12 Best Adult Anime of All Time (2022)

12 Best Adult Anime of All Time – Harem is an anime subgenre that depicts polygamous couples. While polygamous relationships are acceptable in some communities, they remain a taboo topic in most societies, where having many partners is even frowned upon. Varied societies may have different views on the subject, but in the anime world, shows concentrating on polygamous relationships have such a large fan base that they are separated into two specialty genres — harem and reverse harem.

While the former centres around a male protagonist with various partners, the latter focuses on women-centric storylines with multiple male love interests for the main character. Despite the fact that both are quite fascinating, we would be concentrating our attention just on harem shows. The majority of these harem anime can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

12. Kanojo mo Kanojo (2021 -)

‘Kanojo wo Kanojo’ is a contentious choice because it lacks the large popularity of the other series on the list. The harem romance show, on the other hand, is highly promising, and it will hopefully gain the popularity it deserves in the coming years due to its amusing and engaging idea. The anime follows Naoya Mukai, an adolescent whose romantic efforts are turned down by his childhood crush Saki Saki until she ultimately accepts him as her boyfriend in high school.

When his classmate Nagisa Minase expresses her feelings for him, Naoya can’t bring himself to reject her and persuades Saki-chan to let her become his second girlfriend. The sudden appearance of a third female complicates the trio’s efforts to conceal their three-way love affair. The show is available on VRV.

11. Kanokon (2008-2009)

Kouta finally gets to move to a big metropolis after spending most of his life in a town to attend a high school there. He is understandably nervous, and he takes little steps to acclimate to the hubbub and problems that lay ahead of him. Unfortunately, he is unprepared for Chizuru and Nozomu, a fox and wolf spirit who are not shy about making sexual attempts on the rural kid. Kanokon is one of the most unforgettable harem shows you will ever witness, because to the sexually tense and humorous drama that follows. Crunchyroll has all of the episodes available.

10. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (2018)

Yuragi-sou was formerly a prominent hot springs inn, but it eventually became a poor boarding house due to claims that a horrible ghost haunts there. While most people would cancel their visit because of the gossip, it turns out to be the ideal home for Fuyuzora Kogarashi, a destitute and homeless psychic who can’t wait to evict the spirit that resides there.

When he eventually encounters the fabled spirit, he discovers that she is a sweet silver-haired girl named Yuuna, who has no recollection of her life before her unfortunate death. Ignoring the tumult and gossip surrounding him, Kogarashi pledges to assist her in discovering the secret that is keeping her bound to the mortal world. ‘Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san’ has a terrific storyline and loads of hilarious situations to keep viewers entertained, but it also has a lot to offer harem anime aficionados.

9. The World God Only Knows (2010 – 2013)

Keima Katsuragi has spent the majority of his free time in the 2-dimensional world playing galge games and winning the hearts of girls rather than getting out and experiencing romance in person. But when he is duped into making a vow to assist a demon from hell in finding evil spirits hidden in girls’ hearts, Keima is forced to put his gaming skills to the test in the real world.

As he meets a plethora of real-life girls, he eventually discovers the genuine nature of a romantic affair, which calls into question all of his previous beliefs. The supernatural-comedy anime is an emotional rollercoaster that we recommend adding to your watchlist.

8. Rosario + Vampire (2008)

Youkai Academy may appear to be a typical boarding school, but it teaches monsters how to coexist with humans. Although assimilation may someday be the goal, humans are not tolerated on the school’s grounds, and those who are recognised will be executed instantly. When Tsukune Aono, a youngster with poor marks, is denied admission to any other school, his parents send him to the dangerous realm in the hopes of securing his education.

Surrounded by voluptuous young women, Aono knows he needs work hard to concentrate on his academics while keeping his identity hidden. However, the presence of curvaceous classmates makes it difficult for him to complete any tasks. You can watch the anime here to find out how the narrative unfolds.

7. The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015)

Basara Toujou was a former member of a hero clan who now lives a normal life free of war and violence. His life, however, takes an unexpected turn when he meets a female in his restroom. Basara later discovers that his father has brought two stepsisters, Mio and Maria, home with him. Although the protagonist accepts the pair, he is taken aback when he discovers they are demons, the sworn foes of the clan he formerly belonged to.

Toujou, on the other hand, swears to defend them now that he has accepted them into their family. The three gradually develops passionate feelings for one another and engages in intense, sexually explicit behaviours, making the borderline hentai animation even more appealing to watch.

6. High School DxD (2012-)

The presence of ‘High School DxD’ on this list is self-evident, as the series is widely regarded as the highest-rated harem anime ever produced. The show not only has an intriguing idea, but it also features some sexually explicit sequences that contribute to the overall plot. It follows the escapades of Issei Hyoudou, a perverse high schooler who gets killed on his first date by a fallen angel.

Fortunately, he meets the top-tier devil, Rias Gremory, who reincarnates the boy and decides to enslave him. It is the beginning of his introduction to the terrible world of devils and angels, which is full of surprises at every turn. All of the episodes are available on Funimation.

5. To LOVE Ru (2008 – 2015)

‘To LOVE Ru’ is a harem romantic comedy animation based on Saki Hasemi’s Japanese manga series of the same name. The series follows Rito Yuuki, a young adult whose life takes an unexpected turn when Lala Satalin Deviluke, the princess of a powerful extraterrestrial nation, falls into his bathtub. It turns out that she is attempting to avoid an unfavourable political marriage and is eager to marry Rito despite the fact that he is not noble.

Rito’s ordinarily mundane affairs have gotten unexpectedly difficult, and to make matters worse, a swarm of swooning beauties has thwarted all of his attempts to reveal his affections to his crush Haruna Sairenji. Can he handle the swarms of attractive girls who follow him wherever he goes? You may discover out by watching the harem anime on Hulu.

4. The Fruit of Grisaia (2014 – 2015)

Yuuji Kazami enrols in Mihama Academy in the hopes of finally living a normal life, but his hopes are dashed when he discovers that his new high school is anything but conventional. Except for the principal, there are only five other female students on campus, all of whom have a terrible past and potentially hazardous inclinations that endanger their own safety.

Yuuji must save them, but will he be able to complete the difficult task with his own internal conflicts? ‘The Fruit of Grisaia,’ based on adult visual Japanese light novels by Front Wing, is a criminally undervalued mix of harem and psychological genres that has never received the acclaim it deserves. The series is available on VRV.

3. Nisekoi (2014 – 2015)

Raku Ichijou’s yakuza family background has always made it difficult for him to attain a sense of normalcy in his life. But it actually becomes a curse when the emergence of the American Bee Hive Gang puts his family’s turf in jeopardy. To prevent the region’s violence from escalating, Raku must appear to be in a romantic relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, the Bee Hive chief’s daughter.

Unfortunately, the two youths despise one other, and Ichijou’s issues are exacerbated by an unexpected encounter with girls from his past and present. ‘Nisekoi,’ based on Naoshi Komi’s manga series, is without a doubt one of the best harem anime ever filmed, with a chaotic yet humorous premise that makes for an engaging viewing. All of the episodes are available on Funimation.

2. Hundred (2016)

When Savage, an extraterrestrial species, strikes humanity with the intent of eradicating it from the face of the Earth, humanity faces an existential crisis. A weapon known as Hundred must be employed effectively in order to launch a counter-attack; else, the aliens will easily conquer. Following a series of studies, it is discovered that the unusual weapon is best suited to a youth called Hayato Kisaragi, who had previously survived a dangerous Savage attack.

Hayato is trained at Little Garden, a prestigious military academy, before launching a proper attack against the enemies. As humanity’s best hope in an epic war for survival, the youngster naturally catches the interest of several female peers in the academy and engages in multiple hot meetings with a number of them.

1. The Quintessential Quintuplets (2019 -)

Although harem anime has a good average fan base, very few of them are well ranked or have an intriguing idea. ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ has all of those characteristics, so it’s no surprise that we included it on our list. Fuutarou Uesugi, a brilliant high school student, is tasked with teaching the eccentric quintuplet sisters.

With his family in financial trouble, the young tutor is desperate to help his student graduate, but the sisters despise studying and despise Uesugi. As the drama progresses, the funny plot takes a romantic turn, while the tutor-student conflict intensifies.