10 Best Love Making Scenes in Netflix’s ‘You’, Ranked (2022)

10 Best Love Making Scenes in Netflix’s ‘You’, Ranked (2022) – ‘You’ is the type of show that may easily make you fear your safety in the transparent world that we live in, from your social media security to pretty much everything else in your personal life. But, above all, the portrayal of the show’s primary character, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), gets under your skin. Joe will go to any length to get the girl of his dreams, despite his phoney charm, “good guy” demeanour, and unforgivable behaviour.

To keep you amused as a viewer, the show employs a number of storey devices, certain character traits, and, of course, some lovemaking scenes. As troublesome as the Netflix series appears to be, if you’re even somewhat interested in it, here’s a list of the top ‘You’ sex scenes. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Stalker Alert! (Season 1 Episode 1)

When you first meet Joe Goldberg, the bookshop manager, you perceive an innocent young man who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But then it starts. For the first time, he meets writer Guinevere Beck and is immediately captivated to her. Soon after, he begins to obsess with her, and Beck, who appears to have no curtains, becomes a victim of his wackadoo stalking. Joe does everything from watching all of her social encounters to breaking into her apartment and stealing some of her belongings. This also speaks to the type of world we live in. With the ease of access to information, almost anyone can obtain our personal information.

Joe goes up to Beck’s window every day and just stares at her, making her a victim of his voyeurism. In the first episode, he learns that she already has a boyfriend, and he even witnesses the two of them having sex through her window. This scene becomes even more disturbing as he begins to imagine himself with her while hiding in the bushes outside her house. His obsession with her grows even stronger as a result, and he turns his attention to her philandering partner.

Joe Does It Again! (Season 3 Episode 9)

After having deadly dreams about Marienne, a single mother Joe meets at the library, he resolves not to imperil her life by having an affair with her. However, after consoling her one afternoon, the unavoidable occurs, and Joe and Marienne meet. Scenes of their lovemaking are interlaced with images of the two inmates Joe has imprisoned up in his basement.

Joe slides down the slippery slope he’s been trying to avoid by sleeping with Marienne. He involves the young mother in his risky escapades, and when Love discovers this, he confronts Marianne with a knife. Marienne is an unwitting accomplice in Joe’s machinations, and the lovemaking sequences are sensitive, highlighting the cruel reality of who our hero is and what he is capable of.

Eight-second Joe (Season 1 Episode 3)

While Joe continues to try to persuade Beck that he is “the one,” Beck appears to be sceptical. Beck meets up with other men who, according to Joe, are “millennial man-boys” in order to forget about Benji (who is “out of the way”). But soon after, Joe is able to get closer to her, and she even tells him about her father. Beck brings him home near the end of the third episode, and the two of them eventually make love. Unfortunately, he does not stay long and is dubbed “eight-second Joe” by Beck and her buddy, Peach. Joe finally backs off, for the first time, out of pure disappointment, but the stalking continues.

I Would Kill For You (Season 3 Episode 2)

Joe and Love ultimately reconcile in this scene after being estranged since they moved into their new suburban existence. With the kid keeping them busy, not to mention Joe’s crush on the neighbour, the primary pair begins season 3 on a disjointed note. Of course, the fact that they each suspect each other of murder adds to the suspense.

We witness some of the old animalistic sparks that Joe and Love had for each other when they eventually come together after a long time apart. It’s a long, tender sequence that serves as a good backdrop for the chaos that follows. The scenario is also punctuated by reminders of the couple’s new circumstances, as we watch them putting their newborn to sleep before getting frisky. More in keeping with the ‘You’ motif, immediately after they finish making love, both Joe and Love declare that they would kill for the other (which, paradoxically, they’ve both previously shown).

A Second Chance (Season 1 Episode 4)

During one of his stalking missions, he discovers Beck has been communicating with another man, who even invites her to a Charles Dickens festival in Nyack. Out of envy, Joe follows her there and makes certain she is unaware of his presence. He eventually realises that the man she had been texting was none other than her father, and he is obliged to explain to her that he, too, is attending the festival.

Joe finds himself having dinner with Beck’s father and her family as a result of a chain of events. Following a disagreement between Beck and her father, Joe reaches out to her and, once again, helps her fall in love with him. This is when they have sex all over again, and this time Joe not only manages to last longer but also impresses Beck. When compared to other sex scenes in the series, this one has a more comedic appeal while still catching you off surprise.

When it comes to depicting sex on TV, realism is sometimes tossed out the window. There is no flawless foreplay building up to the act of sex, and the characters just go right into it. However, there is a surprising amount of genuineness in this scenario. Along with this, there is a touch of humour. This time, they find up to Joe’s place, and Joe, who has been taking and hoarding Beck’s belongings all along, has everything laying around his flat. So, while the two of them are making out, he distracts her while also attempting to conceal all of her stuff. This takes away some of the realism, but it still manages to be moderately enjoyable.

A New Beginning (Season 1 Episode 7)

Joe’s relationship with Beck suffers as a result of the events that follow, and she becomes increasingly distant over time. Surprisingly, he recognises that he must let her go and ends their connection. This is when, near the end of the episode, he runs into Karen and sleeps with her to take his mind off Beck. However, this quickly develops to a romance, and though Karen is unaware of it, she appears to be nothing more than Joe’s rebound.

A Reunion; A Brutal Mistake (Season 1 Episode 8)

Joe, unknowingly, starts comparing Karen to Beck, but he still enjoys being with her. Meanwhile, Beck moves on with her life, even though she still misses Joe, and even publishes a book about Karen that becomes a great bestseller. But, to her chagrin, she soon bumps across Joe again, and the two of them have sex more than once. They can feel the thrill of being caught in a variety of settings, including bedrooms, changing rooms, and a variety of other locations. And with that, the first season’s sex scenes come to a close. The subsequent episodes take on a darker tone, and as for Beck, well, let’s just say things don’t end well. She would have been better off writing about her deceased closest buddy.

A Night to Remember (Season 3 Episode 8)

Few sex scenes are as stressful as those in which Joe and Love decide to have a night of group lovemaking with their power couple neighbours Sherry and Cary. Cary introduces them to his collection of sexual stimulants after some playful teasing. Love, on the other hand, becomes increasingly angry as she watches Sherry rise atop Joe and actually sees them do the deed! An emotional outburst understandably interrupts the lovemaking.

To add another twist, the scene also shows Joe picturing Marienne (rather than Sherry) atop himself while Love watches. Joe had dreamt about Marienne before, but this is his most vivid encounter.

Aside than being a stressful and steamy moment, this sequence also represents the beginning of things really going wrong, particularly for Sherry and Cary. It also serves as a reminder of how much closer Love is to Joe than vice versa. Love’s subsequent angry acts are set in motion by her attempt to restrain her violent tendencies while watching her spouse with another woman.

A New Obsession (Season 2 Episode 3)

Joe changes his name and relocates to Los Angeles to start over. Aspiring to be a “decent man,” he strains himself to abandon his former ways. But, at the end of the day, he is who he is, and his demons will always be with him. He meets a new woman and begins obsessing over her all over again. This time, though, he refrains from approaching her and maintains things platonic. He often reminds himself that Love (his current “victim”) is “not like any other woman he has met.”

With this, he eventually submits to his wants, and after a long period of cooking things up, the two of them have intercourse for the first time, but little does he know that what began as an obsession will later lead to something much more terrible. Season 3 takes a step back when it comes to needless nudity and sex, and it makes practically every sex scene relevant in context with the larger plot in more than one manner.

A Consequence (Season 2 Episode 4)

Another scene in Episode 4 involves Delilah, Joe’s landlady, having sex with a cop. As inconsequential as this scenario may appear at the time, it becomes a vital plot component later on. Following Joe’s separation with Love, Delilah and Joe become close in the episodes that follow.

In the eighth episode, they have intercourse on the corner of a street and are apprehended by a cop. Soon after, Delilah’s cop “buddy” arrives and refuses to assist them. However, soon after, he conducts a background check on Joe and learns that something is seriously wrong with him. And eventually, it’s Delilah who gets in trouble for having a relationship with the two men. A tiny blunder has tremendous ramifications in the subsequent episodes.