14 Best Furry Anime of All Time

Animals behaving like people is rather prevalent in any sort of entertainment media, particularly animation and comic books. This genre allows authors to be highly original and unique in their approach to entertaining the audience. There have been numerous furry anime over the years, some of them are pretty fun. As a result, it’s natural for anime lovers to seek for series that are somewhat similar. So, we’ve put up a list of the best furry anime of all time. Several of these shows are available on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

14. Aggressive Retsuko (2016)

‘Aggressive Retsuko’ follows Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who works hard. Her coworkers, on the other hand, are continually looking for ways to abuse her innocence, and her supervisor does not give her the credit she deserves. The repeated humiliation and sexism she experiences is extremely frustrating, and she eventually reaches a breaking point. Retsuko, on the other hand, has a distinctive manner of letting off steam. She engages in angry death metal singing, slamming her coworker’s arrogant attitude as well as her boss. Surprisingly, all of this occurs solely in her mind, and she fails to express her displeasure to those who are to blame. The animation can be viewed here.

13. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (2018)

‘Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ is an anime about horses who have been given a second chance at life and resurrected as horse girls. The anime is set in a universe that is very similar to Earth. The best racehorses of the past have the opportunity to be resurrected as horse females and reclaim their fame and glory. These girls have horse-like ears and tails, as well as horse-like speed and endurance. They receive their training at the renowned Tokyo Tracen Academy. Special Week is a horse Girl who aspires to be the best in order to fulfill her mother’s vow. Silence Suzuka, a fellow horse girl, inspires her and she aspires to be on the same team as her. But does she fulfill her objectives? You can learn more by watching the animation below.

12. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (2015)

I’m not sure if you can call ‘Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou’ a monster. Humans and monsters (hybrids) coexist in the fictitious universe of ‘Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou,’ and Japan is the first country to allow them to do so. A monster can be cared for by humans.

However, there is one rule. They are unable to have a physical relationship with the hybrid. Kimihito Kurusu, the story’ protagonist, lives alone and is assigned a hybrid against his will. He eventually becomes the keeper of a snake-woman named Miia. As the story unfolds, he is entrusted with more and more of these hybrid ladies as he battles to keep up with them and their perverse advances.

11. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (2013)

‘Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou’ follows Harumi Kazuhito, a bookworm. He is a huge fan of novelist Natsuno Kirihime, and one day he comes upon him writing in a cafe. Suddenly, robbers assault the location. When Kirihime does not rise up as the robber orders, he shoots her. Harumi jumps in front of the bullet to save Kirihime and dies as a result. His urge to read Kirihime’s books, however, persists, and he is soon reincarnated as a dog. However, because he is unable to read, his life is monotonous. Fortunately, a sadistic girl with scissors in her hand saves him and offers him all the assistance he requires. It turns out that the girl is Kirihime herself.

10. Hyper Police (1997)

Sasahara Natsuki, a half-human, half-cat beast who lives in a world where people and monsters coexist, is the protagonist of ‘Hyper Police.’ However, the former are better protected by the law than their more powerful neighbors. Sasahara is an ineffective bounty hunter. The majority of her cases concern monsters trespassing on human rights. Sasahara is the ideal individual to examine disputes because she lives in both worlds. Batanen, a werewolf, assists her in her career as a bounty hunter. He has a crush on Sasahara.

9. Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space (2002)

The anime takes place in Meguro City. Catty and Co. is the company whose power effectively dominates the entire city. Their impact reaches over the vast reaches of the feline galaxy. Tamala, the anime’s heroine, is a one-year-old kitten. She want to flee this tyrannical world and she boards her spaceship in quest of her home planet. But will she ever return to her long-lost home?

8. Ao no 6-Gou (1998)

‘Ao no 6-Gou’ is a sci-fi action/adventure anime in the mecha genre. Zomdyke is a well-known and respected scientist who has often won people’s praise, but his latest creation may lead to human extinction. He has created a new species of creature that lives in the ocean and is far more powerful than humans. Zomdyke believes that human dominion on Earth has come to an end, and that his creations should kill people and take over the world. To prevent his insanity from inflicting harm, the Blue Submarine No. 6 and the rest of the blue fleet must band together to battle these fearsome sea animals.

7. Wolf’s Rain (2003)

‘Wolf’s Rain’ is an action-mystery anime set in a planet on the verge of collapse. The only thing keeping the remaining inhabitants going is the legend that when the earth ends, the gates to utopia will open, allowing everyone in the barren region admittance. However, the tradition also states that only wolves will be able to find this passage to paradise. Kiba is a lone wolf on the trail of an enticing scent that has lead him to Freeze City. There, he meets other wolves who have been following the same smell as him. They decide to follow the clues to the Lunar Flowers, which are claimed to be the key to the promised nirvana. However, the path will not be easy because there are others who are willing to go to any length to get there.

6. InuYasha (2000)

‘InuYasha’ is one of the most well-known anime series of all time. Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl, is the protagonist. A monster takes her into the well of her family’s shrine one day. Instead of hitting rock bottom, she is transferred to the Sengoku period 500 years ago. It turns out that inside Kagome is a jewel that fulfills people’s greatest dreams. The monster desires this jewel, but the conflict shatters it. Now, Kagome must recruit the assistance of InuYasha, a half-dog, half-human hybrid, to collect all of the jewel’s pieces and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Hulu has a streaming service where you may view the anime.

5. Oruchuban Ebichu (1999)

‘Oruchuban Ebichu’ is an ecchi comedy animation about a hamster named Ebichu. She will go to any length to serve her employer, dubbed the “office lady.” Ebichu cooks, cleans, does laundry, and performs a variety of other domestic tasks. However, Ebichu’s overbearing personality and love of ice cream, along with the aggravation of having an unfaithful partner, irritates the office lady. The hamster, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to mind because all she thinks about is keeping her master happy.

4. Kuma Miko (2016)

Machi Amayadori has when she decides to join a city high school. She is a shrine maiden who has lived in the village with Natsu, her talking guardian bear, since she was a youngster. Now that she’s decided to move to the city, it’s up to Natsu to prepare her for the hectic pace of city life. But how much does a bear know about it, and what kind of help can he provide? You may discover out by watching the anime here.

3. Utawarerumono (2006)

Eruruu is a young girl who discovers a wounded guy in the woods. She doesn’t know him, and everything about him, including his appearance, appears to be a mystery to her. He lacks the big animal-like ears and tail that everyone else has where Eruruu lives. In addition, the man is wearing a mask that he is unable to remove. Regardless, Eruruu takes him home and nurtures him back to health. The stranger appears to have forgotten everything about his background, including his own identity, which is why Eruruu’s grandma gives him a new name, Hakuoro. Hakuoro gradually begins to love his new surroundings. Soon after, a movement against the emperor’s harsh authority emerges, progressively engulfing the town where Hakuoro resides. Now he must risk his life to safeguard the area he now calls home, all while trying to learn more about himself.

2. Doubutsu no Mori (2006)

‘Dobutsu no Mori’ is the story of Ai, a young girl who decides to move to an animal colony. Ai wears her hair in high pigtails and has red hair. Her eyes are likewise huge. She becomes friends with the residents of the animal town after landing there. While wandering along the beach one day, she discovers a message in a bottle, which prompts her to embark on an adventure to plant pine trees throughout the community, which eventually helps complete the circumstances for a miracle to occur during the Winter Festival.

1. Spice and Wolf (2008)

‘Spice and Wolf’ centres around Holo, a powerful deity revered by the residents of Pasloe town as she blesses their harvest. However, as the years pass, the people become more self-sufficient, and it is not long before Holo is reduced to folklore. Kraft Lawrence, a trader, pays a visit to Pasloe. Holo decides to offer him her assistance in exchange for a ride to Yoitsu, her northern home. Kraft finds that Holo has the ability to accurately assess a person’s character. Recognizing that this would be extremely beneficial to his plans to create his own shop, he allows her to accompany him. However, as they spend more time together, it appears that Kraft’s ambitions are gradually shifting into something he did not foresee.