12 Best Chick Flicks on Amazon Prime Right Now

12 Best Chick Flicks on Amazon Prime Right Now – Some feminists believe that referring to a film as a “chick flick” is sexist. That is debatable, however I suggest a way where we can name a film a girl flick while not labeling it as sexist. Why not redefine the term “chick flick”? A chick flick, in my opinion, is a film featuring central female characters dealing with female issues. That effectively means that many males, like me, will be able to openly admit our passion for girl films.

With that in mind, I set out to discover the best chick flick movies available on Amazon Prime. Nowadays, with the advent of online streaming services, people choose to view movies from the convenience of their own homes. Netflix, of course, has the most viewers, but Amazon Prime isn’t far behind. So, if you want to see a girl flick with a bunch of your female (or male) pals, you don’t have to go to a cinema. You may simply invite them to your home. Here’s a roundup of some of the best girl flicks available on Amazon Prime. This list includes a wide range of chick films, from love romances to coming-of-age tales.

12. What Happens in Vegas (2008)

12 Best Chick Flicks on Amazon Prime Right Now

‘What Happens in Vegas,’ directed by Tom Vaughan, stars Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Lake Bell, and Rob Corddry. Joy McNally, an ambitious career lady, and Jack Fuller, an irresponsible man who enjoys screwing up, are central to the story. While the two have opposing personalities, they are both dealing with personal issues when they decide to take a much-needed vacation to Las Vegas. The stars align to bring Joy and Jack together, and they end up marrying after a night of debauchery. Their issues, however, do not stop there. The unusual couple has also won a large jackpot and must decide how they will split the money. They have no idea at the moment because their bizarre circustamces represent the start of an unlikely romance for the two.

11. The Unloved (2009)

People who grow up in the security of their parents’ care cannot imagine what it would be like to spend a life without their fathers and mothers to look after them. We get to see the narrative of a small girl named Lucy in this fantastic 2009 Channel 4 TV movie. Her father hits her on a regular basis, forcing Lucy to seek aid from her social worker, Jackie. Lucy is placed in a foster home, where she must live in deplorable conditions. Lauren, her roommate, is her lone source of solace in the midst of all. We see these two girls banding together to deal with life’s varied hardships and to strive to survive in a cruel and unkind world. In the middle of all of this, their melancholy existence presents a grim picture of a youth imprisoned between a social system that cannot provide the necessary assistance and a family that does not care. Samantha Morton makes her directorial debut with ‘The Unloved,’ a film written by Tony Grisoni. She has managed to convey a story of remarkable complexity, and she has been effectively assisted by Molly Windsor’s superb performance in the lead part.

10. Miele (2013)

‘Miele’ or ‘Honey’ is the story of a girl called Irene who is determined to help terminally ill patients end their lives without much suffering. To ‘Miele,’ or ‘Honey,’ is the story of a young woman named Irene who is dedicated to help terminally ill patients end their lives with as little pain as possible. To that end, she travels to Mexico on a regular basis, where she may legally purchase a barbiturate medicine that allows patients to die comfortably. Irene maintains this aspect of her life hidden from her father and boyfriend. Irene ends up passing away a hefty dose of the medicine to a person who is not sick but is simply tired of his life one day. This has a catastrophic effect on Irene because she does not want to assist someone who is not afflicted with a condition in committing suicide. We show Irene attempting to obtain the medicine and a war of wits between her and Grimaldi (her customer) for the same. This is a wonderful story about the bravery of a woman who is prepared to risk all to help someone in need. She is unconcerned about her own well-being and is unconcerned about the legal ramifications of her vocation if it is discovered.

9. Adore (2013)

Roz (Robin Wright) and Lil (Naomi Watts) are great friends who even share a house with their families. Each of these women has a son, and their children have grown up to be quite close. When Lil’s son Ian falls for Roz and Roz’s son Tom falls for Lil, the lives of these four characters are turned upside down. Both of these mothers had passionate sexual encounters with the other’s kid until Tom travels away to live with his father in Australia and begins a relationship with a girl his age. Yes, it goes without saying that the plot of this picture is a little implausible. But it doesn’t mean you can dismiss Watts’ and Wright’s stunning performances, which are exceedingly authentic in their respective roles.

8. Girl Asleep (2015)

While it is crucial to keep our inner kid alive, we must also learn about our duties as we get older. Greta Driscoll, the main character in ‘Girl Asleep,’ on the other hand, is a teenager who desperately wants to cling on to her childhood and is rather melancholy as her fifteenth birthday approaches. The film skillfully employs surrealist aspects to show us how Greta finally grows up. During her 15th birthday celebration, she is unexpectedly transferred to a parallel reality where everything is a little more sexy and perilous than in the real world. Greta has the opportunity to explore her own self and come to grips with the idea that growing up is a reality that she must embrace in this environment where she must tread carefully. The film is beautifully shot and handles adolescent concerns from an unusual angle.

7. Lovesong (2017)

‘Lovesong,’ directed by So Yong Kim, is the story of Sarah, a lady who has to spend most of her life alone because her husband’s business keeps him away most of the time. Her only companion in her home is her young daughter. To alleviate her ennui, Sarah calls her best friend Mindy, and the two of them decide to go on a road trip together. While they are enjoying each other’s company, Sarah has the impression that Mindy is someone who enjoys casual sex. The two ladies then have a sensual session, but Mindy is disappointed to learn that Sarah is not interested in continuing a relationship. She decides to return home right away and doesn’t see Sarah again for three years. Will the two women be able to keep themselves apart this time? Without utilizing much dialogue, the director masterfully captures some intimate moments in the film. The characters are well-developed, and the picture has a dreamlike air that will have you falling in love in no time.

6. Love & Other Drugs (2010)

12 Best Chick Flicks on Amazon Prime Right Now

‘Love & Other Drugs,’ based on Jamie Reidy’s 2005 nonfiction book, is a romantic comedy-drama film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, and Hank Azaria. Maggie, a free-spirited lady suffering from early-onset Parkinson’s disease, is the focus of Edward Zwick’s film. Jamie Randall, a pharmaceutical sales representative, impresses her with his attractive personality when she meets him. Soon, the couple can’t bear being apart and fall madly in love with each other.

5. The Second Mother (2015)

The plot of this film centres around Val, a lady who works as a nanny for a family in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Val is frequently troubled by the fact that she lives in such a large city while her daughter Jessica lives in a little community in northern Brazil. Jessica, on the other hand, will soon have to take her college entrance exams. She makes the decision to live with her mother in the house where she works. But the difficulty is that, although Val is very conscious of her social standing and maintains it while working, Jessica has no qualms about demanding all of the necessary conveniences. This naturally puts Val in an awkward situation in front of her bosses. Aside from being a charming and hilarious novel, ‘The Second Mother’ demonstrates the intricacies of social class borders in society. This is one of the best chick-flicks on Amazon Prime, thanks to nuanced performances and solid scripting.

4. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

‘You’ve Got Mail,’ directed by Nora Ephron and starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time. Kathleen Kelly, Ryan’s character, is the proprietor of a bookstore who chants online with a mystery person known only as “NY152.” She hasn’t realized it yet, but the person on the other end of the line is Joe Fox, whose family owns the Fox Books bookstore chain. Kathleen is enraged with Fox Books because their success is making it difficult for her to do business. Kathleen, on the other hand, continues her discussions with NY152 and finally falls in love with him. Joe walks into Kathleen’s bookstore one day, without knowing who she is. When she expresses her disdain for Fox Books, he decides not to divulge his name to her. Kathleen and Joe are likely to meet again at one of the parties given for New York publishers. Now the question is whether his deception will make it hard for them to reconcile. The two main characters are immensely endearing, which is why we keep returning to this picture.

3. Lady Bird (2017)

Greta Gerwig made her directorial debut with this 2017 picture, which starred Saoirse Ronan in the lead role as Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson, a fiercely independent adolescent. Christine is in her final year of high school, and we witness her becoming dissatisfied with her small-town life, in which she is unable to travel or partake in any type of adventure. We also see her suffer through heartache as she and her closest friend Julie discover that their boyfriends are gay and have a hidden connection with one other. Her mother Marion, who wants her daughter to abandon her intentions to attend a city college because the family cannot afford it, is the source of the most of her issues. After its premiere at the Toronto International Picture Festival, the film gained widespread acclaim, and almost no one has published an unfavorable review of it since. Ronan’s superb performance, along with Gerwig’s flawless vision of a girl attempting to escape the confinement she has grown up in, has resulted in a coming-of-age film for the ages.

2. Caramel (2007)

When we think of Lebanon, we tend to focus on the political crises that have ravaged the country. However, conflict is seldom a good indicator of a country’s character. The only individuals who can teach us about a country are its ordinary citizens, who work, laugh, watch movies, sing songs, and love their friends just like us. The narrative of five distinct women and their love conflicts is told in this exquisite film by Lebanese director-actress Nadine Labaki. While one person is involved in an unhappy relationship, another is concerned that her in-laws will learn out she is not a virgin. We meet an actress who is afraid of growing old and an elderly woman who has experienced love for the first time. These characters have a tenderness to them, and the way Labaki has written them with dashes of comedy will make you want to learn more about them. We also get to witness a side of Lebanon that we would not have seen otherwise.

1. Winter’s Bone (2010)

‘Winter’s Bone,’ directed by Debra Granik, is a drama/thriller that won the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film at the Sundance Film Festival. The film’s core character is a teen named Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) who lives in a family where her parents do little to aid her. Ree is the only caregiver for her younger siblings. When Ree learns that her father has put up the house as collateral for a bond, she is terrified of what will happen to her siblings if they do not have a roof over their heads. As a result, she sets off in quest of her criminal father. She encounters a number of perilous situations along the road. Lawrence’s excellent performance at such a young age further proves why she is one of Hollywood’s top stars at the time. The tale moves at a good pace, and there are enough compelling scenes to keep you riveted to the screen for the duration of the film.