14 Anime Like Overlord You Must See

14 Anime Like Overlord You Must See – ‘Overlord’ is one of the most well-known isekai anime. The anime centres around the virtual reality game Yggdrasil, which is set to be terminated and the servers will be shut down permanently. Momonga, a seasoned player, resolves to play till the very last second. But then he realizes that, even after midnight, the game has not been properly shut down. Unfortunately, the thrill is fleeting as he is taken to the game world. Momonga, on the other hand, vows to finish his favorite game once and for all because he knows all about Yggdrasil and the challenges it brings.

This series’ great popularity can be attributed to its protagonist Momonga, who is a dark and vicious villain who finally governs the realm of Yggdrasil. If you’ve seen the series and are looking for comparable anime, you’ve come to the correct place. This is a list of anime that are similar to ‘Overlord.’ Several of these anime are available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and Netflix.

14. Seiken no Blacksmith (2009)

The core premise and entire setting of ‘Seiken no Blacksmith’ are similar to those of ‘Overlord.’ Using the devil’s power has been outlawed in the show’s fictional world since a horrible conflict broke out a long time ago. Cecily Campbell has been knighted. She possesses an antique sword that was handed to her by her grandfather and is in desperate need of repair. She is looking for a blacksmith when she comes into a duel between a man wielding an unusual sword and a ruffian. The rogue uses the devil’s might, but the guy defeats him. It turns out he is a blacksmith named Luke, and despite his best attempts, the devil’s power remains in the fantasy realm. Funimation and Hulu have the series accessible for viewing.

13. .hack//Sign (2002)

Tsukasa is a young Wavemaster’s alias. He awakens one day to discover himself in The World, an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). He appears to have mild amnesia, as he has no recollection of what mysteriously delivered him into the gaming world. Tsukasa avoids the Crimson Knights as much as possible because they believe he is a hacker. While exploring the planet, he comes across a mysterious object that transforms him into a ‘Guardian.’ Furthermore, the Guardian protects him from all forms of injury. He then meets up with other game participants and Subaru, the Crimson Knights’ leader. They team together to figure out what went wrong and why Tsukasa can’t log out of the game. Funimation has all of the episodes available for streaming.

12. Youjo Senki (2017)

‘Youjo Senki’ is an isekai anime that takes a different approach to the genre and brings viewers to previously undiscovered plotlines. When an egotistical man challenges Being X, a self-proclaimed God, to a wits’ fight, he is reincarnated as a girl into the world of magic and combat. He discovers that he is now Tanya Degurechaff, a girl known as the ‘Devil of the Rhine’ for her brutality and tactical ability. Tanya wants to quickly rise to the top of the military ranks as her country enters World War II. She must destroy Being X at all costs in order to restore peace, as failure will result in the death of innumerable lives. The series is available to watch on Funimation and VRV.

11. Fractale (2011)

‘Fractale’ is situated in a world that is similar to Ireland in many ways. The world is dominated by the ‘Fractale System,’ a satellite-based virtual-reality and content distribution system. Clain, the show’s protagonist, discovers Phyrne, who is hurt and appears to be escaping. He assists her, but she vanishes at night, leaving just a pendant and no other reason. When Clain is activated, it mysteriously transforms into a girl. Now, the two embark on a quest to find Phyrne and learn the truth about the Fractale System. The series is available on Funimation.

10. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (2015)

Youji Itami is a member of the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). He, too, is an Otaku on his way to a doujin convention in Tokyo when a bizarre portal in the shape of a gate opens out of nowhere. Supernatural entities and medieval armor-clad warriors emerge through the entrance. They go on a rampage, destroying everything in their way. Youji makes every effort to save as many people as possible. Three months after the attack, the JSDF has formed a special recon unit, with Youji as its captain. Their aim is to enter and explore the other side of the portal, as well as to make friends with the locals. Failure to complete the objective will result in a war. The anime is available to watch on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

9. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka? (2015)

‘Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?’ is an isekai anime that shares numerous parallels with ‘Overlord.’ It is set in an universe where humans and Gods labor together. The series follows Bell Cranel, who has always wanted to be the greatest explorer. When he meets a deity named Hestia, those childhood dreams become a reality when she presents him with an unmissable opportunity. The two descend deep into the deadly dungeons of the city known as ‘Dungeon’ to uncover its dark secrets. The show is available on VRV.

8. Btooom! (2012)

Ryouta Sakamoto is the best player in the online video game ‘Btooom!’ He lives with his mother and, except from the titular game, he is uninterested in anything else. But one day, Ryouta awakens to find himself in a real-life version of the game he enjoys playing, with one exception. People can and will perish here. In the high-stakes survival mode, each participant will have to kill others in order to earn their green crystal, and only those who survive to the end will be able to resume their normal life. Though he is hesitant at first, Ryouta decides to take a forceful approach when he confronts unfriendly players.

7. Death Parade (2015)

Did you think sports like air hockey, darts, and bowling were boring? Then reconsider, for games like these ultimately decide the fate of people who die in the universe of ‘Death Parade.’ Only a bar prevents the protagonists’ souls from falling into the void or joining the cycle of rebirth in the high stakes environment. Decim, the arbitrator of the hereafter who pits every pair of dead people against each other in a game, is the bar’s master. The winner will enter the reincarnation cycle, while the loser will fall into the void. While he has reservations, everything changes when a character challenges him to reconsider his methods of ruling the afterlife. Funimation has all of the episodes available for streaming.

6. Sword Art Online (2012)

Sword Art Online is a well-known online MMORPG. Players may control their characters with only their thoughts thanks to the latest ‘NerveGear’ technology. Excited gamers from all over the world enter the gaming world only to discover that the inventor planned to keep them there until they completed 100 levels. One of the unfortunate players is Kazuto Kirigaya. To defeat the game and escape its confines, he must work and collaborate with other players. However, there is one issue: those who die in the game also die in real life. The show is available on Hulu.

5. One Punch Man (2015)

Saitama from ‘One Punch Man’ and Momonga from ‘Overlord’ are both in a similar scenario because they both have powers and skills that place them at the top. But, for one reason or another, their rule at the top has either not gone as planned or has not occurred at all. ‘One Punch Man’ is set in an universe where the Hero Organization protects civilians and keeps the peace. Saitama is one of these heroes. Despite his low rank, he is so powerful that he can defeat anyone with a single punch. Momonga from ‘Overlord,’ who is also an overpowered character, can understand Saitama’s aggravation at not being able to acquire an adversary powerful enough to go a few rounds with him. The anime can be viewed on Hulu or VRV.

4. Log Horizon (2013)

‘Log Horizon’ is an isekai anime with a plot similar to ‘Overlord.’ Elder Tale is a popular MMORPG game that has received a substantial update that is meant to make it even more engaging. However, for some inexplicable reason, approximately thirty thousand gamers of the game are trapped in the gaming world, unable to check out. Shiroe is one of these people. Though he is socially awkward in real life, the protagonist is a seasoned gamer with years of experience. As players urgently seek a ray of hope, his knowledge proves invaluable. But will they be able to leave the game world? Funimation is where you can view the show.

3. Quanzhi Gaoshou (2017)

If you want to watch a Chinese isekai anime like ‘Overlord,’ ‘Quanzhi Gaoshou’ might be the show for you. Glory, a popular online multiplayer game, is the focus of the series. Ye Xiuone, called ‘Battle God’ for his abilities and accomplishments, is one of Glory’s top players. When he is forced to leave his team, Ye ends up working at an internet cafe. When Glory launches its tenth server, Ye Xiu decides to re-enter the game. Because of his abilities, he quickly becomes well-known. However, the game has evolved significantly over the years, and he no longer has a sponsor or a team. Will he ever be able to return to the top?

2. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (2018)

One of the best isekai animes ever made is ‘Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken.’ It is centered on Satoru Mikami, a 37-year-old guy who has led an ordinary life. Unfortunately, things only become worse when he is killed by a robber. Satoru, however, is resurrected as a slime creature named Rimuru Tempest in a fantasy realm, much to his astonishment. He appears to have obtained extraordinary abilities that allow him to be incredibly powerful. Satoru starts on a mission to create something of his new life and not waste his precious opportunity, resolved not to repeat the faults of his previous life. The series is available on Funimation and VRV.

1. No Game No Life (2014)

‘No Game No Life’ is about two siblings, Sora and Shiro, who are some of Japan’s top gamers. But they never imagined that their great gaming ability would be useful to anyone. They receive an email one day challenging them to a chess match. They soon find themselves in another planet called Disboard, where every problem is addressed via the use of a game. The opposing sides are set against one another in a game, with the winner eventually deciding the fate of the other. Tet, the God of Games, rules over this universe. Sora and Shiro vow to face him in order to become the new Gods of this universe and bring peace to warring tribes. The anime is available on Hulu.