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12th Man (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating

12th Man (2022) malayalam movie which is released in Malayalam language in theatre near you. Watch Thiruttuvcd 12th Man Malayalam Movie Review, Trailer Online, Teaser, OTT Release Date, First Look, Poster, Audio Songs, Movie Updates and Details, Wiki & IMDB, 12th Man Movie Release Date, lead Star cast and crew like Hero, Heroine, Movie director, photos & video gallery.

12th Man Movie Details

12th Man is a 2022 Indian Malayalam-language mystery thriller film directed by Jeethu Joseph and produced by Antony Perumbavoor through Aashirvad Cinemas, based on a tale by Sunir Khetarpal. Mohanlal co-stars with Unni Mukundan, Sshivada, Anusree, Anu Sithara, Saiju Kurup, Rahul Madhav, Aditi Ravi, Priyanka Nair, Leona Lishoy, Anu Mohan, and Chandhunadh in the film. Anil Johnson composed the original background soundtrack as well as a song.

12th Man Movie Release Date

12th Man was released on 20 May 2022 for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


12th Man Movie OTT Release Date

Streaming Partner Disney+Hotstar
Digital Release Date May 20, 2022
Theatrical Released Date Direct OTT Release

12th Man Movie Cast

  • Mohanlal as ACP Chandrashekhar IPS
  • Unni Mukundan as Zachariah, Annie’s husband
  • Saiju Kurup as Mathew, Shiny’s husband
  • Anusree as Shiny, Mathew’s wife
  • Leona Lishoy as Fida
  • Chandhunath as Jithesh, Nayana’s husband
  • Sshivada as Dr. Nayana, Jithesh’s wife
  • Aditi Ravi as Aarathy, Sidharth’s fiancé
  • Anu Mohan as Sidharth, Aarathy’s fiancé
  • Rahul Madhav as Sam, Merin’s husband
  • Anu Sithara as Merin, Sam’s wife
  • Priyanka Nair as Annie, Zachariah’s wife, Harshan’s ex
  • Siddique as Psychiatrist
  • Nandhu as Davis, hotel manager
  • Pradeep Chandran as CI Vipin
  • Chali Pala as Chemmeen Jose

12th Man Movie Summary

The plot begins with 11 individuals gathering in an isolated location for Siddharth’s bachelor celebration. Fida, Siddharth’s fiancée Aarathy, Mathew and his wife Shiny, Jithesh and his wife Dr. Nayana, Sam and his wife Merin, and Zachariah and his wife Annie are among those involved. Sam, Mathew, Zachariah, Jithesh, Siddharth, and Fida were all college friends. They are stopped by a rather irritating character named Chandrashekhar, who demands booze from them as a result of previous events in the film. They calm him down and send him away.

During the dinner, Fida claims that even if they are friends, there are always certain secrets buried within persons that they will not even disclose with their own spouse. To resolve their disagreement, they plan to play a game in which they each keep their phones on the table and publicly disclose the text messages they get, as well as keep their phones on speaker if they receive a call. As a result, many embarrassing truths are revealed.

The main problem occurs when Siddharth receives a phone call from one of his buddies inquiring about the name of the abortion drugs he used when he made one of his group members pregnant. As he is unmarried, this causes a brawl among them, leading everyone to conclude that he must have had an affair with one of their wives.

Shiny is revealed to have died after falling from a nearby vantage point as the night passes. As the investigation progresses, they discover that Chandrashekhar is, in reality, an Assistant Commissioner of Police. Chandrashekhar then starts questioning each of them about their alibis and possible agendas. He then replays the previous night’s game. It is discovered that Siddharth did not have an affair but was simply covering for Jithesh. When pressed, Jithesh admits to having an affair with Shiny, hinting that she committed suicide out of fear of being embarrassed. Shiny’s bipolar disorder also contributes to his allegations, as Shiny’s consulting doctor (Siddique) affirms that bipolar people have suicidal tendencies depending on their mood. To everyone’s surprise, Jithesh’s assertions are proven false when Dr. Nayana states that Shiny cannot fit into the abortion scenario because she cannot have children.

Chandrashekar discovers that a sum of ten lakh was transferred to Shiny’s account previous to her death, as evidenced by phone calls from one of Mathew’s moneylenders. Later, it is revealed that only 5 lakh has been transferred from Jithesh’s account, implying that the remaining 5 lakh must have been transferred from the woman involved in the affair’s account. Further inquiry reveals that Merin is the one who transmitted the money and was having an affair with Jithesh. Merin sought Shiny’s assistance as Aarathy instructed Siddharth to bring Jithesh and his lover to her to prove his innocence.

Shiny so asks Jithesh and Merin for 5 lakh rupees. She then wants Annie to play Jithesh’s boyfriend in front of Aarathy instead of Merin, blackmailing her with a video Shiny took when Annie was having an affair with a colleague. However, Annie refuses. After much inquiry, Chandrashekhar concludes that because Sam and Merin share a joint account, Sam was perplexed as to why such a huge sum was transferred to Shiny. When he confronts Shiny about it, Shiny yells angrily that it is to cover up his wife’s infidelity. An irate Sam mistakenly pushes her over the edge, causing her to fall off the point. The film concludes with Chandrashekhar leaving his buddies in the room as morning rises.

12th Man Movie Review

A group of 11 friends go away to a resort for a weekend bachelor party, but the day ends in a death

In these days of wavering attention spans, how does Jeethu Joseph expect a 2 hour 43 minute film to hold interest? The director seems assured in his mastery, and yes, he builds a delicious, suspenseful story that keeps us gripped for the entire time, as he strips off the tales of deception that the characters have built around themselves.

Eleven friends go away to a resort for the bachelor party of the last man standing among them. The group comprises college friends, their spouses and also the bride-to-be. As they start their fun day with a game of cricket, they bump into the resort’s only other guest (Mohanlal), a drunken troublemaker whom they somehow manage to get rid of. At dinner, the friends decide to play a ‘game’ prompted by their exasperation that one guy is always moving away to speak on the phone. Now, everyone must openly answer calls and messages in front of the rest of the group.

The story by Sunir Kheterpal, scripted by KR Krishnakumar, is immediately gripping, because it is a situation that none of us want to be in, but would love to have a ‘fly of the wall’ view of. As expected, when the game ends in an hour, the mask of propriety that each one wears slips off and the friends almost come to blows. The tension waxes and wanes, till it ends in a death. The rest of the story, which takes place over the span of a night, is a whodunnit – in the class of a Hercule Poirot investigation – that gives us an insight into complex personalities, toxic relationships, betrayals and more.It unfolds almost like KG George’s Yavanika, though the characters are not quirky as in the 1982 classic and so, are more dark and less fun.

This is not a flawless film, but it is certainly entertaining from start to finish, particularly with its identifiable characters. 12th Man is very different from Drishyam 2; Jeethu Joseph uses a more subtle hand in this, and the twists are more moderate than in the earlier film, but that works very well here and in fact, keeps one more glued to the story, because it plays out in a more believable manner. The flamboyance comes in with the camerawork by Satheesh Kurup, editing by VS Vinayak and the effects, and it works nicely in capturing the tone of the investigation.

While this would seem like an out-and-out Mohanlal film, it actually isn’t. The other actors, from a star like Unni Mukundan to popular actors like Saiju Kurup, Aditi Ravi, Anu Sithara and Anusree to Leona Lishoy, Priyanka Nair, Sshivada, among others, have screen presence and have all played their roles perfectly. The music by Anil Johnson gels well with the mood; he has done well to keep the sounds gentle, rather than try any gimmickry to add to the mood of mystery. The songs in English feel a bit strange to the ear though.

12th Man is definitely worth a watch and is sure to appeal to more than the Malayali audience.

12th Man (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating
12th Man (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating
12th Man (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating
12th Man (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating


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