20 Best Adult Anime of All Time (2022)

20 Best Adult Anime of All Time – Anime’s numerous genres and subgenres cover a wide range of subjects aimed at various age groups. While there is no shortage of shows that are safe for children, such as ‘Doraemon’ and ‘Pokemon,’ manga artists and anime designers have not shied away from developing shows that touch on difficult issues or even incorporate sensual imagery over the years. If you’re seeking for a sexy anime that’s more appropriate for an 18+ audience and features a lot of sexually explicit moments, we have a few suggestions for you. Please bear in mind that these are not hentai anime; rather, they are the best adult sex anime. The majority of these anime can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

20. Kanokon (2018)

Kouta, a little boy, appears to attract the attention of otherworldly beings for some unexplainable reason. While he has learned to cope with the mysterious occurrence, Chizuru and Nozomu, a fox and a wolf ghost, flip his life upside down when he starts high school. ‘Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox,’ or simply ‘Kanokon,’ is based on Katsumi Nishino’s light book series and has a lot of sizzling semi-nude scenes that will leave viewers wanting more.

19. Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (2019)

Only a few ecchi anime have managed to strike a peculiar balance between sexual tension and comedy, and ‘Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?’ is unquestionably one of them. The anime follows Ichirou Satou, a high schooler who continues getting into filthy situations with her teacher, which causes the two’s imaginations to run wild. A mature audience wanting for a sensual adult animation should surely watch the show, as the duo has several beautiful and titillating moments.

18. Kiss x Sis (2010)

‘Kiss x Sis’ is a borderline hentai series with harem themes that revolves around Keita Suminoe and his twin stepsisters, who have grown up together and formed an intimate relationship. The majority of the episode takes place during Keita’s first year of high school, while he is attempting to focus on his studies. Unfortunately, the twins thwart all of his efforts because they no longer wish to maintain their platonic connection. The show explores taboo issues such as incest and has a number of sexually suggestive scenes.

17. Air Gear (2006)

‘Air Gear,’ strictly speaking, is a sports show, but it continuously walks the fine line between ecchi and hentai animation. The series is mostly about racing competitions between Air Trek users, but there is another aspect to it. Throughout the anime’s 25-episode run, there are a lot of semi-nude situations that will keep ecchi aficionados interested.

16. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls (2015)

Kimihito Kurusu, an ordinary man with an unimpressive existence, is the protagonist of the popular harem series. After the integration of non-human species is made possible by future technology developments, he finds himself caring for a Lamia named Miia, which attracts a slew of other species’ girls to his modest abode. Kimihito is now caught between the dilemma of plenty and the constant sexual advances of the females surrounding him. ‘Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls,’ with its sexually explicit exchanges, sexiness, and romantic emotions, is one of the hottest anime you can see.

15. Rosario + Vampire (2008)

‘Rosario + Vampire,’ based on Akihisa Ikeda’s manga series, is an ecchi anime that mostly focuses on the escapades of a below-average student named Tsukune in a deadly environment. Despite the inherent hazards that the new world poses, he stays in order to maintain his love with Moka Akashiya — the most beautiful girl he has ever seen – despite her dark side. The series contains a number of steamy mild-nude sequences that anime enthusiasts looking for adult entertainment should definitely check out.

14. Highschool of the Dead (2010)

‘Highschool of the Dead’ depicts the devastation and mayhem that ensues when a pandemic that turns humans into zombies strikes an unprepared society. As an existential catastrophe looms over humanity, people begin to fight back in order to save the world’s future. While the series has an interesting premise with a lot of drama and action, the hot and curvy female characters, as well as loads of romantic scenes and sexual innuendos, make ‘Highschool of the Dead’ a roller coaster trip that mature audiences will undoubtedly appreciate.

13. Maken-Ki! (2011 – 2014)

‘Maken-Ki!’ is an ecchi action animation based on the same-named Japanese manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda. The plot revolves around the sexual perversions of a high schooler named Takeru Ohyama, who enrols in Tenbi Academy solely to ogle pretty girls. The sitcom has frequently been chastised for its lack of a premise and poor storytelling. However, the anime is certainly one of the all-time sexiest anime due to all of the raunchy and sensual moments, despite the fact that they add nothing to the broader storyline and are therefore judged unneeded.

12. Tsugumomo (2017-)

‘Tsugumomo,’ based on Yoshikazu Hamada’s manga series, is a fantasy ecchi anime that follows Kazuya Kagami, who is rescued by a mature spirit named Kiriha after being attacked by a supernatural monster. As he learns to know his new friend, Kazuya is introduced to a totally new and fascinating realm of gods and good spirits. While the series focuses on Japanese mythology and a variety of other philosophical issues, ‘Tsugumomo’ also has its fair share of daring and sensual moments that contribute significantly to the deuteragonist’s bond.

11. Green Green (2003)

‘Green Green,’ an anime version of the namesake pornographic game, is a romantic-comedy. When students from two single-sex schools are permitted to stay together for a month before deciding whether or not to integrate, the one-month period of interaction naturally leads to romantic and sexually heated relationships. While there are no explicit sex scenes in the series, there are numerous sensual moments that adult anime aficionados will undoubtedly enjoy.

10. Koihime†Musou (2008 – 2010)

Although ‘KoihimeMusou’ is not as sexy as the other anime on the list, its numerous coquettish moments make it a terrific watch, especially because it has a great premise to go along with all the hot sequences. The series features Unchou Kan’u, an orphan who fights for the helpless after her family is ruthlessly murdered by bandits. During one of her adventures, she meets Chouhi Yokutoku, a little girl with a similar background to hers. Realizing she understands her mission, the pair joins forces to launch a relentless campaign against injustice and inequity.

9. Cat Planet Cuties (2010)

‘Cat Planet Cuties’ is a harem-themed ecchi romantic comedy animation. Kio Kakazu, a caring young kid who lives a boring and mundane existence devoid of ambitions, is the protagonist of the series. When he attends a memorial service for one of his forefathers, he spots a voluptuous female with cat ears. The next day, he discovers her on his bed, half-naked and unconcerned with her current state in front of a complete stranger. Kio subsequently discovers that her name is Eris and that she is an alien investigating life on Earth. Sadly, various sinister groups are chasing Eris, and Kio must protect her at all means. While learning to live together, the couple naturally develops feelings and finds themselves in various intriguing settings that contain a lot of nudity, which raises the sexual tension to new heights.

8. The Future Diary (2011 – 2012)

There is a small group of series that can claim to have a sophisticated and psychologically interesting premise while simultaneously being one of the sexiest adult anime of all time; surprise, ‘The Future Diary’ is one of them. Aside from its intricate and perplexing climax, the anime contains a number of hot sequences. In contrast to some harem or ecchi anime, the partly and fully naked moments just add to the overall viewing experience and make the anime even more fascinating. We recommend viewing ‘The Future Diary’ for its wonderfully conceived premise, since the sexy scenes are really a bonus to an already excellent show. Interested in watching it?

7. High School DxD (2012-)

It’s difficult to make a list of adult anime without discussing ‘High School DxD.’ It is perhaps one of the most popular ecchi animes ever made, with a plethora of sexually suggestive sequences that toy with the viewers’ imaginations. The plot revolves around an average high schooler named Issei Hyoudou, who is brutally killed on his first date by a fallen angel. Fortunately, he is given a second chance at life when he is resurrected by a devil named Rias Gremory and begins to serve her as a faithful servant. After that, the storey takes an unusual turn, as every day of Issei’s life is filled with unexpected adventures. ‘High School DxD’ can be viewed here.

6. Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (2020-)

Koushi Nagumo’s life goes apart after he is mercilessly abandoned by his own father, and he ends up collapsing on the streets due to exhaustion. Fortunately, a college girl called Mineru Wachi saves him and helps him find work as a dorm mother. While Koushi is delighted to begin his new life, he is unaware that his new home is home to some of the hottest girls he has ever seen, who have no qualms about stripping or having a bath in his company. While there is no explicit sex scene in ‘Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory,’ the protagonists are naked in front of Koushi in virtually every other episode.

5. Golden Boy (1995- 1996)

Technically, ‘Golden Boy’ is an OVA, but the show still qualifies for inclusion because it is regarded as a classic despite its premiere in the mid-1990s. Kintarou Ooe, an autodidact who believes in learning via experience rather than relying on textbooks in the classroom, is the protagonist of the show. As a result, he takes odd part-time jobs and travels from place to place in pursuit of his next adventure. His path frequently takes him to women, and his meetings frequently take sexual turns. ‘Golden Boy’ is one of the few shows on this list that not only has an intriguing premise, but the shown sexual acts actually contribute to the overall plot.

4. Scum’s Wish (2017)

‘Scum’s Wish’ is a love drama anime based on Mengo Yokoyari’s Japanese manga series of the same name. Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are the seemingly perfect couple who hide their deep-rooted fears and sadness beneath a polished public front. Although they look to be happy, the pair does not love each other, and their amorous romance is a means for them to get over the people they genuinely desire. Hanabi and Mugi’s love-hate relationship beautifully reflects the nuances of romantic experiences and reveals the many faces of love. While the anime does not have a large cast of sexually charged female characters, the deuteragonists’ impassionate lovemaking makes ‘Scum’s Wish’ one of the sexiest adult animes ever filmed.

3. Love To-LIE-Angle (2018)

The ecchi anime follows Hanabi Natsuno, a teenager who returns to Tokyo after a long absence and enrols in the Tachibanakan, a local female-only dormitory. On her first day there, she meets an unclothed girl whose attractiveness captivates her, and Hanabi realises she is drawn to girls. But, to her astonishment, her companions compete for her attention, providing the newcomer with all the affection she need. As the movie progresses, these characters explore one other’s sexuality and have a slew of hot-blooded encounters, making ‘Love To-LIE-Angle’ an entertaining watch.

2. Ikkitousen (2003-)

‘Ikkitousen,’ based on Yuji Shiozaki’s manga series of the same name, is a martial arts anime that follows Hakufu Sonsaku, a high schooler caught up in a territorial battle between seven separate high schools. On his mother’s urging, she possesses the soul of a Chinese warlord named Sun Ce and is determined to restore peace between the warring tribes. However, Hakufu is up against fearsome foes known as “The Big Four,” who will go to any length to stop her. The show is not only geared toward ladies, but it also contains adult content that should only be viewed by adults.

1. Queen’s Blade (2009)

The anime series is set in mediaeval times, when the queen of the realm is determined by a brutal on-field battle between soldiers. The winner who successfully outwits all of her opponents ascends to the throne and rules the world as she sees fit until another tournament is held to select the next queen. While the action-packed series introduces viewers to a merciless world of bloodshed and power, the voluptuous characters displaying their bodies and engaging in semi-naked wrestling matches make it a strictly adult series that ecchi fans are likely to like.