Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now – Sex scenes are not limited to Hentai in the realm of anime. Even shows that appear to be innocuous at first might surprise you with the most brutal moments. Anime programs, like all other mediums, attempt to employ sex scenes to either attract a young male audience or to add depth to their characters. That being said, many anime shows have been added to Netflix’s ever-expanding collection, and with this growing catalogue comes some truly bizarre shows with “never-seen-before” sex scenes. Netflix has it all, from “gambling orgasms” to “demonic seductions.” So, here’s a list of incredibly fantastic anime sex scenes on Netflix that you can watch right now:

10. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014 – 2021)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ is an action-adventure animation based on the Japanese fantasy manga series by Nakaba Suzuki. A-1 Pictures produces the show, which is set in the Kingdom of Britannia, which is guarded by the Holy Knights. However, when a handful of them turn against the realm they have promised to guard, Britannia’s surviving army easily overcomes them. However, many years later, those same forces seize control of the country. Elizabeth, the third princess of the Realm of Liones, must now seek out the famous knights who revolted against Britannia in order to reclaim the kingdom. The anime is one of the most popular series in recent decades, and it contains a plethora of fanservice moments, some of which are extremely sexual in nature.

9. Baki (2018-)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

As a fighting tournament anime, ‘Baki’ is highly violent and explicit for all the appropriate reasons. There is a sex scene with Baki and Kozue somewhere between all of the brutal battle sequences and obscenities. While the sex scene was expected from the start, the entire arrangement of this scene turns out to be rather strange and puzzling. With this, the dark background music player completely changes its mood, and Baki begins describing the entire affair in grave detail. The narration could have improved the scene if his voice wasn’t so goofy all the time, and to make matters worse, the imagery isn’t all that fantastic. The Netflix remake of ‘Baki’ is a decent anime, but the sex scenes could use some work.

8. Castlevania (2017 – 2021)


‘Castlevania,’ a gothic horror show, is based on a Konami action-adventure video game. The series, created by Warren Ellis, follows a vampire hunter and his comrades on a quest to confront Dracula’s army of beasts, who are hell-bent on destroying a city that burned the love of his life at stake. The dark fantasy show has an intriguing premise and is deservedly recognized as one of the best animated shows of the preceding several decades. While there is some hinted sex between Sipha and Trevor, the most intense lovemaking occurs between Hector and Lenore, which ecchi anime aficionados will undoubtedly enjoy.

7. Code Geass (2006-)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

Without the notorious “table-Kun” incident from ‘Code Geass,’ this list would be incomplete. It portrays a character named Nina Einstein, who appears modest and calm on the outside but has a psychotic mind on the inside. She even creates a weapon of mass destruction on her own and then attempts to countermeasure it. In episode 12 of season one, she stimulates herself with a table, which is a highly contentious moment. The distressing nature of the moment has inspired a lot of animosity for both the anime and the character. Infamy has also turned her into an internet troll, with others insultingly referring to her as “Table-chan” and the table as “Table-Kun.”

6. Kengan Ashura (2019-)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

The sex scene in ‘Kengan Ashura’ is so quick that you most likely missed it. It occurs during the first few episodes of season one, and despite its brief duration, it has a significant impact on the plot. Yamashita Kazou, a sickly 56-year-old man, is one of the series’ two primary protagonists. He has a bland personality, and his insecurities are frequently reflected in his passive body language. Tokita Ohma is the anime’s other main character and the perfect embodiment of an alpha guy. Yamashita notices him for the first time during a street brawl and is so taken with his alpha male aura that he subsequently has sex with a prostitute. His wife had left him ten years before the events of the anime, and he has been more or less a loser who gets pushed around by people in authority ever then. However, after meeting Ohma, he begins a transformation toward restoring his lost manhood.

5. Sword Art Online (2012-)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

If you’re a regular anime viewer, you’ve probably seen some of the most heartwarming love stories involving the prettiest characters. From Edward and Winry in ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ to Misaki and Usui in ‘Maid Sama,’ we have been tremendously moved by all of these love stories. However, one of the most touching storylines comes from ‘Sword Art Online,’ and revolves around Kirito and Asuna.

In the anime, there is one scene that depicts a “implied sex encounter” between the two characters. Asuna asks Kirito to a sleepover, then turns off the lights and suddenly removes all of her clothes. She then begs Kirito to strip, while he just sits there stunned. He then claims that he merely wanted to “remain in the room,” which clearly irritates Asuna. The scene then abruptly concludes. Even though there are no explicit references to sex between the two characters in the manga, they are portrayed in the same bed at the end of the same sleepover. It’s almost as if the mangaka wants you to fill in the blanks with this one. Whatever the case may be, Asuna is either misinformed about what a sleepover is or Kirito is a moron.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

Misato Kisaragi is a main character in the anime series ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion.’ Throughout the series, she is presented as the type of character that truly expresses her inner-self. That’s why her abrupt emotional distress, which rolls in later, comes as such a surprise. Shinji, the main character, is absorbed into the cockpit of Unit-01 and loses his entire physical being. Misato is deeply invested in Shinji by this point, and her concern for his well-being causes her to lose all hope. To cope, she has sex with her old college boyfriend, Kaji. It has been indicated in the series, as well as in ‘The End Of Evangelion,’ that when the two of them were lovers, they once spent a whole week doing nothing but having sex.

Returning to the sex scene, it shows how her coldness towards him was an act and how she still relies on him emotionally in many ways. As a viewer, you may also note that Kaji spills a birth control pill on her dresser for a brief moment. At first glance, this may appear to be just another furious anime sex scene, but everything from the pill to Misato’s sudden behavioral change has a deeper meaning in the tale. This small moment demonstrates how well-written the entire series is.

3. Kakegurui (2017)

Best Anime Sex Scenes on Netflix Right Now

‘Kakegurui’ is a prime example of “proper fanservice.” Most viewers don’t care about fan service while watching anything other than worthless Ecchi. ‘Kakegurui,’ on the other hand, literally adds value to its fanservice by including it into the larger plot. It’s about a group of female characters that are infatuated with gambling and even compare it to sex. The show presents an intensive gambling atmosphere with large stakes, practically replicating the highly glamorized ambiance of a Las Vegas casino.

In such an intense environment, sex appeal is required. There are multiple scenes in this anime when the female characters are turned on by the excitement of something as basic as a coin flip. This not only improves the anime’s entertainment value, but also makes the characters more believable. It’s simple to build a character that is motivated just by the desire to amass fortune, but it takes a lot of effort to create a character like Yumeko, who is willing to risk everything for the adrenaline thrill of a simple game. ‘Kakegurui’ has surely accomplished a tremendous feat by utilizing sex to its advantage.

2. Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020)


‘Japan Sinks: 2020’ is a science fiction drama anime based on Sakyo Komatsu’s Japanese novel of the same name. The film, directed by Pyeon-Gang Ho and Masaaki Yuasa, follows the Mutou family after a major earthquake strikes the Japanese archipelago. As desperate individuals flee for cover, the entire nation collapses in a matter of days, forcing people to resort to desperate tactics for survival. While the film has an intriguing premise, relatively few people are aware that there is an intense graphic sex scene at the end of episode 5.

1. Devilman Crybaby (2018)


‘Devilman Crybaby,’ directed by Masaaki Yuasa, offers some of the most extreme stuff to hit Netflix recently, with a terrifying mix of nudity, violence, and, of course, demonic lunacy. At the end of episode one, ‘Devilman Crybaby’ transforms from a slow-burning animation to a violent gorefest. Akira and Ryou, the two main characters, attend a Sabbath that appears to be a harmless teenage party. However, the entire area is quickly overrun by hungry demons who attack everyone indiscriminately. Their teeth and tentacles literally lash out of every “orifice,” wreaking havoc on the entire environment. Another scene has a meek schoolgirl named MiKo, who touches herself when she thinks of Akira’s alpha male persona. This clip contains no nudity, but the strange noises she makes while doing it make it unforgettable. Not to add that she is shortly possessed by a demon.