Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

20 Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now – Even if history was not your favorite subject in school, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy historical films. These videos fulfill a variety of functions while also being quite entertaining. For history buffs, they become a source of intense debate, tying all the strands together, pointing out errors, and arguing the significance of the events. There’s a lot of material there. For some, who are more interested in the story than the history(!) they are interesting tales of another time, of a civilization they don’t live in, and of a world they’ll never get to see (until a time machine is constructed!). These could very well be films in the fantasy genre for another section. You can’t ignore the value of historical films, no matter which category you belong into. They are informative, interesting, and most importantly, they serve as warning signals, alerting us to what the world could be like if we, as humans, continue to make the same mistakes. There’s a reason why it’s said that “history repeats itself.”

With each passing year, Netflix broadens its range in terms of the genres of stories it tells. It has an impact on historical films, whether reality or fiction. If you want to learn about history without sitting in a classroom, here is a selection of incredibly interesting historical movies on Netflix. There are also historical war films, historical drama films, and historical fiction films on the list.

20. Operation Finale (2018)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

Adolf Eichmann, the mastermind of the Holocaust’s Holocaust of Jews, mysteriously vanished after Germany collapsed. “Operation Finale” deals with the fallout after a group of Israeli spies learns that Eichmann is hiding in Argentina. The party travels to the distant country and methodically arranges a kidnapping in order to bring the war criminal to justice. However, they are confronted by secret Nazi loyalists plotting another Reich, endangering their ostensibly straightforward task.

19. The Forgotten Battle (2020)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

‘The Forgotten Battle,’ set during World War II’s Battle of the Scheldt, connects the lives of three unrelated people in the days leading up to the battle. Teuntje Visser, the first of the three, joins the Dutch resistance when the Nazis slaughter her brother in cold blood. Marinus van Staveren, a Nazi sympathizer, tries his hardest to save Teuntje’s brother, but after his plea is denied, Marinus becomes increasingly disillusioned and begins to question his allegiances. Around this time, Glider Pilot Regiment Sergeant Will Sinclair crashes into German-occupied Zeeland and begins engaging German troops in preparation for the Battle of Walcheren Causeway. However, fate has much more in store for the three as their lives are intertwined, threatening their futures.

18. The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife,’ set during the German invasion of Poland, is based on the true story of Jan and Antonina abiski, who saved and housed hundreds of Jews, rescuing them from German brutality. When Jan and his wife decide to convert the zoo into a rescue facility, they disguise it as a pig farm to avoid persecution. Furthermore, with the assistance of local resistance, they begin transporting Jews out of the ghetto on trucks before providing them with a safe haven. The film is a fantastic commentary on the horrific persecution of Jews, and it illustrates how the pair remains strong even in the face of death in order to stand up for what is right.

17. Manto (2018)

‘Manto’ is a biographical film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Urdu author Saadat Hasan Manto. The video depicts the author’s life and writings, as well as how they are influenced by his life experiences. A country divided, India and Pakistan, test his sanity and sense of self as he seeks to belong someplace. The film is divided into two sections: Manto’s life in Bombay as a prospering playwright surrounded by friends and well-wishers, and his life in Lahore, where he finds himself alienated from everyone. As a result of his downward spiral, he checks himself into the Lahore Mental Hospital for alcohol addiction.

16. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

Set against the backdrop of World War II and the German occupation of Guernsey Island, Juliet Ashton (Lily James), a London-based writer, builds a relationship with a book club known as ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ over time. Juliet resolves to visit the island herself after hearing about the book club members’ experiences living on the Nazi-occupied island. She gets an inspiration for her next book when she decides to write about the German occupation; in the process, she meets lifelong friends. The entire encounter convinces Juliet that she cannot leave her life in Guernsey and return to London.

15. The Highwaymen (2019)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

‘The Highwaymen,’ based on the iconic criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde, follows former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and Benjamin Maney Gault in their efforts to bring the couple to prison. When authorities receive specific information about the pair’s whereabouts, Frank and Benjamin are compelled to re-enter the hunt. Although their age first slows them down, the excitement of being on the road and reminiscing about past times soon gets them back on track as the film takes the audience on a spectacular ride across a highly detailed and created 1930s America.

14. A Twelve-Year Night (2018)

‘A Twelve-Year Night,’ originally named ‘La noche de 12 anos,’ is a Uruguayan drama. Based on true circumstances, the film depicts the 12-year solitary incarceration of members of the left-wing urban guerrilla group (Tupamaros). The military dictatorship’s command was to “drive them insane” if they couldn’t be killed. Pepe Mujica, the 40th President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015, is one of the nine hostages who are kidnapped. The critically acclaimed picture has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

13. A Little Chaos (2014)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

This film, starring and directed by Alan Rickman, tells the story of two people tasked with building the famed Garden of Versailles. Sabine De Barra, a commoner chosen to help with the design of the gardens, was played by Kate Winslet. Andre Le Notre, a well-known landscape artist, chooses her. The video also depicts the political battle at court and the lifestyle of the French aristocracy. Its main focus, however, is on the relationship between married Andre, whose wife has been cheating on him, and Sabine, who is haunted by something from her past. The film is not historically accurate, and it makes no attempt to be so. However, the cast’s superb performances, particularly the lead pair, make it worthwhile to watch.

12. Elisa & Marcela (2019)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

The film is based on the first same-sex marriage in Spain, and it follows Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas as they meet and form a fantastic friendship. Nonetheless, when their friendship evolves into affection, things turn gloomy, as same-sex partnerships were outlawed at the time. However, Elisa and Marcela refuse to give up and, despite their death-defying romance, decide to break out of the box and marry. As in 1901, the story then takes a thrilling yet suspenseful turn. Elisa resolves to take on a boy’s persona in order to be one with her love.

11. The Angel (2018)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

When one thinks of historical films, it conjures up images of times that are at least a hundred years before to one’s own. To be honest, what happened a decade ago is also history, although the most recent. But let’s not go into that discussion. My argument is that if I urge you to watch a film set in the early 1970s, it is historical as well, regardless of how different it is from the other films on this list. And this one is a must-see because it is more of an espionage thriller. It is based on Uri Bar-novel Joseph’s of the same name and tells the story of an Egyptian guy who worked as a spy for Israeli intelligence. Set in the aftermath of the Six Days War, it depicts the Egyptian Prime Minister and his cabinet discussing how they can retaliate against Israel after their recent defeat. The Prime Minister’s son-in-law, Ashraf Marwan, is allowed to participate in the conversation, but he is harshly scolded when he makes a significant idea. This directs him to Israeli intelligence, and the rest, as they say, is history!

10. Outlaw King (2018)

In Scottish history, the name Robert Bruce is held in high regard. He is regarded as one of the most ferocious fighters, and he led the First War of Scottish Independence. ‘Outlaw King’ is about what happened after the Scottish nobility surrendered to the King of England after the siege of Stirling Castle. Acting in subordination to the King lasted for some time, but not long after, Robert Bruce led a rebellion against the British, spurred by a sense of popular discontent with the regime and the public display of William Wallace’s disfigured body. Chris Pine played the titular monarch, and other notable actors included Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, and Tony Curran. Expect some historical inaccuracies, as with any Hollywood picture. But you’ll get the sense of everything that led up to him being a leader and, finally, King of Scots.

9. Mudbound (2017)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

‘Mudbound,’ one of the best films of the year, is set in the post-Second World War era. When two soldiers return home from the war, all they were before is swept away by their experiences in the war. Jamie McAllan was an army pilot, and Ronsel Jackson was an infantryman. Back at home, Jamie’s older brother, Henry, is married to Laura. Ronsel’s family, on the other hand, works in the McAllans’ fields. When Jamie and Ronsel return home, they form a relationship and share their wartime memories. However, assimilation of blacks and whites was not yet common, at least not where they resided, and both of them are in peril as a result. The film focuses on PTSD, which primarily haunts Jamie, and the bigotry that Ronsel has to experience, which he isn’t used to after joining the army.

8. The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

‘The Red Sea Diving Resort,’ a Netflix original film, is based on how the Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) was able to transport out Ethiopian Jews living in the nation to Israel. Ari Levinson, a Mossad operative, suggests to his superiors that they purchase a beach resort and use it as a cover to carry out their secret mission. They carry out their assignment in Sudan, but it isn’t long before some secrets are revealed, putting the agents’ and the individuals they are protecting’s lives in jeopardy. The film has enough elements to be a riveting thriller, but writer-director Gideon Raff entirely squanders the potential by creating poorly-written characters and not providing enough material for the performers to work with. The film’s “white savior complex” has also gotten a lot of flak.

7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)

While ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’ is not an actual historical picture, it is a wonderful work of historical fiction that demands our attention. The film is a sequel to Ang Lee’s 2000 blockbuster ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’ Michelle Yeoh returns as warrior-maiden Shu Lien in this flick. She is now eager to find the mystical sword known as Green Destiny, which originally belonged to her beloved Li Mu Bai, after being gone for around eighteen years. As a violent gangster named Hades Dai rushes to grab the blade, Shu Lien is determined to save it. She is assisted in her journey by a young woman and a mysterious warrior known as Silent Wolf. ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’ is a wuxia film that teaches us a lot about martial arts culture in medieval China. While we watch some brilliantly choreographed action sequences, we also learn about the era’s ideology.

6. The King (2019)

This Netflix original film is based on several Shakespeare plays and primarily follows the early life of English ruler King Henry “Hal” V. The film opens with Hal being entirely uninterested in state politics, and later, after his brother Thomas is killed in a fight, he is unexpectedly made King of England. Many people around him believe he is weak, and King Charles VI of France openly mocks his crowning. When Hal learns that Charles VI has dispatched an assassin to murder him, he declares war and marches towards France to demonstrate his true might to his foes. The child who was always opposed to politics and violence is now being shaped into the image he detested. Timothée Chalamet has established himself as a big talent, and this film demonstrates yet again his ability to do honor to any character he has been given. This film’s production design, costumes, and cinematography are highly noteworthy.

5. Troy (2004)

‘Troy,’ from 2004, is one of the best historical films available on Netflix. The film tells the complete narrative of how Paris, King Priam’s youngest son, falls in love with Helen, the wife of Menelaus (the king of Sparta), and secretly transports her to Troy without alerting his elder brother Hector. The Greeks quickly invade Troy with a massive force led by Achilles, the finest warrior of the day. Though Achilles dislikes his king Agamemnon, he understands that this conflict will help cement his reputation as the greatest warrior of all time. Brad Pitt poured his heart and energy into the role, giving us one of the most realistic portrayals of Achilles we’ve ever seen. The film’s action moments are superbly shot and choreographed. One combat scene between Achilles and Hector (Eric Bana) has become a cult classic among moviegoers all over the world.

4. Kardec (2019)

Best Historical Dramas on Netflix Right Now

‘Kardec,’ based on the historical story of Allan Kardec, depicts Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail’s lowly beginnings as a French educator. Rivail had an epiphany while researching Spinning tables: there may be a means to interact with Spirits. Despite the fact that society does not appear to be ready for such a discovery, the educator adopts the pen name Allan Kardec and begins writing the works that have become the foundation of Spiritist studies. The film is an interesting viewing, particularly because it delves into Rivail’s discoveries and his challenges to communicate them to the broader audience.

3. Suffragette (2015)

The Suffragette movement was one of the most significant events in twentieth-century England because it was the first time that women began fighting for their voting rights in the country. The film’s major character is a woman named Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), who is inspired by the female leader Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep) and joins the campaign to oppose patriarchal tyranny. However, as is customary, women who speak up for change are targeted by the police and the system. They face major costs in their personal lives, but they are prepared to risk all to provide a more equal society for future generations than the one in which they were born. The film is quite motivating, and despite certain structural flaws, it more than makes up for it with the tremendous performances of its sparkling star ensemble.

2. Django Unchained (2012)

Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed ‘Django Unchained,’ which stars Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, and Christoph Waltz. It is set in 1858 and follows Django (Foxx) as he is pursued by a bounty hunter, Dr. Schultz (Waltz), who requires him to find some men. After that, Django wishes to locate his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), who was sold separately from Django by their former owner for attempting to flee. When Schultz and Django learn that Broomhilda has been sold to a Mississippi plantation, they plot a scheme to reclaim her.

1. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

‘The Trail of the Chicago 7,’ directed by Aaron Sorkin, follows the Chicago Seven, a group of anti-Vietnam War demonstrators considered responsible for the disturbances at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. This historical courtroom drama covers the wrongful trials of seven ringleaders involved in the tragedy, as well as their fight against all odds to stand up for what they believe in. Despite their differing political ideologies, the Chicago 7 recognize the importance they have in each other’s life, especially if they want to win the fight. Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frank Langella, Alex Sharp, Michael Keaton, Daniel Flaherty, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II headline the ensemble cast.