interprets as a pretty casual encounter because she has always suspected Mindy of being a promiscuous individual.

Mindy, on the other hand, is very offended by Sarah’s casual attitude toward the situation. Years later, as Mindy is preparing to marry, the two friends reunite. The filmmaker has done an excellent job with the subtlety of emotions and actions in this film. The fact that these characters largely emote through action rather than conversation demonstrates So Yong Kim’s command of the audio-visual medium.

After (2019)

When we leave the comforts of school and enter college, our lives take on an entirely new level. We get to experience the world on our own terms and learn about it while making mistakes, losing, and informing ourselves. Tessa Young, the protagonist heroine in the 2019 film ‘After,’ is in exactly this situation.

Despite leading a normal life at school, she has a very different experience at college when she meets Hardin Scott. Tessa’s mentality is so influenced by him that she begins to rethink her life choices and what she wants from life in the first place. Sex here serves as a metaphor for Tessa’s entrance into another world, one that offers both liberties and dangers in equal measure.

Amar (2017)


Without any physical extravagance, the intimacy and implicit sexuality of ‘Amar’ immediately makes the picture one of the most authentic recreations of a heterosexual love tale in recent times. Laura and Carlos are youthful lovers who are on the verge of adulthood. Their love for each other becomes stronger with each passing day, but so do their insecurities.

What ‘Amar’ is all about is whether they will be able to cope with society pressure and expectations towards each other, or whether they would succumb in the process of finding real love. Not only has director Esteban Crespo captured the emotions and vehemence in their raw forms, but he has also produced a beautiful love tale that many would envy.

365 Days (2020)

‘365 Days,’ directed by Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes, is an erotic love drama film based on a novel by Blanka Lipiska. Massimo Torricelli, the ruler of a Sicilian Mafia family, kidnaps Laura, a sales director from Warsaw on a trip to Sicily with her lover. He gives Laura a year to fall in love with him, but can the forced romance work? The film contains some of the sexiest sex scenes you’ll ever see and is unquestionably one of the sexiest films available on Netflix right now.

The Laws of Thermodynamics (2018)


No, this isn’t just a science fiction picture or a biopic of a young genius, if that’s what you’re thinking. Manel is a crazy professor-scientist from Barcelona who is preoccupied with the three principles of thermodynamics. He believes that, whether people believe it or not, these three laws dominate the majority of people’s lives, either directly or indirectly.

He abruptly ends his long-term relationship with Raquel and falls for and begins a romance with Elena, a stunning young supermodel whose career is on the rise. Elena is both perplexed and dissatisfied with Manel’s compulsive behavior and his attitude on sexual relationships as they begin their intense relationship, which involves a lot of ravishment, energy, and heartbreak. The film is a perplexing yet passionate look at combining science and sex.

High Society (2017)

Ambition is something that pushes each of us to strive for greater things in life. None of us are truly satisfied with what we have, and we are continually yearning for more. But how low are you willing to stoop in order to achieve your goals? This is the question you should ask yourself before watching this Korean sexual drama.

The plot of ‘High Society’ revolves around a married couple who are well-off but wish to accomplish more in life. They are willing to sleep with anyone and manipulate things in every way imaginable in order to attain their goals. This film features some lavish sex scenes while remaining true to its heart.

Duck Butter (2018)


‘Duck Butter’ is a clear 9 on a sexiness scale of 1 to 10. Sergio aspires to be a big name in music, while Naima aspires to be an actress. They meet at a club and decide to spend the day together getting to know each other, letting go of all the insinuations associated with a relationship. They agree to have sex once per hour for the following 24 hours, and the result is a lot of steamy lesbian sex.

Although ‘Duck Butter’ appears to want to be like ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ it doesn’t even come close, even when contrasted to the latter’s sex scenes. Though ‘Duck Butter’ appears to be an experimental, engaging film at first, it falls short due to its predictability. Nonetheless, it ranks high on the “sexy” scale.

Newness (2017)

‘Newness,’ set in modern Los Angeles, wonderfully depicts 21st-century love, in which two millennials who are essentially seeking for people to hook up with encounter each other and soon discover a mutual attraction that extends beyond physical requirements. They begin a fairly passionate relationship that progresses to the point where they refuse to go to work so that they can have sex.

Things begin to move quickly with the couple, and they even move in together. However, as is typically the case when a relationship progresses at such a breakneck rate, the pair quickly loses interest in one other and drifts apart psychologically and physically. ‘Newness’ encompasses new-age romance in all of its intricacies and provides us with a story that, in every way, satisfies the need of the hour.

Someone Great (2019)

‘Someone Great,’ written and directed by Kaytin Robinson, is a Netflix original film that follows three best friends on a vacation across New York City after one of them experiences a breakup. The film follows the link of these three ladies as they embark on diverse experiences while still yearning for the human tie of love, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The sex scenes in this film serve as metaphors to show that women are happiest when they work towards independence and are unabashedly themselves. ‘Someone Great’ is an emotionally packed story that will undoubtedly affect you in some manner.

Ride or Die (2021)

‘Ride or Die,’ directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, is a Japanese romance drama film based on Ching Nakamura’s manga series ‘Gunj.’ The film largely focuses on Nanae, a lesbian in her early twenties who is a victim of domestic violence. Rei, a former classmate who is disgusted by her current situation, murders Nanae’s husband. The couple gradually comes to terms with their affections for one another, but it doesn’t take long for them to understand their sentiments are incompatible. The intricate love story draws viewers’ attention to various critical topics while also letting the two friends to act on their sexual urges.

Elisa & Marcela (2019)

‘Elisa & Marcela’ is a heartwarming narrative of a real-life couple, Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, whose marriage was Spain’s first-ever same-sex nuptials. The film’s black-and-white colors transport us back in time, when we join the characters on their adventure to discover forbidden love. Elisa and Marcela defy society’s rigid and prudish values by expressing their want to be with each other.

Their marriage is portrayed in a compelling manner, providing us with some passionate love-making scenes that veer away from transgression. ‘Elisa & Marcela,’ directed by Isabel Coixet, unfolds as a melodrama showing an allegory of society’s restrictive attitudes toward LGBTQ people. Nonetheless, the film is an attempt to demonstrate that love can triumph despite disputes and dogmatic ideals.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Mike Flanagan’s analytical approach to filmmaking has propelled him to the forefront of the horror genre. ‘Gerald’s Game,’ a film based on Stephen King’s eponymous book, reflects his instinctive awareness of the intricacies and painstaking technique. Flanagan directed and edited this suspenseful drama about the major protagonists’ emotions and wants.

Jesse and Gerald plan to go on a romantic holiday to renew their relationship. They act out a BDSM scene in which Gerald attempts to reenact a rape fantasy by handcuffing Jesse to the bed. Gerald takes two Viagra pills to boost his sexual ability. Jesse becomes dissatisfied with the charade, and they have a passionate quarrel.

Gerald dies on the floor as a result of a heart attack in the following scenario. whereas Jesse is restrained. The plot chronicles Jesse’s attempt to free herself, and in the midst of this horrible ordeal, she must cope with some very disturbing memories that will undoubtedly shock the audience. ‘Gerald’s Game,’ a masterfully made film, is a tribute to Flanagan’s honest approach to the horror genre.

Outlaw King (2018)

The historical action drama film tells the narrative of Robert the Bruce, a 14th-century Scottish king who becomes an outlaw for three years after rebelling against Edward I. It marks the start of his quest to retake his throne, as he leads a gang of outlaws against one of the mightiest forces on the face of the Earth at the time. The David Mackenzie-directed film transports spectators to a horrific world of battle and death, and it depicts sexual encounters without restriction.

A Perfect Ending (2012)

‘A Perfect Ending,’ a lighthearted love drama directed by Nicole Conn, stars Jessica Clark and Barbara Niven. Rebecca (Niven) is a married woman who is dissatisfied with her marriage to Mason Westridge (John Heard). Regrettably, she has never had an orgasm. Rebecca tells her lesbian friends about her ordeal, and they decide to fix her up with a high-end call girl named Paris, who happens to be an artist as well.

Their sexual affair is shown in sad sex scenes shot with finesse. Rebecca and Paris’ chemistry shines brightly on screen, and we can’t help but admire their newfound love. Rebecca gradually warms up to Paris and confesses a heartbreaking truth she has been keeping from her family. Following that, the film devolves into a gripping thriller, edging closer to a heartbreaking conclusion that will undoubtedly fascinate spectators.

Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Coming to grips with one’s own sexuality is a personal experience. The new dimension to our physically, especially during the adolescent years, provides a fresh perspective on how we perceive ourselves. ‘Yes, God, Yes,’ a wonderful perspective on the sexual development of a young girl named Alice, revolves around such personal issues. Alice is a student whose sex education classes are taught by a priest. Piety is severely reinforced at her school, and religious dogmas govern how she perceives sex.

But Alice has a deeper need, which she discovers by chance; in an AOL chat session, she is invited by a stranger to look at some pornographic photographs. This little meeting is enough to frighten Alice as she gradually comes to terms with her sexual awakening. She goes through the act of masturbation and therefore breaks free from sexual innocence. Despite the fact that there are no raunchy moments, unlike the other films on this list, ‘Yes, God, Yes’ will discreetly stimulate viewers.

Tiger, Blood in the Mouth (2016)

‘Tiger, Blood in the Mouth,’ a dramatic and energizing boxing thriller, chronicles the story of Ramon (called Tiger), an older boxer on the verge of retirement. His zeal prevents him from retiring, even against the wishes of his family. He meets Deborah, a young and powerful boxer whom he falls in love with. They both form a sensual bond, exploring through a frenetic sexual relationship that serves as the foundation for some nasty moments. Ramon regains his vigor through the no-holds-barred friendship, even going so far as to leave his family.

‘Tiger, Blood in Mouth’ is a film loaded with R-rated sex scenes that are sure to titillate the audience. This film, starring one of Argentina’s major film actors, Leonardo Sbaraglia, and Eva de Dominici, explores the revitalizing aftereffects of passionate sexual encounters that can inject energy back into melancholy circumstances.